Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

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  • Pubblicato il 25 giu 2020
  • Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)
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    directed & edited by oliver sykes
    director of photography: brian cox
    camera assistant: alissa salles
    gaffer: lee brinkley
    behind the scenes: harri charli
    la camera operator: kevin garcia
    la lighting technician: rory o'connell

    i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me
    i'm a believer of nobody
    won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something
    hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
    really we just need to fear something
    only pretending to feel something
    i know you're dying to run
    i want to turn you around
    please remain calm
    the end has arrived
    we cannot save you
    enjoy the ride
    this is the moment
    you’ve been waiting for
    don’t call it a warning
    this is a war
    it’s the parasite eve
    gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you
    leave your flowers and grieve
    don’t forget what they told you
    when we forget the infection
    will we remember the lesson
    if the suspense doesn’t kill you
    something else will

    i heard they need better signal
    put chip and pins in the needles
    quarantine all of those secrets in that black hole you call a brain before it’s too late

    you can board up your windows
    you can lock up your doors
    but you can’t keep washing your hands of this shit any more
    when all the king’s sources and all the king’s friends don’t know their arses from their pathogens
    when life is a prison and death is a door
    this ain’t a warning
    this is a war

    #BringMeTheHorizon #ParasiteEve #BMTHParasiteEve #BringMeTheHorizonParasiteEveVideo
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  • Regulyator Prod
    Regulyator Prod 5 ore fa

    пришел сюда послушать попсу а тут рок эх скатились(

  • Викторио Пряников

    всем привет

  • Lil Xandra
    Lil Xandra 6 ore fa +1

    Me: living my best life in my nice bedroom
    *the moldy ass mugs under my bed*:
    *R I S E U P*

  • akosimudshake
    akosimudshake 6 ore fa

    Aya Brea approves!

  • isaac graham
    isaac graham 6 ore fa +1

    Yo isnt that opening a song from that game, alone in the dark

  • Sethasra
    Sethasra 6 ore fa


  • Knuut Knudsen
    Knuut Knudsen 6 ore fa

    Not the first video game reference we've seen from them. Good job.

  • sh4dowr3d
    sh4dowr3d 6 ore fa

    This song is addicting

  • Raincorp
    Raincorp 7 ore fa

    i just cant get enough of it

  • Andreas Andersen
    Andreas Andersen 7 ore fa

    when you see how well its going for falling in reverse with the rap stuff ........ sad to watch people not being able to stay original

  • Atroxed
    Atroxed 7 ore fa

    Love this song! Like most of the old stuff and this song brings back that feeling! Keep ut the good work BMTH!

  • xOmniCloudx
    xOmniCloudx 7 ore fa

    Needs more Aya Brea...

  • The Jolly Roger
    The Jolly Roger 7 ore fa

    When playing COD MW hits differently

  • Rhianna Marie
    Rhianna Marie 7 ore fa

    I need the screams back...

  • Charli’s Channel

    Trending on twitter so I thought I check it. Is Flyoverstatecore a thing? This is this generations Evanescence. Eww. Listen to Converge- No Heroes if you want heavy done right or anything by Nails.

  • Villar
    Villar 8 ore fa +1

    EH EH!

  • Alexis le bledar
    Alexis le bledar 8 ore fa

    J adooore, fantastique

  • ellis assassin
    ellis assassin 8 ore fa

    Loving the mix of styles here well done lads

  • Suheil Rajga Wilapa
    Suheil Rajga Wilapa 8 ore fa +1

    Fans BMTH Indonesia🇮🇩 hadir🤘

  • Кирилл Вахрушев

    The Bulgarian song from the intro is telling us about an old man who put his hat on askew. I'm serious.

  • Kirstie Campbell
    Kirstie Campbell 8 ore fa +1

    How it feels to chew 5 gum

  • V E
    V E 9 ore fa

    Seriously! One world leader soon on the stage! Before the fall. Economic crash 2021(world economic forum). A mark om the hand or forehead to be able to buy or sell (patent wo2020060606 and luciferase). This is all happening for real and it was prophesied in the bible thousands of years ago. Only one that can save you is Jesus Christ! Believe in your heart that He died for your Sins and rose on the third day and you SHALL be saved!

  • Sho Pao
    Sho Pao 9 ore fa

    It feels like this song will fit right in cyberpunk 2077

  • Dzaki Zuhdan
    Dzaki Zuhdan 9 ore fa

    I was happier because the newest bmth video is more likes than Billie eilish newest video😂.

  • Xacuta
    Xacuta 9 ore fa


  • Искандер Тулеуф

    I heard this sample before but dont know where

  • KabuL KibuL
    KabuL KibuL 9 ore fa

    Gendar pecel can relate

  • Cauê Chubs
    Cauê Chubs 10 ore fa

    empopou mesmo, mas tá do caralho

  • Josh Ley
    Josh Ley 10 ore fa

    Im down for this ngl

  • Patrick Gann
    Patrick Gann 10 ore fa

    Aya Brea would approve.

  • Takoshi Hitsamaru
    Takoshi Hitsamaru 10 ore fa

    Corona virus really isn't that concerning.
    Not enough for the amount of fear mongering going on.

  • Jay BE
    Jay BE 10 ore fa

    This is genius shit

  • Grymm Reaper
    Grymm Reaper 10 ore fa

    So sad to see bmth music go down hill.

  • Olya Lisova
    Olya Lisova 10 ore fa

    0:29 bless you

  • Elrima Vivy
    Elrima Vivy 10 ore fa

    I got a fever, don't breathe on me

    VIRDIMUSIC 11 ore fa

    Chester vibes on the scream

  • Giovanny Yuandra Masal

    why this song remind me of Berserk

  • C Judge
    C Judge 11 ore fa

    I know the beginning is bulgarian but it reminds me so much of baba yetu, the civ IV theme

  • Sempiternal Spirit
    Sempiternal Spirit 11 ore fa

    Chelsea Smile, haha.

  • Saúl Palacios
    Saúl Palacios 11 ore fa

    Pray for plagues...
    The plagues are arrived...
    Oliver Sykes is a reptilian👁️

  • Dj Indonesian
    Dj Indonesian 11 ore fa

    bang, for WhatsApp numbers

  • Edson Cano
    Edson Cano 12 ore fa

    A blessed and damn evolution, I love it

  • Олег Егоров

    Крутая песня. Отлично сделали в принципе, как и всегда.

  • Pete Griffin
    Pete Griffin 12 ore fa

    I'm obsessed with this song.

  • Jake Baker
    Jake Baker 13 ore fa


  • Giorgos Tsak
    Giorgos Tsak 13 ore fa +2

    Adelyn's vocalist did an amazing acoustic parasite Eve cover

  • John Wolfchild
    John Wolfchild 13 ore fa

    1:34 stranger things theme comes to mind lol

  • Starboy Medo
    Starboy Medo 13 ore fa +1

    This song deserves more than 5 millions in a week

    • Giorgos Tsak
      Giorgos Tsak 12 ore fa

      Have you ever wondered how it would sound as an acoustic? If you're an og I think that you'll find this interesting

  • Xanity
    Xanity 13 ore fa

    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for

  • Alisha Fairbairn
    Alisha Fairbairn 13 ore fa

    *”when we forget the infection, will we remember the lesson?”*
    Very accurate, after all this has finished with covid-19 will we actually remember what we learnt? Will we value what we take for granted?

  • zachisonfire
    zachisonfire 13 ore fa

    Genuine Passion is weak and lacking

  • MHF_ Vidzz
    MHF_ Vidzz 13 ore fa

    is this about corona virus?

  • Oriana LUBIN
    Oriana LUBIN 13 ore fa


  • Midlife Crisis Pika
    Midlife Crisis Pika 14 ore fa +1

    Every time I listen to this song, I hear something new I never noticed before.
    There's so many layers perfectly blending together and I love it all.

  • Junior Sousa
    Junior Sousa 14 ore fa

    This remember a PS game

  • The Tae Belly
    The Tae Belly 14 ore fa +1

    ITstop thanks for the recommendation

    • Giorgos Tsak
      Giorgos Tsak 12 ore fa

      Here's an acoustic cover

  • Maybeone Tv
    Maybeone Tv 14 ore fa +1


  • Matt H
    Matt H 14 ore fa

    Haven't been a fan of BMTH after Sempiternal, but Ludens had me back. And this song.... pure awesomeness.

  • Game Newb777
    Game Newb777 14 ore fa

    This is awesome

  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell 14 ore fa

    The intro is a traditional Bulgarian song called Ergan Deda

  • PJ SA
    PJ SA 14 ore fa

    BURY ME?

  • Sparklesisded
    Sparklesisded 15 ore fa

    As a OG bring me the horizon fan I actually like this it’s been a while since I didn’t liked their sound change but this somewhow gives me nostalgic vibes

    • Kibaris
      Kibaris 12 ore fa

      If you're an og I think that you'll find this interesting

  • Fadel Muhadri30
    Fadel Muhadri30 15 ore fa


  • 斉藤恭平
    斉藤恭平 15 ore fa

    I wanna thank you, bmth.
    You keep introducing me to a whole new world of music, with every direction you take.
    What a shame, never listened to this style of music!
    It’s been 2 years listening to bmth, and never enough to fully appreciate their music.
    I love you for the lifetime.
    Hope you are coming to Japan again, when we all get through this hardship safe and sound🇯🇵

  • Locust Valley
    Locust Valley 15 ore fa

    So your not going to save us? Can you tell the others we were here? We forgive you. Will you forget us? Thank you proprietors. xx

  • Swiridoff
    Swiridoff 16 ore fa

    Just imagine if BMTH will make a song with Billie Eilish

    • Giorgos Tsak
      Giorgos Tsak 12 ore fa

      Hope you'll find that interesting

  • Nick MacDonald
    Nick MacDonald 16 ore fa

    I got a fevah, don't breave on me

  • hirish
    hirish 16 ore fa

    2:43 I can hear Mick Gordon's soul there.

  • Tiara Aulia
    Tiara Aulia 16 ore fa +1

    03:10 sounds like Chester Bennington screams

  • 1295candi
    1295candi 16 ore fa

    This is so diffrent than what they have been doing and I'm here for it. And the music video.... I'm speechless

  • Susy leto
    Susy leto 16 ore fa


  • Its Dusk
    Its Dusk 16 ore fa


  • koh an nash
    koh an nash 16 ore fa +1

    Insane !!!!

    ST. PHILLIP 16 ore fa


  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim 16 ore fa

    Not gonna lie popped a huge boner to this song

  • Richard Avery
    Richard Avery 16 ore fa

    It's becoming VERY APPARENT that Oli is slowly becoming the voice of this entire generation. Crazy....

  • TheBlackQueen
    TheBlackQueen 16 ore fa

    xD The fact that this came out during the coronavirus...

  • Cayde-8
    Cayde-8 17 ore fa

    Honestly, over the past few years ive been into a lot of things. Different types of rap, metal, jazz, electronic and that weird one where its just mashup tracks and even instrumentals. I was never really into BMTH, but after listening to Falling In Reverse for so long and experiencing how they make their music, it makes me see this in a different light. I need to go back and check out their other newer singles now. Im kind of disappointed in myself for not listening to them sooner.

  • Rafael Baronceli
    Rafael Baronceli 17 ore fa +1

    Parasite Eve, game from PS2

  • Adie Stone
    Adie Stone 17 ore fa

    Getting better again but not quite there yet in my opinion.

  • Bubble tea
    Bubble tea 17 ore fa

    But I don’t get why peopple think this song is dumb to me I think it is friking amazing

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft 17 ore fa

    Wouuw he talk about the vaccine

  • Андрей Гуляев

    Very cool, I want more!!!

  • Fabricio Gonzalez
    Fabricio Gonzalez 17 ore fa

    The soundtrack of the 2020

  • Mr. Brenner
    Mr. Brenner 18 ore fa

    Great Bulgarian mistery voices in the introduction!

  • deadly kitten
    deadly kitten 18 ore fa


  • christian colabelli

    WOW. BMTH: From Deathcore to LIFECORE...

  • Héctor Albán Meneses

    ya bueno... una canción.. pero para cuando un parásite eve 3.. de verdad... o un reboot .... se extraña a Aya Brea

  • Naverno Fitness
    Naverno Fitness 18 ore fa


  • John Hurley
    John Hurley 19 ore fa

    The title of the song is rather fitting for the current situation...

  • KillThemAllKid Delano
    KillThemAllKid Delano 19 ore fa +1

    At this Point this isn't just music.
    This is us transcending...
    Welcome to the 4th dimension

  • Toborn the Great
    Toborn the Great 19 ore fa

    The bulgarian choir music at the beginning sort of threw me for a second. They used a clip of that same song in Sideways' video "How Disney uses language", it was a grammy winning folk album in the seventies and influenced the main music for Ghost in the Shell."
    Kinda cool how the descending melody continues throughout this song.

  • william hampson
    william hampson 19 ore fa

    my 5 year old wants this as her ringtone (her toy phone)

  • Rakurau 1993
    Rakurau 1993 19 ore fa

    I listened to BMTH back in 2007 but fell off them when I stopped listening to metal/screamo. But their new stuff is amazing genre defying stuff honestly

  • Tylko ja
    Tylko ja 19 ore fa

    My head is destroyed this is so good

  • Alex Ruse
    Alex Ruse 20 ore fa +1

    Hobbiton keeps producing the heaviest riffs there are.

  • Mafalda Bento
    Mafalda Bento 20 ore fa

    5 159 224 views I can't believe only 4 persons, besides me, have seen this

  • BuhoNegr0
    BuhoNegr0 20 ore fa


    • Giorgos Tsak
      Giorgos Tsak 12 ore fa

      Maybe an acoustic version by adelyn's vocalist

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker 20 ore fa

    took a few listens but now i love it... Man how do they make this shit so perfectly.

  • Juan Pablo Nieto
    Juan Pablo Nieto 20 ore fa

    Best song of the year 😍😍😍