Taking Accountability

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  • Pubblicato il 26 giu 2020
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  • Lyriq Zayas
    Lyriq Zayas 2 minuti fa +2

    Shane if you read your comments you are a great man if you get hate fuck them haters they’re just jealous of you I hope you have a great day or night.

  • Elise Foster
    Elise Foster 8 minuti fa


  • Jaden Dawn
    Jaden Dawn 21 minuto fa

    I'm not saying what he did was okay but why I'd everyone so upset about it now why didnt you get mad when it happened instead of years later like people change just stop cause your ruining peoples lives. You guys are literally trying to "cancel Jodie comer for dating a Republican" get over yourselfs its ridiculous I really with I wasnt born in this era cause everyone just thinks their so entitled or they follow other peoples actions just cause its "trendy" dont judge people like Shane, jenna, Liza, or david dobrik for past mistakes that was okay then but the worst thing in the world now you wouldn't like it if people judged you for your PAST mistakes.

  • Cheese that’s that queso

    do you guys think shane would apologize if he didn’t get the hate just now?

  • lara fecho
    lara fecho 26 minuti fa +3

    notice how he keeps saying “it was suppose to be a joke” even if it was you don’t joke abt racism and sexualizing children. that kind of thing isn’t a joke.

  • Nonya Bidness
    Nonya Bidness 27 minuti fa

    I just wanna know why noone had a problem with this until now????

    • mysterious Dawkins
      mysterious Dawkins 24 minuti fa

      And I didn’t know about most of the stuff he did until last year ,but not many people could speak on the issues back then and I really thought he changed but I guess not

    • mysterious Dawkins
      mysterious Dawkins 25 minuti fa

      We always have had a problem with some of the stuff but whenever anyone tried to call him out for his actions people would always say things like “stop being a hater “ or “it’s just a joke “

  • Itz Rusher
    Itz Rusher 28 minuti fa +1

    Yay 400k dislikes! That’s bad for a big youtuber

  • Emma O'Connor
    Emma O'Connor 30 minuti fa +1

    I fee like Jefferee had changed shane so much

  • Michaela V
    Michaela V 31 minuto fa +1

    i really loved you Shane. I used to watch your videos all the time the conspiracies and vids w Andrew, Garet, Drew, and Morgan. You were genuinely someone I watched to smile and laugh. I used to hang out w lots of problematic people ever like you have with jefree, and trish. I have guilt over things that literally cannot get out of my head EVER and i get your guilt. I hear your apology. And it’s okay. Yet I do not accept your apology. You really out did yourself. You dug yourself in a whole and you can’t get out. Change for the better we appreciated the good parts but understand further that you really need to work on the bad parts..

  • YoungDaggerCake
    YoungDaggerCake 32 minuti fa +1

    There’s no excuse for this... Jeffrey Starr has changed you. Go back to the Conspiracy Shane with Garrett...

  • Lily 345
    Lily 345 33 minuti fa +2

    We found HISOKA!!!!!!! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡⭐️👁👄👁💧

  • anme0827
    anme0827 34 minuti fa

    Who’s the same person when they’re 20 as when we are in our 30’s, can’t we grow? Jeez, these comments and the whole cancel culture is toxic.

  • asniie
    asniie 36 minuti fa +1

    At first i was kind of on his side BUT when i saw the video of him saying "the only thing is nasty is the black girls hair on the box" hate just grew lol

  • Jolene Wiggins
    Jolene Wiggins 38 minuti fa

    I'm not saying anything he did was okay, but if yall are really going to say people cant change and hate on him. You must really think you're a perfect person. And do not act like it's just a white people thing. ALL people can be racist that is just a fact. Yes he was wrong but don't get pissed when he wants to apologize, isn't that a start to trying to be a better person?

  • Craig 120
    Craig 120 38 minuti fa

    Shane yæw

  • Laura Hall
    Laura Hall 40 minuti fa +2

    Is anyone else shook that this is only week ago?!?! So much has happened lol

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson 40 minuti fa +3

    Shane I looked up to you , and honestly i stopped watching you once Jeffree came in your life , fame got to you . Before this happened I remember watching you microwave dolls and Dorito bags and watching them shrink I was so into those videos I broke 2 microwaves trying to microwave monster high dolls 😂 you’d think I learned the first time … 😅 but I’ve honestly never had respect for Jeffree . Imagine staying silent throughout this situation . I can tell the same person I used to watch is still in there , you have the bravery to post this , keep comments on etc . I wish the best for you . ❤️

  • Julia Montalto
    Julia Montalto 41 minuto fa +1

    i hope you know there’s people who’s still gonna follow you and that forgive you with all their hearts, like me i’ve been watching you for a few years but you’ve changed and that’s what matters most is that you’re willing to admit when you’re wrong and you’re willing to change yourself for the better. i love you so much and keep going up shane. you’re amazing and not because you apologized well that too but you’re amazing because you wanna change and because you wanna admit when you’re wrong and just everything, yeah somethings were out of line or whatever but you’re changing and it’ll all be okay. we love you shane. i love you, please never stop doing what you love and what makes you happy.

  • Mackenzie Andresen
    Mackenzie Andresen 44 minuti fa +1

    Shane i forgive you ive always loved your videos and ive always felt like ive known you. Idc what people have to say because we are all human and we all make mistakes okay. I love you shane keep your head up you mean so much to me💙💙💙

  • Jack Mulligan
    Jack Mulligan 44 minuti fa +2

    His description really said: .

  • moominmilly
    moominmilly 47 minuti fa +3

    A lot of concerning things are surfacing regarding Shane's behaviour with children. Not really sure why there are comments saying "we want Shane who makes conspiracy theories". Um, no. We don't want to support a man who sexualises children and acts inappropriately with them. We don't need that. Stop focusing on the petty drama with Tati.

  • Mr Reason
    Mr Reason 48 minuti fa


  • Mr Reason
    Mr Reason 48 minuti fa


  • Mr Reason
    Mr Reason 48 minuti fa


  • Jasmine Nguyen
    Jasmine Nguyen 50 minuti fa +1

    I want the boys back😣 I didn’t like the whole makeup thing from the start

  • Macey Watkins
    Macey Watkins 51 minuto fa +1

    You'll probably never see this but I love you Shane, stay strong xx

  • Jasmine Nguyen
    Jasmine Nguyen 52 minuti fa +3

    I feel like if Shane is genuine people find a way to say he isn’t and if Shane wasn’t being genuine he gets a lot more hate,smh. Like what do y’all want from him,and this is just an opinion but if you haven’t been watching Shane for more than 2-3 years I would say, you don’t have a say if Shane is genuine because you don’t know Shane like the people that have been watching for a long time. Shane takes his insecurities and makes jokes...That’s sad but people thought it was funny. I don’t know but I feel Shane is super genuine in this video.

  • Trinity the Therian
    Trinity the Therian 52 minuti fa +1

    hi shane. i’ve been watching you for literally four years and you shaped me as a person. when my parents fought you helped me through so much. you made me want to stay alive. i respect you for taking accountability, but i’ll be leaving you behind. thank you for being a part of my life but i think it’s time to go. i really will miss you. but again, it’s time to go.

  • insert name here
    insert name here 53 minuti fa +1

    Depression and anxiety isn't an excuse to sexualize children, shane

  • alex nicole
    alex nicole 54 minuti fa +1

    imma look back imma look back to the future in fact let me examine the progress the demons that try to suffocate the road to success imma look forward into the sea oblivious sea i call history thunderous waves that rage destroying the maze of memories i wanna see (dream) and should i give up but really can i give up we live in a time and space a world full of blinds it makes me wanna give up but then again no i shouldnt give up i feel it inside dont wanna give up we live in a time a space a world full of blinds now ive had enough ,,, calling out for help on this carousel life is like a dare or an open fair i just wanna tell tell the citadel dream (dream dream dream) empire campfire unpile old files set fire rise high (??) go wild and chase my dream - maze of memories by stray kids

  • og_act1ve
    og_act1ve 56 minuti fa +1

    and thus, *he vanished*

  • Melanie Aquino
    Melanie Aquino 57 minuti fa +2

    Hi shane. Though you have done many bad things in the past there is someone who is willing to forgive all of that and more and his name is Jesus. This goes for everyone in the comments as well. There is good news and that good news is that you can inherit the kingdom of heaven through the precious blood of our Lord. Come to salvation TODAY before it is too late Jesus is coming back soon. Confess with your mouth that Jesus is your Lord and savior and acknowledge that you are a sinner in need of saving and then repent of your sins. And believe in your heart that Jesus is who he says he is that he was crucified buried and was resurrected on the 3rd day according to scripture. Do that and put your trust in him and you will be sealed with the holy spirit until the day of redemption. I know you guys know that 2020 has been a year of pestilences earthquakes strange happenings. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our eyes but some choose to ignore it. All of this is a distraction from the enemy to keep you from knowing the truth and building a relationship with God. Dont focus on the drama of youtubers put your focus on God because he is coming back soon. If you havent heard of the Rapture i recommend you watch some videos. If one day a bunch of believers of God and children dissappear then you will know that God had come back for his people. It will not be an alien invasion or whatever the government will try to cover it up with. The suppression of Christianity has already begun in America. Starting from California where they have banned worship inside of churches. There is an agenda going on here that is bigger than you think. Korea has also banned small conferences and meetings within churches. Just because it hasnt happenned where you live does not mean its not going to happen. Come to christ today. Strange sky phenomenons are happening in China as well itstop.org/video/SRBCVq9bgpc-video.html watch this the sky turns dark at 3pm just how the bible talks about in Amos 8:9 which is scripture that talks about how God will turn the sky dark during the day. Just read the comments below the video and you will understand what im talking about. Within one year there has been more pestilences. The locust swarms of thousands which are coming in biblical multitudes in africa. The earthquakes in california which seem to be getting worse. The bible said that lawlessness would abound and that hearts of people would grow cold. Does that remind you of anything ? Yeah the riots the looting and how they are trying to remove law enforcement. America will be judged. The storms are coming on stronger. We battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. We are all victims of the enemy and those who are not believers in christ are more vulnerable and succeptable to his attacks or worse youre doing just fine because youre still living in your sin and not building that relationship with God just like he wants you to. You cant tell me that these things are normal. Normal has walked out the door along time ago. Things are not going to go back to normal if you are making plans for the future. Jesus is coming soon. People will be left behind and wont know whats happening and will believe whatever the media says. God will cause you to believe the lie the delusion after he has taken his people that is why it is important you know the truth now. There will be a false prophet or the antichrist who will claim to be "christ" in the temple of God and I warn you if you take this lightly to remember these words and grab your bible and read it if your left behind. You must not believe the lies of this man who claims to be christ who will do miracles and wonders because he is the devil. Do not get the mark of the beast. That thing that Bill gates was talking about implanting a chip. The bible says that all poor rich slave free big and small will not be able to buy or sell unless they receive a a mark on their right hand or on their forehead. I mean common the chip that bill gates was working on literally works because of an enzyme thingy or idk what but its called LUCEFEREAN it couldnt be more obvious open your OJOS guys please. I dont want yall to be crying and screaming when a the rapture happens and youre still here not knowing whats going on. The deep state agents and the secrets of the government are coming to light. Nothing that is hidden will remained hidden. Their wickedness will be shed in the light and people will know. The royal family and their secrets. There are people going missing now in random places now like chucke cheeses. Common 2020 has been the year for chaos. This is only the beginning of the end. Dont take the mark of the beast no matter what if you choose not to believe and are left behind. I pray that everyone who reads this will come to salvation. Heaven is real and Hell is very real as well. I want to see all of you guys in heaven so please accept christ before its too late. May God bless you 🙏💙

  • Vision
    Vision 58 minuti fa +1

    Tbh idc I just want him to eat more food

  • Eric Strings
    Eric Strings 58 minuti fa +2

    Honestly, lol people saying Jeffrey changed him, lol no Shane did this waaaay before he even met him.
    Moving on, as a poc from my pov, yeah you did some stupid things >years< ago and you apologized for it. I don't think dragging you through the mud is correct either since dragging Shane seems to be a trend right now. Shane is not a racist. Yall really wish he was but he isn't.
    You do owe an apology to the Smiths, what they do with it is up to them.
    Again Shane did stupid things years ago that were not okay but it's up to him to keep bettering himself. We all have done and said stupid things. If you think someone is a full mature perfect adult in their 20s, boy do i have news for you 😂😂😂.
    This video has some major flaws lol "hand on the bible" stop, lol that means nothing in todays world. You should focus on cleaning that friend circle of yours. Stop using child hood trauma as an excuse, we all have child hood traumas, that isn't an excuse for racist things and poor choices. You also now owe Tati an apology for dismissing her trauma and rolling your eyes over it, I don't even know what her beef is but for someone who has supposedly had a traumatic childhood, you wouldn't do that. All in all i hope you come out okay from all this and people learn what an actual racist is and to stop dragging people for things they did years ago and apologized for. After reading comments id say go with your fans back to whoever the hell Drew and Garrett are lol

  • BnXxx GamingXxx
    BnXxx GamingXxx 58 minuti fa

    I will claim superiority to my brothers

  • Hayden Firouzi

    Man cmon it’s ok

  • Paige Harris
    Paige Harris Ora fa

    "I'm sorry if you herd that".... In regards to him talking about pedophilia and young children... Seriously. Whether or not the clips were edited, you said some disgusting stuff. Also "I would never talk about a child in anyway that was Inappropriate." Well you fucking did and you have... I thought you were "taking accountability"... Also do not use your past as an excuse I've had (and several others have had) a shitty childhood and managed to not behave in the ways you have...

  • Hayden Firouzi

    I love you bro we forgive you man

  • Lauren Costa
    Lauren Costa Ora fa

    you are good at making documentaries and conspiracy theories. make documentaries on the issues that you made jokes about and talk about why what you did was wrong. it will show that you have learned from those mistakes. i feel that you are genuinely sorry but to fix it would be to use your skills in making documentaries and your following to spread awareness. make a documentary about racial injustice. fat shaming. teach people why it’s bad, and show you have grown.

  • R P
    R P Ora fa

    Don't be shy, address the clip where you laughed about what you did to your cat.

  • Asante Agyei
    Asante Agyei Ora fa

    You know what, even though I don’t really know what you did wrong, I genuinely forgive you Mr. Dawson.

  • Emmabaws
    Emmabaws Ora fa +1

    Unpopular opinion: I forgive Shane :)

    • Emmabaws
      Emmabaws 9 minuti fa

      mysterious Dawkins and as we speak, YES IT WAS WRONG, but never a malicious attempt to harm anyone. Shock value vs actually being racist. He did every kind of character you can think of, being white, black or asian. I do not stand to cancel this person for a few flaws that happened 10 years ago.

    • mysterious Dawkins
      mysterious Dawkins 29 minuti fa

      Oh so you also forgive him for the black face ?him saying the n word multiple times ? And making racist “jokes”?

  • Bianca Cik
    Bianca Cik Ora fa

    all I think of is subway surfers 💖✨🧚‍♀️👁👄👁

  • Alexa Morrisey

    Damn shane....i get you..youre sorry...whatever you did i understand you are sorry. I went through shit and this whole ordeal triggered memories i forgot about that ive been through. I wish you could change the past but you have apologized.

  • Arden’s Corner
    Arden’s Corner Ora fa +1


  • Taz
    Taz Ora fa +1

    Also all ya'll that are sayin 'we like shane b4 jeffree' HE WAS NASSSSTY B4 JEFFREE!!!!!! HE WAS CLEARLY A BAD PERSON B4 JEFFREE! STOP BLAMING JEFFREE

  • Lilly Anne
    Lilly Anne Ora fa

    I know you probably won't see this comment but the chance of it making you feel better in anyway is worth it. You were a big part of my child hood I have watched you forever. I've been through alot of rough times, but every rough time I would turn on one of your videos and it would block out my mom's yelling, and put a smile on my face. When I was admitted to the mental hospital for the first time I was miserable, I couldn't breathe I couldn't stop crying. But one of the techs at the hospital ig really liked me and asked me what would make me feel better. So she put on some of your videos and even though I only got to watch them for that day it made my whole few weeks their barrable. You have been a huge impact on my life Shane Dawson, please don't let all this bring you down I love you ❤️

  • Minnie
    Minnie Ora fa +1

    This does raise a stereotype of gay men. Racism, sexism, and sexualizing children. ALL gay men should be under this light and not just Shane.

  • simi xavier
    simi xavier Ora fa

    I don’t think Shane or anyone deserves to be socially humiliated or isolated. People should leave room for improvising their character and even their past mistakes and move on from it. People do stupid mistakes when they’re under pressure or under wrong influence and that isn’t definitely an excuse for their mistakes. Paedophilia and racism are extremely sensitive topics that shouldn’t be joked about. I’m not supporting his actions but all I’m saying is instead of humiliating a person for things he’s said and done years ago we should be able to forgive and give him space to improve and move on.

  • DelilahDevil
    DelilahDevil Ora fa +1

    I miss the old Shane, I miss the spooky boys, I miss Drew and Garrett, please Shane stop making your channel fall.

  • Gay hanYlaS WHY? Bitch

    Why are people still hooked up on this it was the past and the past is in the past and the present is now like I been watching shane since I was 12 and now I'm 18 and so everybody watch your mouths u might hurt him by what u say in the comments okay I'm just saying

  • Chloe Wilhelm
    Chloe Wilhelm Ora fa

    i want the old shane

  • Chloe Wilhelm
    Chloe Wilhelm Ora fa

    i will still love you

  • Jordyn Lloyd
    Jordyn Lloyd Ora fa

    it’s okay i still love you

  • Grace Mungoven

    I learned a lot. Thank you Shane, I just wanna give you a big cuddle.

  • Aayah Vlogs101
    Aayah Vlogs101 Ora fa +1

    r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️

  • cmaquino
    cmaquino Ora fa +1

    subway surfers 😍

  • N.S. Stevanovic

    We all make mistakes.. ❤

  • {!bubblegum bang!}

    And I don't forgive you thats illegal

  • Grace Mail
    Grace Mail Ora fa

    Bring back spooky bois and maybe we will accept your apology >:[[

  • Grace Mail
    Grace Mail Ora fa

    Too bad I used to love you :// everyday I would watch your video. And 2 everyone who still loves him y'all need to stop

  • Charlie Molano
    Charlie Molano Ora fa +1

    Is it just me, or is anyone else kinda looking around the background to see anything weird because of shane's last vid

  • park jimin
    park jimin Ora fa

    I kinda feel bad he is 30 years old at least he did apologise but if he goes back to jeffree I ain't giving chances

  • Blob Blob
    Blob Blob Ora fa

    Are you?

  • Elvira Forsberg
    Elvira Forsberg Ora fa +2

    Your actions are absolutely disgusting.
    This is not something you can excuse. You can’t excuse your behavior by saying that it’s not you anymore or that you had a rough childhood or you hated yourself or that you were stressed.
    You’re saying that you won’t make excuses but you make so many horrible excuses.
    I have been sexually abused as a child and I just cannot support you anymore. It’s not possible to excuse that shit.
    My abuser is in prison (finally) and he really should get “pedophile” tattooed into his forehead.
    I can’t really talk about the blackface stuff or anything because I’m not black so it’s not my place.
    But it really is horrible.
    Why haven’t you talked about this until people started realizing it? Like, you are saying that you’ve thought about it a lot so why not try to say sorry immediately when you realized you were wrong.
    If you even know you were in the wrong. This is clearly a panicked apology to not loose your career..
    Issues with family, hating yourself, being insecure or blaming another person being you but younger.
    No. That’s basically what I have to say about this.
    No. It’s gross and disgusting.

  • Paige Kendall
    Paige Kendall Ora fa +3

    Shane I’ll say something now, people can hate or whatever but I forgive you, you know what you did wrong, you know your mistakes, I want to give you a big hug, you are probably getting some hate from people, but I forgive you, yes what you did was wrong but you are a good person to me and will always love you and your vids, you are a good person and I believe it no matter what! You have a good person you know your mistakes and you are sorry and if people can’t accept your apology yeah understandable but you are a good person and never forget that! ❤️

  • ashley!! :o
    ashley!! :o Ora fa +1

    anyways black lives matter. go sign some petitions 💞

  • Evan Field
    Evan Field Ora fa +1

    You have always been a weird person and I don't think you are sorry about anything that you said. You are a creepy man

  • emily watling
    emily watling Ora fa +2

  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia Ora fa +2

    I love Shane. The Shane today. We never want to be remembered for who we were in the past, only the now. There have been bullies that I had today that are genuinely now amazing people, that are married with children. People change. It’s only coming out today, because people realized how fucked up it was. Shane doesn’t do that anymore, he tries his best to steer clear of his past, and he addressed it and is willing to lose everything. He’s aware of his faults and mistakes. There have been people who were racist in the past who have come to realize everyone is the same and have changed. He changed. We all make fucking huge mistakes from lying about stealing a cookie, to people actually committing adultery, to cheating on a test. It’s not right, but we all have room for change. He did. HE CHOSE TO FUCKING CHANGE

    • Laura Garcia
      Laura Garcia Ora fa +1

      That’s the difference between him and other people. He made the change. Love you Shane.

  • ashley!! :o
    ashley!! :o Ora fa +1

    where's jeffree in all this???

  • Not Worth it
    Not Worth it Ora fa +2

    “DEprESsIoN aND AnXiEtY ISnt aN ExCuse tO seXualIze kIDs, ShAne” you people sound dumb asf. He said that he said it to have more drama or like more shocking things. Did y’all not hear what he said or only heard what you guys wanna hear?

  • Linda Crompton
    Linda Crompton Ora fa +6

    Shane I’m so sorry! I just watched Tatiana video of her deflecting the whole situation with her and James onto you! How childish! She blamed everyone but herself. She got mad at James over him making an Instagram post over her competitors Vitamins, you can tell the kind of person she is just from that. I think she forgets what she said in the Sister video she put out to destroy James life, everything she was trying to blame on you, she was in one way or another the fault and a lot of proof is in that video. She was also mad because she said, Jeffrey told her that James didn’t want her in that video of the 3 of them, he wanted Nikki! Even if it was true, so what! you go and destroy someone’s life because they wanted someone other than you in their video lol! Narcissist much? Another thing I find interesting, she never had anything bad to say about James publicly until he was being canceled for some other reason, she strategically put her video up dogging him right at that time. How coincidental that she supposedly knew about this since December, but waited until you were under fire for something else and decides to kick you while you were down as well! I think everyone needs to cancel TATI and her Narcissist behavior if you ask my opinion. WITH FRIENDS LIKE TATI, you sure as hell don’t need any enemies. That girl is brutal, mean, heartless, manipulative, relentless and she will do anything to destroy someone who she feels isn’t adoring and admiring her! SHANE IS A DECENT HUMAN BEING, HE DOESNT DESERVE ALL OF THIS. CANCEL TATI WESTBROOKS CRAZY NARCISSIST ASS!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, everyone should watch her video when she was mad at James! She’s nothing but a liar, she’s deflecting her own bad choices and behavior on everyone else and she’s trying to sue people for making her make a video ctfu. What an airhead!

  • Sofia.
    Sofia. Ora fa +2


  • ang
    ang 2 ore fa

    does he start crying?

    • ashley!! :o
      ashley!! :o Ora fa

      i'm unsure if you're saying this to mock him, but.. isn't crying a human emotion that's completely valid? 😭

  • Bob Marley is the best 1

    Lil meqala or whatever her name is have a tik tok acoustic t you should watch them Shane

  • LilBadQueen Stacey
    LilBadQueen Stacey 2 ore fa +1

    I forgive you and I love you and I’m sooo sad that your being canceled everyone does mistakes ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mika & Amber The Kittens

    This “inspiration” he took from jennas video was him noticing how well received it was.

  • Mika & Amber The Kittens

    This “inspiration” he took from jennas video was him noticing how well received it was.

  • Abigail _ Simps
    Abigail _ Simps 2 ore fa

    r-r-r-roll💿up⬆️to2️⃣the🤩party🥳with🧶my🧚crazy🤪pink💝wig💇🏼‍♀️, IM SORRY I LOVE YOU SOO MUCHHH

  • number 1 fan of rosti

    Stan james Charles, periodt. 💅✨😽

  • Oceana Griffin
    Oceana Griffin 2 ore fa +1

    I miss your old videos with Garett, Andrew, Morgan, And Ryland like when you guys went places together and had fun ❤️

  • Mari Kuate
    Mari Kuate 2 ore fa +1

    How much y’all wanna bet something else gonna come up next year or actually in a next couple of months 😼

  • Monica Michelle
    Monica Michelle 2 ore fa +2

    Umm sir your only one person the “I hated the old Shane” should not be an excuse. Second of all a lot of people go through dark times however that does not lead them to doing black face, racist jokes, special needs jokes, rapist jokes, and pedofile jokes . So your dark past should not be an excuse .

  • Emily Elwell
    Emily Elwell 2 ore fa

    I still love you Shane , a lot of people don’t get your dark humor and mistakes but I do, I’m here and always will be!!❤️

  • Brooke Earhart
    Brooke Earhart 2 ore fa +1

    Honestly don’t know why people are so mad at who he used to be, he’s clearly been a different person in these past years than he used to be. He was also really young and dumb which incase you didn’t know, is extremely common. Even as a young adult your brain isn’t fully developed and people act immature

  • Potatoyumyum._. Yumyum

    Hola Shane I just wanna say i have been watching you since i was four which it’s only been six years but I know you have done a lot of bad and good you had depression.....now your videos make me laugh when I’m at my darkest times I suffer with major depression disorder and your videos make me laugh so I just wanna say thank you for posting your videos and you having your gay pride made me accept myself being lesbian personally my dad is homophobic and I had the pride of telling him he may not have accepted me but he is starting to accept me so thank you so much for helping me through the years❤️

  • Khushi
    Khushi 2 ore fa +2

    i ain’t listening to all that. i’m happy for you or sorry that happened

  • Veronika Stupar
    Veronika Stupar 2 ore fa

    I dont care what you do i enjoy your videos and will watch them always. Especially scary ones

  • ``tsunaki_nom``
    ``tsunaki_nom`` 2 ore fa

    I shall blame u :D

  • Anni3mee
    Anni3mee 2 ore fa

    Forgiving is a selfish act. YOU forgive what someone have said. This doesn’t mean that someone’s opinion turns right or anything, someone still is and thinks what someone wants. But you forgive and that comes from your love and heart. Whoever has that power, use it 💜🖤💜🖤

  • Dylan Chadderton
    Dylan Chadderton 2 ore fa +1

    "every apology video i made was out of fear" so how are we to know this one is any different?

  • Daily potato
    Daily potato 2 ore fa

    I feel like we need shane to EVEN survive throughout quarentine

    • ang
      ang 2 ore fa

      no ❤️

  • Maya Rudd
    Maya Rudd 2 ore fa

    I Don’t hate u i forgive u bc everyone makes mistakes and has to learn from it like u Did and opened up to the millions of ppl that could have been upset u could have just sat in bed and prayed for the past to disappear but you sat down told ppl your wrongs that’s the Shane everyone loves the honest one that speaks up and shows the world that you messed and showed what really made u upset and knew it was wrong ~ spreading positivity through the screen ❤️😄

  • Andreas Gunawan
    Andreas Gunawan 2 ore fa +1


  • hannah fleming
    hannah fleming 2 ore fa

    I can see Shane is genually sorry. Look for all of the people oh Shane is disgusting now he did this he did that . As when I found out I was genually shocked. As I . Watching this video I can see he is genually sorry. Just cause he apologized. U don't have to forgive him. But I will. As big as this situation. It is shocking. But I'm not gonna hate him. But I'k that some of guys forgave other celebrities from stuff like this. All i say is. He owned up to his actions and rerely no people have the guts to do that. U can hate on me but I'm not gonna hate on Shane Dawson

  • Vanessa Kathleen
    Vanessa Kathleen 2 ore fa

    I dont think he can say Jeffrey's name for legal reasons

  • Emily Can't Music

    I literally called this as soon as Shane released his first videos with Jeffree. I remember seeing them at my friend's house and all I could think was "well that's not good. It's entertaining, but not good". Jeffree has always been bad news, man. There's a reason everyone always leaves him.
    P.s. Shane, pls stop friend hopping. No one in the history of your channel has ever thought it was a good look.

  • Kelynn Rose
    Kelynn Rose 2 ore fa +1

    It's middle Shane that people want. (Garrett and Drew and spooky boys)

  • jaridize
    jaridize 2 ore fa

    Shane should not have apologised. He should have said fuck yall, they were joke I played a character it was fine for the time. You can't judge someone's past by today's standards. For example locking someone up today because they smoked weed while it was still illegal. I understand people don't like pedophile jokes I don't either. But the fact remains (even if you're so dumb that you think youtube is real life, daily life blogs are staged too) it was a character and an act for entertainment. But look at how popular he was back then it just shows that distasteful jokes of today were the pinnacle of humour back then.