The Batman leak is BAD

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  • The Batman leak is BAD
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    The Batman leak photos of the suit are not get a warm response from the fans and I can see why.
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    B U S I N E S S /S P E A K I N G :

    S U P P O R T :



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Commenti • 80

  • Riyan Hellyeah666

    i agree with you man...

  • Vale
    Vale 12 ore fa

    I feel like they get their inspiration for the costume designs of the new batman movie characters from a series called "the batman", which aired in 2004. If I'm right and they're also going to make joker part of the movie (and they choose his character design from the "the batman" series), that's going to be... interesting, I think😕

  • Goblin Bride
    Goblin Bride Giorno fa

    Such an unimpressive skinny man playing BATMAN!

  • Arsen Wierzbinski
    Arsen Wierzbinski Giorno fa

    You're concerned about a fictional weirdo in a freaky cosplay costume while wearing a hat with the flag of the state that enslaved, tortured, raped and tormented your ancestors for centuries and is still prejudiced and biased against them and you today?

    What a concerned and caring genius.

  • onevoiceinc
    onevoiceinc 4 giorni fa

    I thought the Bat logo on Affleck's suit should've been put on the keto diet (or made to stop taking so many 'cheat' days). Though the actual Batman character was decent the bat logo was bloated and sad, like the storyline and double that for Ben Affleck.

  • Og- #1
    Og- #1 5 giorni fa

    This suit is meh

  • phil mcclellan
    phil mcclellan 7 giorni fa

    I knew exactly when I realize this movie would be bad. And that was the moment they said they were making another Batman movie, secondly when they cast this guy has Batman.

  • Viola Chiwara
    Viola Chiwara 8 giorni fa

    Affleck had 1 good fight scene while Bale had and entire bloody good movie. It's all down to preference yet again and y'all ripping into a movie that doesn't exist yet.

  • Jorge Delacruz
    Jorge Delacruz 8 giorni fa +1

    No, You don't know

  • happy moonshadow
    happy moonshadow 8 giorni fa

    The super hero thing is over on both sides. At least we had a few good years.

  • Rallo Williams
    Rallo Williams 9 giorni fa

    This video is trash.......I'm not feeling it.....You sound dumb

  • Amarvir Johal
    Amarvir Johal 9 giorni fa

    You gotta realize that there’s no lucious fox and Bruce Wayne is just starting out which means he created his own suit. I’m pretty sure the suit will evolve over time

  • Sleth
    Sleth 10 giorni fa

    I actually like the suit it makes it more grounded and nicer but I'm not gonna judge this movie until it comes out

  • That odd guy 101
    That odd guy 101 11 giorni fa

    You haven’t seen the movie wait till you see it

  • AJ
    AJ 11 giorni fa

    This isn’t Batman, it’s Soyman

  • John Fabio
    John Fabio 11 giorni fa

    Is he a transgender bat ?

  • Captain Newo
    Captain Newo 11 giorni fa

    you’re just throwing up words about 1 picture you don’t like...? only going against the grain to get views. not so amazing Lucas

  • oneski io
    oneski io 12 giorni fa

    owl eyes?

  • oneski io
    oneski io 12 giorni fa


  • RV Thrive
    RV Thrive 13 giorni fa

    i like the suit though, but the mask and the head..its too

  • Smoky G
    Smoky G 14 giorni fa +2

    It looked good with the batsuit trailer, but this looks off. Looks like a plate was bent and reshaped wrong. Plus the movie is going to have 3or4 villains?! I guess studios never learn and are that stupid.... also this many bad guys tell me the producers are not confident another movie will be greenlit.

  • Titus Tius
    Titus Tius 15 giorni fa +1

    Just don't judge before the movie man first see the movie

  • Michael Odom
    Michael Odom 15 giorni fa

    Darkwing Duck still wins out! Suit and all

  • Jacques B
    Jacques B 16 giorni fa

    Totally agree about Affleck

  • ferdonandebull
    ferdonandebull 16 giorni fa

    Damn you sound like me!!! Maybe I really am a smart black guy!!!

  • ReasonNLogic
    ReasonNLogic 16 giorni fa

    It’s an underwater suit. Goggles, wetsuit cowl, harpoons on the wrist ... underwater.

  • kapil koka
    kapil koka 16 giorni fa

    The purpose of the suit is more ! And isn’t one is ready for a change ! We can’t even wi8 for the movie to get completed and we give reviews ....and i remember the last time they hated a new suit in a new movie the movie was a hit and it was called iron man

  • Branjolio Montana
    Branjolio Montana 16 giorni fa

    Fruit Batman

  • macs rutledge
    macs rutledge 16 giorni fa

    They just can't help trying to rip-off Miller's Dark Knight, but they never get it right!

  • Gregg B
    Gregg B 17 giorni fa +1

    You talking a load of shite.
    The suit has tracking dots all over it. It will be CGI’d.
    It will look totally different.

  • Rajat chari
    Rajat chari 17 giorni fa

    We don't need your opinion...

  • Plumbus Smith
    Plumbus Smith 17 giorni fa

    That's the stuntman suit, he looks better. Plus this is his first that he made. Pre lucius fox. It will evolve. I think the cowl was larger because it's the stuntman. Literally for real life protection. I think it will look better when they cut to Robert. I hope you're wrong.

  • Nelson Fabian Rios De Antonio

    I like this bat suit, looks like something someone real would actually get without raising suspicious stares while getting the parts.

  • Mr. KnowBuddy
    Mr. KnowBuddy 18 giorni fa

    Not feeling it and the arms look like t800 arms which isnt original

  • Rasheed Graham
    Rasheed Graham 18 giorni fa

    We all need to understand that this movie is sen in the Batman second year of crime fighting which means he’s just getting into crime fighting and he doesn’t have all the tech upgrades . Let just give it a chance first...

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 19 giorni fa

    Damn y'all shit talk too much on a movie that ain't even out 🤣

  • Gid Pinky
    Gid Pinky 19 giorni fa

    But this is set early years of batman I do believe he will get suit upgraded near the end I Berliive

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 19 giorni fa +1

    Someone who sees the bullshit

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte 19 giorni fa

    I think Robert Patterson would be a good Batman Beyond. Aside from that what I just saw is making me not want to see this movie

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte 19 giorni fa

    Batfleck was pretty and the costume was fantastic

  • meg grotte
    meg grotte 19 giorni fa

    No his Cal is pretty bad

  • Juan Almanzar
    Juan Almanzar 19 giorni fa

    The footage used for the teaser trailer was actually the test footage that was filmed when he first put in the suit. Obviously the suit isn’t going to be completely done for a test footage. And it was the very first time he put on the suit. Don’t talk shit without knowing what you’re talking about. This dude is like the only person who doesn’t like the suit.

  • Life is Life
    Life is Life 20 giorni fa

    I miss Affleck from the suit, his build, how he portrayed a convincing older Batman, and his Bruce Wayne look was perfect.

  • Elite Scout
    Elite Scout 20 giorni fa

    Yeah I don’t like the cowl, it’s supposed to be like a first suit or like his first take on it, so I hope it changes towards the end of the movie, and I agree batfleck was an amazing batman, sure he killed people but he brought out the scary side of Batman, the one that is supposed to bring fear to his enemies, he was dope

  • Ms.Frazier
    Ms.Frazier 20 giorni fa

    Nope...not my batman. Nope

  • Ralph Luaifoa
    Ralph Luaifoa 20 giorni fa

    Pretty sure there's two versions of the suit throughout the movie, this being his first in his 2nd year as batman so it's supposed to look amateur. Then he gets fucked up a bit and upgrades his armour. I get you don't like what you see but as Zack Snyder took inspiration from Frank miller's design, Matt Reeves is taking this batman from a different depiction of batman. Everything we see is meant to be very comic book accurate from that particular universe. No offence to your video but you're just bagging on his look without actually understanding the path it's heading in. There's a ITstopr named "emergencyawesome" or some shit like that. The guys pretty on to it when it comes to comic book history and explains exactly why Matt Reeves batman looks the way he does and the time line they are following.

  • Ultimate Wall-Crawler
    Ultimate Wall-Crawler 21 giorno fa

    What about the civil war black panther suit?

  • WhoDarestheMAN gamer
    WhoDarestheMAN gamer 21 giorno fa +1

    This film is set in Batmans 2nd year on the job so he's still working out his armour and Cowell. Matt reeves has stated this multiple times.
    It's nowhere near the finished product.
    You obviously know nothing about the comics as already these leaked images are full of comic accurate references. It's based on the Long Halloween comic series which was 13 issues long.
    Forget Bale. He was about as un comic accurate as you can get.
    Please go research before putting your ignorance into a video.

  • FLO
    FLO 21 giorno fa

    Why do you check the leak ?
    There is a suit reveal with effects and this leak is bad quality with no CGI and no stunt suit , the one in the batmobile reveal is much better .

  • Muzz Joob
    Muzz Joob 21 giorno fa

    Batfleck forever !

  • Feesten Met Me-Chiel
    Feesten Met Me-Chiel 21 giorno fa +1

    Lucas Lucas, you just a hater, the suit looks freakin' awesome and i can't wait to see the movie

  • Phantom
    Phantom 22 giorni fa +3

    Disagree in almost everything you said about the suit, it's just your opinion... but you sound like you don't know some of Batman's comics versions, as far I see, it will be the most comic accurate batman on screen.

  • David F
    David F 23 giorni fa +1

    Sorry, but you are objectively wrong here. The suit is supposed to look low tech (as is the care). It's Batman's first year as the Batman. He's not battle hardened like Afflecks Batman is. It's already been confirmed that there will be two Batsuits in the movie. The second one will be more advanced and closer to his modern look.

  • Frantz Vallon
    Frantz Vallon 23 giorni fa

    Thank you bro that’s what I love your joint fams you keep it 💯👌🏾. Look movies are made for them to look real and depending on your life’s experience you see things for what they are and this is pure BS. I can’t see this guy kicking no ones ass no one. It was believable with Ben Athleck because dude is 6’2 250lb and with the text you can see him kicking someone’s ass like Bain or fighting high tech criminals can you see this guy standing in front of Superman and saying he is going to kick his ass 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣. Teen wolf or whatever this guy was doing how the hell did we go from a full on real Batman to bat boy in a hot rod 🤣😂🤣😂 they should have picked up from where they left off but once you get they’s children’s network involved that’s it you can kiss what works good by.

  • Londonlink
    Londonlink 23 giorni fa

    Glad I wasnt the only one who liked Ben Affleck's Batman

  • Cynthia Fox
    Cynthia Fox 24 giorni fa

    I am not a batman fan, the suit looks the same to me!

  • brandonxzombie
    brandonxzombie 24 giorni fa

    Nothing makes this guy happy. Jesus Christ 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • How Dare You Disrespect My Sexdoll

    Well he did play a vampire once or twice. Perhaps, he will suck the life outta the franchise.😄

    BAT-TALK! 24 giorni fa

    Batman Vs swats/thugs from tdk fight is better than the warehouse fight in my opinion
    Who agrees

  • Jayruu
    Jayruu 24 giorni fa

    Ahh i see this the page where everyone who doesn’t like dc come to rant & rave

  • Jefferies Fitness
    Jefferies Fitness 24 giorni fa

    You had me until you said you liked Ben Affleck fat man that shit was horrible

  • Leon Anthony Gaming
    Leon Anthony Gaming 25 giorni fa

    Cant please everybody, I like it all and im holding all judgement til the movie comes out....respect your opinion though...I thought bats vs sups was dope aswell.

  • L A
    L A 25 giorni fa

    The cowl on the stunt man WILL look different because it’s actually a helmet made to protect his head... smh. Also the teaser was a screen test. Until an actual trailer comes out then we can judge. But right now we’re clueless no matter how much you think you know.

  • Matt manning
    Matt manning 25 giorni fa

    To be Batman you have to make a good Bruce Wayne.
    Bale may not be Batman, but he’s the perfect Bruce Wayne.
    Affleck sucked at both.

  • Mu-sec Mil89
    Mu-sec Mil89 25 giorni fa

    Naw it's looking good man. You not a Batman fan.

  • Nathan Gray273
    Nathan Gray273 25 giorni fa

    U are a hater

  • Tiberiusduck
    Tiberiusduck 25 giorni fa

    There is nothing wrong with the Bat suit or the Batmobile. Both are acceptable given the nature of this Batman story.

  • Sketchy Me
    Sketchy Me 26 giorni fa

    this is exactly what i have in mind, this bat suit is trash.

  • My Walk Around
    My Walk Around 26 giorni fa

    He'd fit into Mad Max's The Road Warrior.

  • Rabid Rabbit
    Rabid Rabbit 26 giorni fa

    Its year 1 Batman tbh so makes sense and its an unfinished suit. The thing that really irks me isn't the suit or Edwards as Batman lol, its black Gordon and Catwoman wtf man how when where and how does that happen lmao

  • Kosmos - 160
    Kosmos - 160 26 giorni fa

    Bro this a stunt man in a stunt suit I’m sure the other suit will look better. Just chill

  • Suraj Shaw
    Suraj Shaw 26 giorni fa

    Batman: I don't wear hockey pads...
    Me: Looks like you do now.

  • Picking With Dick
    Picking With Dick 26 giorni fa

    Batman is the bottom. I know Robin has the advantage.

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear 26 giorni fa

    DAFUQ. That looks homemade.
    I'm sure the failure of the movie will be blamed on the public. Hollywood doesn't make mistakes. People are just stupid.

  • Randy Acer
    Randy Acer 26 giorni fa

    As long as Battinson doesn’t get all sparkly when the sun shines on him 🙄

  • mellowman1020
    mellowman1020 26 giorni fa

    When they announced Ben Affleck as batman I laughed. I thought it was so cringe.. well after watching him I thought Affleck was straight out amazing as batman. His suit was awesome.
    Why did they have to kick him out and reboot? He was a fantastic batman. Now they give us this trash looking suit

  • LawlessInstall
    LawlessInstall 26 giorni fa

    lol this can't be the same suit everyone was going ape shit over in that trailer...something ain't adding up maybe this aint THE Batsuit maybe it's just a work in progress.

  • christophermarang.
    christophermarang. 26 giorni fa

    It’s literally a stunt doubles, stunt suit. I’m going to need you to chill 😂

  • jonathan S
    jonathan S 26 giorni fa

    Batfleck had the best suit of all batmans.

  • jared
    jared 26 giorni fa

    I agree but apparently there's 2 batsuits and this is the one towards the start of the film hopefully the second one has a slimmer look if it exists