PES 2020 The players are playing in the field

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  • Bit Tuts
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  • jirgue bgt
    jirgue bgt Mese fa

    Mampus kau lah liverpool!

  • Andy Tet-Dife
    Andy Tet-Dife Mese fa +1

    Let's go Madrid but I'll so sorry for Atletico when they going back to Liverpool😁😁

  • Dotz Bocel
    Dotz Bocel Mese fa

    player is nub m salah

  • Dotz Bocel
    Dotz Bocel Mese fa

    salah Fuck

  • nopri adi
    nopri adi Mese fa

    Awokawoka liaVARpol losee😂

  • للصمت حكايات

    Mohamed salah numer 1 in th world

  • Steven da Costa Kapotela

    Liverpool's focus is EPL L

  • Elias Luis
    Elias Luis Mese fa +1

    I know liverpool will do better at home.
    Past performance at home we know. All the best liverpool.

  • Rama BATMAN
    Rama BATMAN Mese fa

    Sell Mohamed salah, he is selfish!!! Stupid Salah!! fucki asshole!!!

  • SporX Wurld
    SporX Wurld Mese fa

    How do you upload without copyright issues?

  • World Comparison

    Liverpool would be the obvious favourite in next leg but atletico when come to defence I mean just DEFENCE than it’s very hard for the other team to score.. psg and. Dortmund and Liverpool be atletico both the next leg will be amazing

  • Evans Kyule
    Evans Kyule Mese fa

    4:49 atletico defends with 10 men , pity them

  • UdI Channel
    UdI Channel Mese fa

    Atletico make all player in area penalty for defend when liverpool attack.
    This is name PARKING THE BUS.
    IT's not good beautiful defend

  • Ridwan Shomels
    Ridwan Shomels Mese fa

    Finally i found nice channel .

    FARHAN MAN Mese fa

    All club : Oh, shit.. Deffence atletico so very hard! We cant scoring 😭😭
    Ronaldo : Halo? What do you say? 😅

  • iXcB StrikezZ
    iXcB StrikezZ Mese fa

    I hope Liverpool lose the next match also

  • D255 TV
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  • ani mudgal
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  • Nba Fans
    Nba Fans Mese fa

    Hello brother I want to ask you please

  • Andy Leo
    Andy Leo Mese fa

    gotta respect that defense even if im a liverpool fan

  • Zochhuanawma Zote

    One team attack with no shot on target.. One team totaly defences and manage to shot on target 2 times before half time whistle..

  • Mr A to Z
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  • Ivan Gujinović
    Ivan Gujinović Mese fa

    Goal was ofside

  • Garik Karapetyan


  • Ryan Hanaif2
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  • Ryan Hanaif2
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  • Ryan Hanaif2
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  • Ryan Hanaif2
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  • Rez8o AUG
    Rez8o AUG Mese fa

    Surprising .. 😐

  • ExtremeÑo WanChU

    Lamepool is a joke like engayland

  • private quelch singh vlogs

    Nice to see Liverpool's defeat after their mastery in English premier league

  • Katic 08
    Katic 08 Mese fa

    Corner taken slowly

  • Nawa Pamudji
    Nawa Pamudji Mese fa

    Atletico?bad a bus...and i never like them..specially for their coach...bad attitude

  • Livelifeteam Pendason

    Relax ATM u go sweat u go dey frustrated for Anfield walaitalai

  • V.Krishna Kumar
    V.Krishna Kumar Mese fa

    The scoreline flattered Liverpool, atletico Madrid should’ve won by 3-0. Morata spurned two clear goal scoring chances. Morata is liability in front of goal. Teams like Liverpool should never be playing in tournaments like champions league. Massive props to EL CHOLO and Atlético Madrid for knocking out the flat track bullies Liverpool out of the competition

  • Santiago Rivera
    Santiago Rivera Mese fa +2

    Salah is si overrated

  • Khafif Arief
    Khafif Arief Mese fa

    Hantam terus tuh Liverpool....main dikandang Liverpool nanti hantam lagi dong ATM.

  • alex leonidas
    alex leonidas Mese fa

    Gana atlético. Pero mucho se mete atrás y eso es un peligro xla presión del otro ekipo debería jugar iwal como en el principio

  • Kissada promsopphai
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    See you in the anfield
    Reds will kick them 3-0

  • M.nurwahid wahid

    Tunggu pembalasannya nanti

  • Huy Nguyễn
    Huy Nguyễn Mese fa

    Liver phong độ chỉ là nhất thời

  • Vincent TuffGong
    Vincent TuffGong Mese fa +1

    Liverpool to defeat atletico by 3 goals n make it to next round

  • Stephane Agbenyiga

    Tres Genial....

  • tejas gurjar
    tejas gurjar Mese fa +49

    Fun Fact: Simeone's AM has never lost a UCL knockout against any team except teams having Ronaldo in it.

    • tejas gurjar
      tejas gurjar 20 giorni fa

      And here we go again
      AM-LIV 3-2

    • tejas gurjar
      tejas gurjar Mese fa

      @Red blub blue blub None knows future.

    • Red blub blue blub
      Red blub blue blub Mese fa

      U do realise this statement have to be deleted when Liverpool beat the shit out of Atletico then we would talk

    • Jordi Sanchez Remus
      Jordi Sanchez Remus Mese fa

      It's true

    • tejas gurjar
      tejas gurjar Mese fa +5

      @Red blub blue blub How it is stupid dumbfuck?
      2014 FINAL VS RM
      2015 QF VS RM
      2016 FINAL VS RM
      2018 SF VS RM
      2019 R16 VS JUVE

  • Bahodir Qahhorov
    Bahodir Qahhorov Mese fa +1

    British clubs cannot play well against spanish clubs

  • Bahodir Qahhorov

    Atlethico will defeat Liverpool in the next match

  • Taras Budilin
    Taras Budilin Mese fa +1

    I hope Liverpool will be more serious in the home game...

  • Atilla Güngör
    Atilla Güngör Mese fa +1

    5:25 mane penaltı

  • Assalamu'alaikum

    Gegen pressing vs over pressing,,,, but no star player, coach vs coach , tactic vs tactic. This really PlayStation

  • Javier Fernandez

    Atleticos cada dia me da más asco el "futbol" que practica este equipo, es como ver un partido de pelota en el que el rival son los pelotaris y el Patetico el frontón y todavia siguen queriendo a Simeone. Uff qué asco

  • 1inMilion. TV
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  • Andien Putri
    Andien Putri Mese fa

    Liverpool 4 ...atm.. 1

  • Fernando Martínez Rivera

    El peor resultado en champions , oorteria a 0 , para el que pierde 1 gol es poquisimo levantaremos a la vuelta , pero es muy dificil

  • Richard Calisi
    Richard Calisi Mese fa +1

    Fantastic game by Athletico....not a single shot on net by Liverpool. NICE!!!!!!! Not even Salah did anything.

  • Cr7 Rapy
    Cr7 Rapy Mese fa +1

    Liverpool easily beat A medried in anfild

  • jack nan
    jack nan Mese fa

    Laper pool

  • Mehdi Bouzid
    Mehdi Bouzid Mese fa

    In my opinion Saul was offside

  • Minh Tam
    Minh Tam Mese fa

    Cuối cùng livepool cũng thua

  • Galih Prakosa
    Galih Prakosa Mese fa

    Finaly liverpool lose 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • 綿引ipat
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  • Quốc Duy Lê
    Quốc Duy Lê Mese fa +1

    Love al madrid from manchester united ❤️

  • sbm motor solo
    sbm motor solo Mese fa +1

    wasit condong mwmihak atletico

  • Mor Salkım
    Mor Salkım Mese fa

    Livirpool bunu evinde yer hem de cok fena yer

  • Thang Phan
    Thang Phan Mese fa

    Ti comaris ve ryguuuuuuuutttttttytttt.....

  • Saleh Yassin
    Saleh Yassin Mese fa +2

    Liverpool would have won if it was a premier league due to them favours on them by the FA and referees. You would see their player diving and a penalty awarded or their player would push an opponent player and score like it was against Norwich

  • Meysam yyy
    Meysam yyy Mese fa


  • Saleh Yassin
    Saleh Yassin Mese fa

    Liverpool knew its going to be an easy game. Klopp said that Athletico would not wish to play Liverpool.

  • Ceyhun Qenberzade

    Ehsan masalah

  • Fervar Machrusson

    when renan lodi handsball, why VAR malfunction??

  • Letkai Guite
    Letkai Guite Mese fa

    Morata is my favourite footballer he is also handsome man

  • Sarwat Hassen
    Sarwat Hassen Mese fa

    Liverpool deserves 2 penalty at least

  • Dedy Saputra
    Dedy Saputra Mese fa


  • Dong Nguyen
    Dong Nguyen Mese fa

    Chi mong troi phat linh thieng phu ho cho bot dau

  • Bas Bas
    Bas Bas Mese fa


  • Ziel stevens
    Ziel stevens Mese fa +1

    O Liverpool passa no segundo jogo

  • Arjun Saha
    Arjun Saha Mese fa +1

    Athletico is better than Liverpool 👍😂 loserpoollll out of champions League 🤹🤹📲😇

  • Kulgu Time
    Kulgu Time Mese fa

    Follow me friends channel

  • HUY HOÀNG 11B5
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