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  • Expert martial artists Noah Fleder and Gemma Nguyen are back at it again to react to the martial arts moves seen in Batman Arkham Knight. Will one of the best superhero games of all time meet these experts' standards?
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    Noah Fleder:
    Gemma Nguyen: gemmasaur
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Commenti • 80

  • Wolfgamer 99
    Wolfgamer 99 Giorno fa

    That would be a pain to fight in heels, but I bet if you land a kick to the rib with heels you'd do some nasty damage, especially spike heels if you're able to land a kick with that

  • Accel erator
    Accel erator 2 giorni fa

    "Shes so hot"
    Completely ignores her fighting moves haha

  • Lunacious Nunez
    Lunacious Nunez 2 giorni fa

    Sleeping Dogs would be awesome!

    ZACH JACINTO 3 giorni fa

    2:03 the reason it did that cinematic scene with the dropkick was because it indicated that it was the last enemy. Yeah i guess you should be on guard no matter what but eh 😂

  • Bob Ewell V.02
    Bob Ewell V.02 4 giorni fa +1

    If only they got someone who could play the game with skill

    • Emu TV
      Emu TV 11 ore fa

      Dude doesn’t even do special combos

  • what the hell
    what the hell 4 giorni fa

    yeah they are experts at martial arts but they're not batman.. 😁

  • Shregma Member
    Shregma Member 5 giorni fa

    Does anybody one feel weird watching this

  • MidNight
    MidNight 5 giorni fa +1

    she would make a great porn actress lel

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom 5 giorni fa

    Im gonna start asking ITstop to not show me this crappy Aspect Ratio

  • Skie eZ
    Skie eZ 5 giorni fa

    Red hood get no love🥺

  • Jazz Vechayiem
    Jazz Vechayiem 6 giorni fa

    Lmao fuckkng sheep.. stay of my channel.. no mercy no protection for sheep

  • David Luong
    David Luong 6 giorni fa

    They have so much quotables!

  • JoPa 2135
    JoPa 2135 6 giorni fa

    It was a spinning reverse swing kick

  • xcrnicelikXx308
    xcrnicelikXx308 6 giorni fa

    LOL that shit about "rechambering" was so classic dojo nerd bullshit. Sometimes you need to follow through. Id love to see this expert maintain picture perfect technique in the octagon with an aggressive athletic dude throwing heavy ass combinations and trying to grab him. Or with a guy in a 6x8 space forcing him into a phone booth brawl like mike tyson. Everyone is some ultra instinct combat god until they face an opponent who pressures well, picks their shots, and hits hard.
    This is a perfect example of someone whos knowledge comes strictly from training drills and isnt balanced with actual fight experience

  • Syahmie Shahar
    Syahmie Shahar 7 giorni fa

    It bothers me that the video is square.

  • Sherlock
    Sherlock 7 giorni fa

    She is waifu material

  • muja MR
    muja MR 7 giorni fa

    No one:
    Noah everytime batman kicks some ass:

  • Cyberdemon Mike
    Cyberdemon Mike 7 giorni fa +1

    That's the THICCEST martial artist I've ever seen.

  • Immørtal - YouTube
    Immørtal - YouTube 7 giorni fa

    She thicc tho

  • Tommy Marlowe
    Tommy Marlowe 7 giorni fa

    He's batman he does what he wants. Enough said.

  • splinter360
    splinter360 7 giorni fa

    Loool if you're gonna make them react, get a decent player.

  • AgitoJOKER
    AgitoJOKER 7 giorni fa

    It’s not bad form it’s called batform.

  • Tim Magnus
    Tim Magnus 8 giorni fa

    Ok she knows the comics

  • Dalton Hodge
    Dalton Hodge 8 giorni fa

    Anyone know the song used when Harley enters?

    THE CYBER WARRIOR 8 giorni fa +1

    "Karate doesn't do much against guns" excuse me... have you seen any action movie ever?

  • Typical Soul
    Typical Soul 8 giorni fa

    The only reason why catwoman can fight is because she was dieing and a cat bit her at the of her death which gave her cat like reflexes.

  • Mando Calrissian
    Mando Calrissian 8 giorni fa

    Correction: it was just Noah who I'm referring to in regards to the critique

  • Mando Calrissian
    Mando Calrissian 8 giorni fa

    While it's true what they're saying about the sidekick rechamber, they're not taking into account the scenario he's in. Since he's already taken everyone out, he has no reason to rechamber, as he's not being judged on his form and the effort to show that off would ultimately be pointless (despite the fact that his form for the initial chamber and kick was seen as good and I understand the rechamber should reflect that, but I digress). Furthermore, people in actual, non choreographed fights aren't always going to have the prettiest form, as they're focused on getting to the other guy first with another effective split-second move. If Batman were rechambering to do a series of the same or similar kicks on the same leg, like "pump kicks," then it would be more practical, but that obviously doesn't apply in this case. As an mma fighter with a tae kwon do background, this stuff is important to note. Nonetheless, this is an entertaining video and these guys definitely know what they're talking about 👍

  • Sandra Parra
    Sandra Parra 8 giorni fa

    Raect to spiderman

  • ippan pedrozo
    ippan pedrozo 8 giorni fa +1

    this video was more them talking about the lore...

  • CognacQ
    CognacQ 9 giorni fa

    I feel sorry for the person Gemma had to fight. F

    MMG GMM 9 giorni fa

    Show them Eric Jacobus replicating Tekken characters moves in real life

  • Tommy Mac
    Tommy Mac 9 giorni fa

    5:06 it does if batman's doing it

  • David Salt
    David Salt 9 giorni fa

    Was Gemma wearing a Chun Li Jackie Chan from City Hunter?

  • Brian Claudio
    Brian Claudio 9 giorni fa

    Ma'am as

  • EpicDoughnut
    EpicDoughnut 9 giorni fa

    fighters react to Sleeping Dogs?

  • Sean Wilks
    Sean Wilks 9 giorni fa

    Can someone explain how Nguyen is pronounced “win”?

  • Sean Wilks
    Sean Wilks 9 giorni fa

    Might have to go back to Arkham.....

  • Sean Wilks
    Sean Wilks 9 giorni fa

    She’s hot.

  • Christian Ponce
    Christian Ponce 9 giorni fa

    Joe Rogan should have demonstrated that side kick

  • Bunny Boy
    Bunny Boy 9 giorni fa

    There my favorite

  • Daniel Daw
    Daniel Daw 9 giorni fa

    About the rechamber. It actually makes sense he didn't bring his leg back in after it. That was the last dude that was still conscious. He didn't need to prepare for anything else.

  • Mini_AdrianH123
    Mini_AdrianH123 9 giorni fa

    It was the last enemy when he did the kick

  • Dylan Wood
    Dylan Wood 10 giorni fa

    Person that is playing really sucks at doing Combos

  • TexasBeast254
    TexasBeast254 10 giorni fa +1

    So we're watching non fighting martial artists react to fighting in a game
    ? Rather it was a ufc fighter or an actual fighter. You don't always rehamber in a fight sometime you follow throuth

  • cxndy Blues
    cxndy Blues 10 giorni fa


  • Hominis Deus Rex
    Hominis Deus Rex 10 giorni fa

    "Combat Experts React to Assassin's Creed 3 Takedowns"

  • OTP678 Viper
    OTP678 Viper 10 giorni fa

    2:04 actually there's a split second in which batman is both vulnerable and paralyzed unless you click the counterattack button

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 10 giorni fa

    Gemma literally looks like Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

  • assassin project 55
    assassin project 55 10 giorni fa

    I would just like to point out that while Batman DID kind of create his own fighting style, he actually made moves based off of the league of shadows lethal moves so his moves are non lethal

  • William Gamayon Jr
    William Gamayon Jr 10 giorni fa

    I can't imagine how painful to be side kicked by the girl martial artist wearing *HEELS*

  • Omar Cota Torres
    Omar Cota Torres 10 giorni fa

    3:33 me and the boys watching Catwoman

  • Meme Review
    Meme Review 11 giorni fa

    Can’t wait to see them react to batman flying 10m through the air for a kick

  • DragonNomak
    DragonNomak 11 giorni fa

    make them react to Sleeping Dogs

  • AlexplaysPad
    AlexplaysPad 11 giorni fa

    Make one for Tekken 7, please.

  • Brad Molloy
    Brad Molloy 11 giorni fa

    This guy could totally play Nightwing in a move

  • Jonathan Masse
    Jonathan Masse 11 giorni fa

    Both these guys are for show only and never been in combat, and never been in a fight ever, lmao these guys are dumb fucks, they only instruct and do martial arts for show LOO they’re not experts, be in a fight and then call yourself a fucking expert this page are stupid fucks

  • zRxmpxge
    zRxmpxge 11 giorni fa

    Can you please do expert martial artists react to sleeping dogs?

  • chase smith
    chase smith 11 giorni fa

    The guy seems pretentious.

    ITS APØLLØ 11 giorni fa

    I don't live by the sword
    I live by the *lightsaber*

  • Don Darko
    Don Darko 11 giorni fa

    Well Noah I promise you Batman Don't Care.

  • Legancy03
    Legancy03 11 giorni fa

    Does anyone know from where the video at 4:38 is from?

  • Defi Munawaroh
    Defi Munawaroh 11 giorni fa

    Fight me 💥💢💪

  • đạt huỳnh
    đạt huỳnh 11 giorni fa

    úi xem nãy h moi biết chị này ng việt nhờ tấm poster đằng sau

  • SullySadface
    SullySadface 11 giorni fa

    That fucking Chan-Li shirt

  • B Simms
    B Simms 11 giorni fa

    she wasn’t slick with the indiana jones live by the sword die by the gun

    MAKEOUTPOINT 11 giorni fa

    Why rechamber a kick when you can easily be knocked off balance keeping it in the fuckin
    air? Also it was a spinning side kick it had enough power to damage upon impact why keep it in the air when you wouldn’t even have the same energy output 😂😂? You would put your leg down after every kick to be prepared for anything else coming to remain MOBILE but their so called “expert martial artist” . But no one is going to listen to me I’m just a boxer and mixed martial artist I’m not a “expert”

  • Rapidshot
    Rapidshot 12 giorni fa

    4:06 That was probably the best move I’ve seen in a while

  • Austin
    Austin 12 giorni fa

    It's kinda funny that they are both Asian

  • frost bite
    frost bite 12 giorni fa

    There should be a martial artists react to tekken 7

  • Aimless
    Aimless 12 giorni fa

    They are Japanese martial art, If they know Chinese, Thai, Brazilian. Opinion will be different.

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r 12 giorni fa

    Gemmas super cute she looks like Isa Briones(the sojji chick from the new Star Trek:Picard show) these girls are sooo smexy..

  • TheJestor
    TheJestor 12 giorni fa

    Bicycle kick to the face at the start is still hilarious.

  • SoyLeyenda33
    SoyLeyenda33 12 giorni fa

    speaking of one punch man, they should react to garou fights

  • Steivene Kres T. Quintana


  • alivisersi
    alivisersi 12 giorni fa

    what is the song used in the end?

  • Noah Varni
    Noah Varni 12 giorni fa

    What ist that for a coinsidense?
    My name is Noah and my sisters name is Gemma

  • New Guy
    New Guy 13 giorni fa

    I’m not sure but both of these people were power rangers weren’t they? They look familiar

  • Kari K Official
    Kari K Official 13 giorni fa

    Pretty sure the superhero everyone thinks snot is spider man or super man Batman maybe a close second

  • Louis Bygravey113
    Louis Bygravey113 13 giorni fa

    The side kick is more powerful and heavy if you don’t retract though