Inter 0-1 Napoli | Ruiz's Superb Curler Gives Napoli The Edge! | Semi-final | Coppa Italia

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  • Napoli came away from the San Siro with 1-0 first-leg advantage against an Inter | Coppa Italia
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Commenti • 80

  • Aris Ios
    Aris Ios Mese fa

    Gara gara ada berita Jerseynya sama biru,,gue jadi lari kesini

  • zany 16
    zany 16 Mese fa

    Blue dark vs blue sky. Best blue sky

  • Maite Sala
    Maite Sala Mese fa

    Que bueno es Fabián..., y a la eurocopa de inmediato

  • Gregory Ho
    Gregory Ho Mese fa

    LOL Eriksen wasting his time at Inter...

  • Deddy Limabelas
    Deddy Limabelas Mese fa

  • jesuisfilthyfrank

    I didn't know Robben plays for Napoli

  • Indra Gunawan
    Indra Gunawan Mese fa

    Inter 😭😭😭

  • B. Richard Salas

    Andiamo Napoli!


    Que lastima que no juega Lozano ahora lesionado mucho menos gattuso le dará minutos

  • AktivoKills
    AktivoKills Mese fa

    Vamos Fabián Ruiz al barca

  • AktivoKills
    AktivoKills Mese fa


  • Sopan Haryanto
    Sopan Haryanto Mese fa

    Padeli haha

  • ملك جوكر
    ملك جوكر Mese fa +1

    العربيه يفجرون ام الايك

  • aznff. azmn
    aznff. azmn Mese fa

    Man u is smiling 😝

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi Mese fa

    Gattuso still Red and Black soul

  • Timbone
    Timbone Mese fa

    Napoli have the best squad in Serie A
    They have been underachieving
    I don't know why Ancelotti stuck to the 4 4 2

  • Антикоммунист

    рад за Гаттузо

  • Mc Cm
    Mc Cm Mese fa

    Both teams are blue

  • Toni Made
    Toni Made Mese fa

    Fabian Ruiz the best 🔥

  • Carnival
    Carnival Mese fa

    I've said it before, Inter needs more solo runs from Lautaro and Lukaku. Although they sure score that way too, neither of them is a typical wait for the ball-type of striker.

  • Swayam Gohil
    Swayam Gohil Mese fa

    *Serie A* better than everything but UCL

  • Afnan Studio
    Afnan Studio Mese fa +1

    Both wearing blue, isn't it a bit confusing?

  • Joe Fernandes
    Joe Fernandes Mese fa

    Sczechny, Ospina Arsenal GKs yet Arsenal squad plays like they are in the championship regardless of the quality they got

  • Aslam muhtarom
    Aslam muhtarom Mese fa

    Gattuso spirit is here

  • VEDANT mishra
    VEDANT mishra Mese fa

    Serie A is second only to Bundesliga perhaps this year

  • 쿰척쿰척파오후

    Eriksen is overrated

  • QQ Wonder
    QQ Wonder Mese fa

    why do they wear jerseys that are similar ??

  • Andriansyah Lee
    Andriansyah Lee Mese fa

    Yang ini bandar menang lebih besar..

  • rincon1999
    rincon1999 Mese fa

    I don't think Napoli is going to spend 40 million on a Mexican player ever again hahahahahaha

  • Maria Mendoncs
    Maria Mendoncs Mese fa

    Inter was leaving middle for the Vici

  • ethan pryce
    ethan pryce Mese fa

    Why swear in English ????

  • Cristiano Arrogantaldo

    Napoli first beat juve now inter..

  • Ernest Trejo
    Ernest Trejo Mese fa +1

    Lozano gtfo of that team
    This dude is going to waste not playing in his prime

  • Ctrl alt De ligt
    Ctrl alt De ligt Mese fa +2

    The Spanish James Maddison, like literally even with the looks

  • Anime Casting Boy

    I hope Inter won the Serie A League.

  • Siam Ahmed Joy
    Siam Ahmed Joy Mese fa

    Man city just banned for two season by ueafa

  • Aminu Danmusa
    Aminu Danmusa Mese fa +1


  • Rangga prayuga
    Rangga prayuga Mese fa

    Mau scudeto mimpi,,, sama napoli ko 😂 😂 😂

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen Mese fa

    Seriea has gradually came back to their glory days.Forza,serie a😍

  • vetoland92
    vetoland92 Mese fa

    Both teams are allowed to wear blue?

  • BlazeD Gamer
    BlazeD Gamer Mese fa

    Lol 😂😂😂 now Juventus can make lead again

  • Edo Brca
    Edo Brca Mese fa

    Bravo napoli👍👌

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez Mese fa

    Eriksen left spurs to "win trophies".. Knocked out now 😂 he's used to it

  • Anna Brandt
    Anna Brandt Mese fa

    To wielki dzień 👏

  • Justice Ojule
    Justice Ojule Mese fa

    Napoli got an advantage but inter will surely fight for victory great game.

  • gummybear bear
    gummybear bear Mese fa

    Napoli are like wolves they will beat all the top teams but lose to teams like leece

  • Hassan Yare Abdinor


  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Mese fa

    Lukaku honeymoon period over I guess...

  • Артур Гибадуллин

    Гол на загляденье, конечно!

  • nocternalD
    nocternalD Mese fa

    Ridiculous kit clash.

  • Azrina ayudia A
    Azrina ayudia A Mese fa


  • Mr. Remix
    Mr. Remix Mese fa


  • Wahyu PAP
    Wahyu PAP Mese fa


  • skinnyfags
    skinnyfags Mese fa

    Ruiz the most underrated CAM in the world

  • Julio César Gómez

    Why is the Italian soccer channel in English?

  • kiDD savage
    kiDD savage Mese fa

    Taba solo alexis

  • PickleJuice
    PickleJuice Mese fa

    The itilian manchester united. can beat huge teams but struggle to small ones

  • Anferb Lutus
    Anferb Lutus Mese fa +1

    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!
    BRAVO Napoli!!!!!

  • Geoff Weiss
    Geoff Weiss Mese fa

    Nice to see ericksen in the same form he left spurs in

    • Geoff Weiss
      Geoff Weiss Mese fa

      Super Spurs interesting I did not see the match

    • Super Spurs
      Super Spurs Mese fa

      On the contrary he was Inter's brightest spark in the 20 odd minutes he played.

  • Turbo Roman
    Turbo Roman Mese fa

    ale fryzura do wymiany Zielu. tragedia

  • Zaid Tahir
    Zaid Tahir Mese fa

    Lautaro Martinez Welcome to Real Madrid

  • Mateusz Słodzik
    Mateusz Słodzik Mese fa +6

    1:45 if this happend in juve vs milan it will be penalty

    • Andrea James
      Andrea James Mese fa

      @ali kha oh, really..? How about 9 years ago.

    • ali kha
      ali kha Mese fa

      Andrea James last year
      Same thing happened but worse
      When the ball hit Sandros arm
      It was clear
      But it obvs wasn’t given COs it was against juve

    • Andrea James
      Andrea James Mese fa

      @ali kha Yeah, and Lecce too.. also Intermilan.. get decision on their side when referee give pinalty for De Ligt handball end of..... course..

    • ali kha
      ali kha Mese fa

      Andrea James juve get decisions on their side end of

    • Andrea James
      Andrea James Mese fa

      Nope.. the ball bounce into the ground then up tho the air. Not a clear goal oportunity. In Juve vs Milan, the ball clearly straight to the goal.. but blocked by hands. De Ligt many times punished by this kind of hand ball.

  • Riddhi Biswas
    Riddhi Biswas Mese fa +2

    Thank me later 1:57

  • Sam Stephens
    Sam Stephens Mese fa

    Why is there like no atmosphere ever on these serie A videos

  • Fullmetal Alkami

    Eriksen really doesn't suit the Inter kit

  • Bastian Avventurato

    1:43 there is penalty!!!

  • Merve Öz
    Merve Öz Mese fa

    Forza napoli

  • Inter City
    Inter City Mese fa

    Padelli and Biraghi 🤦‍♂️

  • Muhammad Faiz Sonjaya

    Two team on two blue Jersey,

  • Syaifudin Alxzr
    Syaifudin Alxzr Mese fa

    Yg juara tetep juventus

  • Asttter
    Asttter Mese fa

    Zielinski is weak...pls napoli buy better player

  • Amadou Barry
    Amadou Barry Mese fa

    Maman mia Che goal di fabien ruiz

  • Mohammad Reza
    Mohammad Reza Mese fa

    highlight milan vs juventus

  • Azri Izhar
    Azri Izhar Mese fa

    Why both team wears blue?

  • Boş Küme Parantezi

    1:47 isn't it penalty?

  • Pippo's Zone
    Pippo's Zone Mese fa +1

    so Napoli is now the new king of the town 😎

  • Talha Özdemir
    Talha Özdemir Mese fa

    Bu maç Nasıl var olmadı ya belanızı versin inter gibi

  • Kabirou harouna Kabirou

    Mr6 Naples

  • Najib Anwar
    Najib Anwar Mese fa

    Wyh this match napoli not wear away jersey??

  • GuLahmad
    GuLahmad Mese fa