Teen Wolf 9-Years Later | MTV Reunion

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  • Pubblicato il 26 giu 2020
  • The Pack is Back! Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and the rest of your favorites from Teen Wolf reunite after 9-years. Hosted by Josh Horowitz.
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  • MAGRIINʏᴛ *
    MAGRIINʏᴛ * 6 minuti fa

    Maior vilão dessa porra tmnc

  • skyefleur
    skyefleur 35 minuti fa

    Sad there is no representative from the Argent family, Crystal or JR.

  • A Beautiful
    A Beautiful Ora fa

    OMG I love this show and Khylin Rhambo is a MOOD and I'm HERE for it. 😊 "#SubText

  • GreaseButt
    GreaseButt Ora fa

    Who else rewatched this show like 5 times

  • Spasskaya life
    Spasskaya life 2 ore fa

    Someone do a translation in Russian and write to me. Thank you in advance!

  • Sophia-Shea Purdy

    Anyone else wished they talked about Stydia? 🥺😭🤍

  • Remefe Casinto
    Remefe Casinto 3 ore fa

    Wow ganda ni kira

  • Declan M
    Declan M 4 ore fa

    dang no allison

  • AqUa_ Cuban13
    AqUa_ Cuban13 4 ore fa

    Did vampire diaries do this?

    SUWING ON IZ*ONE 4 ore fa

    Lmao this was quite awkward for Roden, Max Carver and Bohen 😂😂

  • doreen obeng
    doreen obeng 4 ore fa

    in case there will be another season which i believe so.....
    we need more of Corey and Mason moments😊

  • Anya Brighton
    Anya Brighton 5 ore fa

    Make more teen wolf like if agree

  • Habeeb-67
    Habeeb-67 5 ore fa

    More teen wolf series

  • Ovidiu Frumosu
    Ovidiu Frumosu 6 ore fa

    you are good peppele

  • Elia Francesca
    Elia Francesca 6 ore fa

    god i miss them, i think its time for round- i lost count- of rewatching teen wolf. see ya ✌️

  • MadMattVids
    MadMattVids 6 ore fa +1

    i dont want a reboot tho😭

  • Jayp 1105
    Jayp 1105 6 ore fa

    They need to bring teen wolf back

  • Ugo Lord-micheal
    Ugo Lord-micheal 7 ore fa

    when lydia used to see stiles in the walls. love

  • eli
    eli 7 ore fa

    1 more season, that’s all i need

  • Ugo Lord-micheal
    Ugo Lord-micheal 7 ore fa

    i cried for the finale

  • Amitha Mathew
    Amitha Mathew 7 ore fa

    This literally brought tears to my eyes. I just finished rewatching the series when I heard there was going to be a reunion and this just made my day. This felt like the true goodbye

  • Ugo Lord-micheal
    Ugo Lord-micheal 7 ore fa

    stiles since has the jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppp

  • Ugo Lord-micheal
    Ugo Lord-micheal 7 ore fa

    i miss yall so much

  • Che x
    Che x 8 ore fa

    wtffffffffffff im crying!!!!

  • andriana gubler
    andriana gubler 8 ore fa

    derek not being here feels WRONG

  • mandy twum-ampofo

    this brings back so many memories.......

  • Uzumaki45
    Uzumaki45 8 ore fa

    Where the hell is Allison? 🧐

  • Kaina Maurice
    Kaina Maurice 11 ore fa

    9 years!?? How??!!

  • Nicoydo Hector
    Nicoydo Hector 11 ore fa

    Where the hell is ALISSON????

  • Filipi Gabriel
    Filipi Gabriel 11 ore fa +1

    7 season please

  • Stv SgravenHage_
    Stv SgravenHage_ 12 ore fa

    GOD! I love themmmm. hopefully I will come back here in the comment section after we hear there will be a S7! pls make it happen Jeff pls

  • BTS is Lit 뱅탄
    BTS is Lit 뱅탄 12 ore fa

    Bruh where's Derek at

  • Raema Rahman
    Raema Rahman 12 ore fa

    Tyler Hoechlin?

  • Fwett
    Fwett 13 ore fa

    Who else wants a season 7 of teen wolf so bad ?

  • Jason Todd_baby
    Jason Todd_baby 13 ore fa

    I loved this but I wish that Crystal Tyler Dylan Jr And Colton were here so it was the OG cast again but I still love this reunion I miss them sm

  • Marco Vasquez
    Marco Vasquez 13 ore fa


  • Jaciel Rodriguez
    Jaciel Rodriguez 13 ore fa

    The hell happen to scott mccall

  • Zoey Roden
    Zoey Roden 14 ore fa

    Season 7 please

  • Zoey Roden
    Zoey Roden 14 ore fa

    And also you

  • Zoey Roden
    Zoey Roden 14 ore fa

    Teen wolf is the best

  • Zoey Roden
    Zoey Roden 14 ore fa

    You helped me fighting depression

  • Zoey Roden
    Zoey Roden 14 ore fa

    I love you guys

  • Jocelyn Niederriter
    Jocelyn Niederriter 15 ore fa +1

    Wasn't it Melissa and argent getting together and not the sheriff???

  • B Tanke Rydi Wot Blitz

    Why are they raising money ???

  • Dachi YT
    Dachi YT 16 ore fa

    Why in this chat is second twin

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 16 ore fa

    This was soooo amazing to watch! I really miss this show I would love for them to come back!!!

  • Samuel Fiakunya
    Samuel Fiakunya 16 ore fa

    I hope there is a season seven and if there is a new season I really really really really really cool hope Scott and Malia stay together

  • Zxyn
    Zxyn 16 ore fa +1

    i love how coach sounds the exact same as he sounds on the show

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml 17 ore fa

    Jeff sounded like Derek in that scene where he said he'd rip Stlies' throat out with his teeth I miss Sterek

  • Tod The Fox
    Tod The Fox 17 ore fa

    Is teen wolf season 7 coming

  • Keenan Cartmell
    Keenan Cartmell 18 ore fa

    When is the next one

  • Hildagard Rooskrantz

    Hey I absolutely Love Teen Wolf And I Hope You Go Until Season 20 😘...Also Say Happy Birthday To Colton Haynes On the 13th Of July Because My Birthday Is The Day After That The 14th July 2020 MWAH...Bye Hope To See More Seasons... Hillario Rainier Rooskrantz (South Africa,Cape Town)

  • DreamingDaisy ツ
    DreamingDaisy ツ 18 ore fa

    please tell me there might be a season 7! I really want there to be. I love all the cast.

  • Captain Morgan
    Captain Morgan 18 ore fa +3

    I feel like it’s not right without the Argents, Isaac, Jackson, Corey, Parrish and Derek they should be there :(

  • Vitor Guerra
    Vitor Guerra 20 ore fa

    tendi merda nenhuma

  • julia oliveira
    julia oliveira 22 ore fa

    ok but where is derek TT

  • godzillamaste magner

    I wonder if Scott would still be a alpha

  • Let's Talk About It

    Posey seem high

  • ukdrill raps
    ukdrill raps Giorno fa

    I miss teen wolf man stiles Scott and lydia are favourites but where’s derek😂😂

  • Naime Dayanc
    Naime Dayanc Giorno fa

    where is Isaac

  • SupremoSer
    SupremoSer Giorno fa

    Will it be season 7?

  • Samanta Licata
    Samanta Licata Giorno fa

    We need more stydia and sciles

  • Samanta Licata
    Samanta Licata Giorno fa

    We need more seasons. Pleeeeeeeeeeease🙏😭

  • Bwa_jay
    Bwa_jay Giorno fa

    The older people look so young

  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING Giorno fa

    I feel like all of the cast members are ready for a new teen wolf sequel but the writer is not giving us or them what we want.

  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING Giorno fa

    I just love watching these lives reunions of the teen shows I've watched before. Bcs they all seem so bonded and such a great cast! I actually feel like I'm their friend. lol

  • heelsoul
    heelsoul Giorno fa


  • Supreme KING
    Supreme KING Giorno fa

    Its so crazy to me how different they look. woow they've changed a LOT. But most of them are still hot ngl.

  • Nicolino Gleeson
    Nicolino Gleeson Giorno fa

    I miss this show so much that this video felt like it went for about 10 minutes it needed to be much longer!!!

  • Koreli Bir Türk
    Koreli Bir Türk Giorno fa

    where is derek hale

  • Ashley Chan
    Ashley Chan Giorno fa

    What happened to Tyler how goin aka derek hale 🥺

  • [Michiku Samika]
    [Michiku Samika] Giorno fa +2

    I started watching pretty little liars to get more Cody Christian

  • [Michiku Samika]
    [Michiku Samika] Giorno fa +2

    Notice how Crystal, Daniel and Hoechlin isn’t here😔🤚

  • Akmal Azis
    Akmal Azis Giorno fa


  • multi• •edit
    multi• •edit Giorno fa +1

    I’m so in love with this show!! Like it’s literally the best show ever🥺❤️ I was start teen wolf at 7 years old and my dad don’t want me to watch this so me and my big sister watched this when my dad working😂 and my dad grounded me when I was watching teen wolf😭😂

  • Sinxai Yang
    Sinxai Yang Giorno fa

    Missed them and the show.

  • Chocolatetvflakes I’m dumb


  • Halima Olugbode
    Halima Olugbode Giorno fa

    I had to watch it all over again i really love the series

  • Brooklyn Reynolds
    Brooklyn Reynolds Giorno fa

    I miss this show so much, we need more like this!

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty Giorno fa +1

    Jeff sounded like Derek in that scene where he said he'd rip Stlies' throat out with his teeth I miss Sterek

  • sophia annelise
    sophia annelise Giorno fa +2

    No ones talking about Tyler enough and he’s such a precious bean. Also him playing the intro music 😍. and Dylan still calling him T pose! the cutest friendship 🥺

  • Elisha Ram
    Elisha Ram Giorno fa +1

    I wish Teen Wolf will back on TV

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty Giorno fa

      Me: i want to be wearwolf. Tyler Posey: hold my beer

  • sophia annelise
    sophia annelise Giorno fa

    Ok but I was hoping Thiam would be talked about by Cody or Dylan 🥺😔 sad girl hours

  • isjoshua4real _tho
    isjoshua4real _tho Giorno fa

    Jeff plz consider this can u make Scott bite styles always wanted to see that

  • Evita Angjeli
    Evita Angjeli Giorno fa

    Okay but where is Tyler Hoechlin? :))))))))))))))

  • becka💕
    becka💕 Giorno fa

    I don't think I've ever seen a cast so invested and onboard for a show to continue after it ended. Usually these is always a few people who are just glad for it to be over, still love it but ready to move on, but I know that the Teen Wolf cast would all jump on board if they continued on with the story. I am so happy to be apart of this fandom!

  • cafezinho com pâo
    cafezinho com pâo Giorno fa

    Tee Wolf vai vou tá

  • Reece Williamson
    Reece Williamson Giorno fa +1

    I would love to be part of the pack as long I am with Tyler poses team even if it is just for one season of being Scott's beta that would a dream come true

  • Tamara Obradović
    Tamara Obradović Giorno fa

    i love them so much😭

  • x0ch1t7
    x0ch1t7 Giorno fa +1

    i love this show 🥺🥺

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony Giorno fa

    New season please

  • yDARK 696
    yDARK 696 Giorno fa +1

    #season 7

  • Ella Loves food
    Ella Loves food Giorno fa

    Dylan being the fan of the Beatles makes him even more hotter.

  • Valentina ignacia Valdes navarrete

    And tayler hoechlin (derek hale) he is my favorite character you can not miss

  • bidibidibomb
    bidibidibomb Giorno fa

    they did kira and her storyline so dirty and malia and scott ending up together? tf

  • MorgzGang
    MorgzGang Giorno fa +2


  • Jannat Hamza
    Jannat Hamza Giorno fa

    ughhhh. now i wanna binge watch it. ya know what, IM GONNA DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • pc tryh4rdh
    pc tryh4rdh Giorno fa +1

    Me: i want to be wearwolf.
    Tyler Posey: hold my beer

  • Melany De la cruz
    Melany De la cruz Giorno fa

    Love teen wolf

  • VelohX
    VelohX Giorno fa

    whenever i see scott i think bout his vid on phub