Doja Cat - Like That (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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  • Pubblicato il 25 giu 2020
  • Hot Pink out now!
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  • Nakina Hanssen
    Nakina Hanssen 4 ore fa

    ok but, big ass props to the animators??? I really wish they got credited so I could see more of their work

  • Millenial King
    Millenial King 4 ore fa

    Damn gucci got thin

  • Comment Boi
    Comment Boi 4 ore fa

    I’d steal all the chairs in the world so she could sit on my face

  • jala pora
    jala pora 5 ore fa


  • honey_lover
    honey_lover 5 ore fa


  • Mia Miunka
    Mia Miunka 5 ore fa

    You Are So cute with this otfit 🌸🌌🌻🐝 sorry I'm Czech.

  • Gwapo †
    Gwapo † 5 ore fa

    Damn 22Mil in 1Week! Fire🔥

  • ira’s planet
    ira’s planet 5 ore fa +1


    TURKISH WARRIOR 5 ore fa +1

    She looks like a ugly mixture of cwrdi b, nicki minaj and Rihanna

  • Kasia L
    Kasia L 5 ore fa

    Isn't she supposed to be cancelled

  • Mihnea Cobzaru
    Mihnea Cobzaru 5 ore fa +1

    now you can hear doja singing and james charles crying

  • Jay Emm
    Jay Emm 5 ore fa

    i’ve been listening this song for a long time

  • Jay Emm
    Jay Emm 5 ore fa

    Bro you’re so beautiful I love your dance is your dancing is you slay queen you slay!!!!

  • Kuba -28
    Kuba -28 5 ore fa +1

    Тут что то умное написано.

  • Bryant Ng
    Bryant Ng 5 ore fa

    *unfortunately this song got vandalised by tiktok*

  • pp gang
    pp gang 5 ore fa

    That cowbell reminding of ogafroman

  • Usagi UwU
    Usagi UwU 5 ore fa

    Could we take a moment to appreciate the artist of the animation

  • d r a m a l o l o

    She literally brought the new genres of music of new decade.👑👏🏿

  • Алексей Волков

    that that that that that that that 😍

  • Goofy Flan
    Goofy Flan 6 ore fa +2


  • Edoardo Gallo
    Edoardo Gallo 6 ore fa

    all dislikes are nicki minaj fanboy

  • Poly KayLyrics
    Poly KayLyrics 6 ore fa

    Damn Queen.👑😍😫❤️🔥

  • Jack Preag ASMR
    Jack Preag ASMR 6 ore fa

    This video is so refreshing and fun. I love the (very intentional) low budget graphics style and the playful/laidback/sexy choreography. It all fits the mood of this playful song. Makes me happy 👍👍

  • Eugene Tan
    Eugene Tan 6 ore fa

    I dont get what is the problem if tiktok "steal" this song??

  • char b
    char b 6 ore fa

    Just here for my daily view of this vid...

  • spizza 123
    spizza 123 6 ore fa +1

    Wow going music video doja and

  • CloudyOaf
    CloudyOaf 6 ore fa

    too bad shes racist, because her songs SLAP

    • Jock :
      Jock : 6 ore fa +1

      Most of the allegations were debunked but go on

  • icy_ari_boy
    icy_ari_boy 6 ore fa

    Ayee go doja cat this dope I'm feeling yo dance moves that airwalk was tough,especially with that outfit dayumm oh shxt thank you you own it! 💯

  • Flaw Less
    Flaw Less 6 ore fa

    Why is every video so dramatic...

  • # 2020
    # 2020 6 ore fa

    Ставь лайк если любишь свою мама и не забудь обезательно подписаться на мой канал. Всем спасибо

  • •Pink Panda•
    •Pink Panda• 6 ore fa +1

    Siapa yang kesini cuma gara gara tik tok?:V 👁️👄👁️

  • kay hall
    kay hall 6 ore fa

    That split so on point like DANGGG

    GAAAG 6 ore fa +1

    Nobody talkin bout how smooth that Gucci feature is, can we just appreciate Mr. Davis delivering another killer verse on this banger?

  • MissyonaMission
    MissyonaMission 6 ore fa

    I made it 22m

  • Alex Here
    Alex Here 6 ore fa

    First burr sounds like someone with bronchitis coughing 😪

  • 「ʏᴜᴍᴇ」

    A Mix Of The 90's & 2000's.

  • J. Cupidon
    J. Cupidon 7 ore fa

    That’s my shit!

  • Sara Iffat
    Sara Iffat 7 ore fa

    Winx club looks different in here

  • wny wny
    wny wny 7 ore fa +1

    Finally...some good Christian song to show to my church friends

  • Devyn M
    Devyn M 7 ore fa

    I remember subbing to her and seeing her songs before she was super famous and popular and now she’s different 😂

  • _honey_senpai_
    _honey_senpai_ 7 ore fa


  • Mohd ashraf
    Mohd ashraf 7 ore fa

    I like this song

  • Arthur Pena
    Arthur Pena 7 ore fa

    The Anime should be called sailor poon :Doja Adventures

  • SwayFa
    SwayFa 7 ore fa +3

    I feel bad for who ever tried to cancel cause her fans they are not doing that😂😂😂

  • mr goku
    mr goku 7 ore fa

    For some reason this reminds me of high school nikki Minaj and lil Wayne

  • Vinicius Do Nascimento Liberato

    MC Rebecca tá diferente.
    I love this.

  • Brenna Ramps
    Brenna Ramps 7 ore fa

    sailor moon theme⭐🌙 I love 💞💛

  • jaimie sigamoney
    jaimie sigamoney 8 ore fa

    I love the old school feel to this song, listened to it about x 10 times on repeat, also it’s great to have Gucci Mane add his swag to this track. Love it !!!🙌🏽

  • Andrea Fryer Jeffries

    I think every single rapper is going to be jealous of Gucci Mane because like he’s a big boss

    • Thaddeus Tomczyk
      Thaddeus Tomczyk 7 ore fa

      nah he’s a sell out. used to be underground, now he’s on a pop song.
      There’s no way in hell carti or pierre would ever be jealous of gucci😂😂

  • Yuori Namikaze
    Yuori Namikaze 8 ore fa

    That animation parts are lit

  • Ujjwal Jha
    Ujjwal Jha 8 ore fa

    Additcet song

  • Apex better than Fortnite

    She looks like loba and life line from apex

  • Kelly Sonia Castro Run

    nle choppa type beat

  • Thiago Nascimento


  • CMD Editing
    CMD Editing 8 ore fa +1

    Who’s listening to the song while scrolling through the comments?

  • Paige Wilson
    Paige Wilson 8 ore fa

    James Charles??

  • Boi CrookiiD
    Boi CrookiiD 8 ore fa +2

    Doja Cat Type Beat 🎶 🎶

  • Madeline brown
    Madeline brown 8 ore fa

    Am I the only feels like animated version of her gives me MADDDD winks vibes?

  • adriana neff
    adriana neff 8 ore fa

    the bisexuals are screaammminggg doja AND gucci in one video OMMAAAGAWDD

  • Morgan Foster
    Morgan Foster 8 ore fa

    she made herself a winx character🥰 i used to watch it all the time as a kid

  • Gabriela Sanchez
    Gabriela Sanchez 8 ore fa

    if you support BLM dont support doja, she is a biracial self hating woman who wished she was fully white and who likes to degrade herself for the pleasure of white men

  • OZZY Guilty
    OZZY Guilty 8 ore fa

    Biiitch i love the anime wow the outfit damn

  • MSKD
    MSKD 8 ore fa

    Winx club dropped their new album

  • Shoot thy Self
    Shoot thy Self 9 ore fa

    invisible torso glitch got me like 1:11

  • Charlotte Playz
    Charlotte Playz 9 ore fa

    This gives me sailor moon vibes. Anyone else?

  • chile anyway so
    chile anyway so 9 ore fa +1

    the split the split the split

  • AndreaN1510
    AndreaN1510 9 ore fa

    Love me some Doja Cat😻😻😻❤️🙌🏽

  • Valkuwurae Panda
    Valkuwurae Panda 9 ore fa

    Valkyrae brought me here

    R6AINSLEYMAIN 9 ore fa

    Singer rapper and got the moves 😲 girl got it all she gotta be my new celeb crush

  • deddy chungus
    deddy chungus 9 ore fa +2

    bruh her whole split was literally on beat.

    LYNETTE BERRO 9 ore fa +1


  • Parikshit K
    Parikshit K 9 ore fa +1

    It doesn't matter how many times u press the like button it's always less

  • Крах Свободы

    Клип основан на стськах.фуфло

  • Giannah Zorens
    Giannah Zorens 9 ore fa

    🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟. Doja. You. Go girl

  • Nora
    Nora 9 ore fa

    Ladys and Gentlemen this is a fuckin Queen

  • Bell Champ
    Bell Champ 9 ore fa +1


  • S N
    S N 10 ore fa

    No no no... Thumbs down

  • Varun Dadabhoy
    Varun Dadabhoy 10 ore fa

    If Tupac and Aaliyah had a baby...

  • pink galaxy
    pink galaxy 10 ore fa +1

    Doja cat makes this video.........

    James Charles
    👁 👁

  • Aly
    Aly 10 ore fa

    the animation is sickkkk🔥🔥🔥

  • Ronny Gotdrip
    Ronny Gotdrip 10 ore fa

    It’s hard to stay mad

  • El Amor De Jesucristo Y Maria


  • JULE L.L
    JULE L.L 10 ore fa

    Sailor Moon 👀💕

  • Talei Luscia
    Talei Luscia 10 ore fa

    Why her arm missing in the middle scene?

  • Kasey Aitchison
    Kasey Aitchison 10 ore fa +1

    Okay but let’s actually talk about how she hit every single beat on point while doing the splits at the end....

  • Ryan Gemellaro
    Ryan Gemellaro 10 ore fa

    She Is So Hot!!😂🤣

  • Ana elizaveth
    Ana elizaveth 10 ore fa

    I love that she sounds like two different people in all her songs

  • Snu99l3z
    Snu99l3z 10 ore fa

    Glad doja is finally getting her recognition! Been a huge fan of hers since her soundcloud days with her throwed freestyles and so high. Always wondered when she would get her time in the fame spotlight truly great seeing her on top :)

  • Darren Mckeown
    Darren Mckeown 10 ore fa +1


  • Michel Esquieros
    Michel Esquieros 10 ore fa

    Que mujer tan hermosa😍

  • clayton bartram
    clayton bartram 10 ore fa

    Can we take a moment to appreciate that split at the end. Holy shit.

  • Gabriella
    Gabriella 10 ore fa

    Moon prism power MAX 1000000%

  • Phill ROBLOX
    Phill ROBLOX 10 ore fa

    James charles in coachella who?

    ROMEO CANI 10 ore fa +1

    Ngl this shits slaps

  • Monica Virginia
    Monica Virginia 10 ore fa


  • Apia Møller
    Apia Møller 10 ore fa +1

    Why does every song that Doja makes get trendy on tiktok?

  • Dora The explorer
    Dora The explorer 10 ore fa

    You should do a song with cardi b

  • KamiKaze YT
    KamiKaze YT 11 ore fa