Brescia 1-2 Napoli | Fabian Wonderstrike And Insigne Pen Sees Napoli Win From Behind! | Serie A TIM

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  • Brescia took an early lead through Chancellor in the first half, however, an Insigne equaliser from the spot and a Fabian finish secured the points for the away side as they completed the comeback | Serie A TIM
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Commenti • 80


    *football is life ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽*
    1:10 ❤🧡


    *what if there were no football*
    1:39 🔥💃💓💙
    👇 👇 👇❣


    *like if u love football comm if u love basketball*
    0:59 💯💞
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇🖤

  • Peterson consolatha

    Massive Goal #Fabian_Luiz

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco Mese fa

    q maravilla de gol , otro mas para Fabian Ruiz

  • Fútbol Total
    Fútbol Total Mese fa

    2:35 unbelievable

  • Tiago Santos
    Tiago Santos Mese fa

    Coronavirus 👀

  • Daep Eche
    Daep Eche Mese fa


  • Ruben R Roda
    Ruben R Roda Mese fa

    El bresia se merece el decenso😃

  • Kamal Hussain
    Kamal Hussain Mese fa

    Insigne is the heart of Napoli. If they lose him, they will fall to pieces. He bleeds blue and his loyalty thus far, has to be respected.
    Luckily for Napoli, it doesn't look like he'll ever leave. But if he wants trophies and medals, he should leave. He's already given so much to his city, it's time he thought about himself for a change.
    He's already 28 and the opportunities for a big move will close soon. He'd be great at Bayern, Liverpool, Chelsea and even Juve (although I doubt he'd move to a rival club).
    Players of his quality deserve more trophies, the likes of Reus, Mertens, Coutinho, Pogba, Martial etc. Deserve far more success than they have achieved so far.

  • Zaid Shah
    Zaid Shah Mese fa

    Get champions predictions #FOOTYTALKS

  • Ivan Romero
    Ivan Romero Mese fa +1

    Pongan El Chucky Lozano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SmallPurpleBumpie

    Great goal by Madisson... I mean Fabian Ruiz

  • Adrià Međina Altarriba

    is it just me or Napoli players look like dwarfs while Brescia players look like giants?

  • Damian More
    Damian More Mese fa

    El Napoli no funciona con sus jugadores europeos llamados a ser estrellas... todos desean la fama de ser figuras ya que son individuales y no pasan el balón... los van a eliminar pronto de la champion merecido por no jugar en equipo...

  • allison puess
    allison puess Mese fa


  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Mese fa

    Why did Mario come to a relegation team 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ hope he comes to Turkey next season

  • 박영일
    박영일 Mese fa

    where is Meret?

  • Marina Guida
    Marina Guida Mese fa

    Fabian Ruiz tipo Insigne 😏 tiro a giro fatto bene 👏👏👏 Forza Napoli Sempre 💙💙💙

  • Broke Baller
    Broke Baller Mese fa

    Napoli are great but they have to punish barca if they wanna have a chance because Barcelona will be on fire the second leg at camp nou

  • InstegramSHQIP
    InstegramSHQIP Mese fa

    Nice shirts for Napoli you could barely see them in the field kind of like camouflage lol

  • Leo Lira
    Leo Lira Mese fa

    Chancellor es más peligroso q los propios delanteros del brescia 😒 tiene más goles debe ir a un equipo q pelea uefa el año entrante

    • Daniel Gomez
      Daniel Gomez Mese fa

      Ojalá chancellor sea titular en la eliminatorias y no Mikel Villanueva. Juega más que el y con más gol

  • Petar Zijic
    Petar Zijic Mese fa

    Selfish of Insigne to not give Mertens the pen so he could get the club record for goals. Also just a matter of time before Madrid or Barca come calling for Fabian Ruiz. Top class player and one of the most underrated in the world.

  • David Lionheart
    David Lionheart Mese fa +2

    What a goal! Amazing. The Tower of Brescia. Jhon Chancellor, Vamos Vinotinto 🇻🇪❤️🔥.

  • Axel Tanaka
    Axel Tanaka Mese fa

    Insigne il magnifico

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer Mese fa +2

    Ah so beautiful, as soon as Brescia fans start singing racist chants Napoli score twice😂

    • Garrett Eastman-Pinto
      Garrett Eastman-Pinto Mese fa

      Raging Gamer I am a napoli fan when did they start doing that and who were they doing it to

  • Jesus Briones
    Jesus Briones Mese fa +1

    Chucky Lozano es un gil vende humos

  • Eyder Fabián Hernández Castro

    Desde que salió de la titular Irving Lozano el Napoli levantó cabeza

  • jorge tiburcio
    jorge tiburcio Mese fa

    chuky lozano ni a la banca?'

  • Hamdinho14
    Hamdinho14 Mese fa +1

    Woah 😳 he made look so effortlessly

  • M Zulnaeman
    M Zulnaeman Mese fa

    That what you call wonderstrike??

  • aji pranoto
    aji pranoto Mese fa

    VAR make a football players like a robot.

  • وجدي نصرالله

    The Ring

  • pat
    pat Mese fa +1


  • Tengku Syafiq
    Tengku Syafiq Mese fa +3

    Napoli will beat n smash shitlona at ucl.. Mark my words n trust me all

    • KtK
      KtK Mese fa +2

      @Brenax Quiny remember in 2018 Roma Barcelona ...a certain Kostas Manolas ????

      ANTONIO FAMÀ Mese fa

      Brenax Quiny!

    • Brenax Quiny
      Brenax Quiny Mese fa +2

      @ANTONIO FAMÀ that's the day Messi retires

      ANTONIO FAMÀ Mese fa +3

      Napoli vs Barcelona 2-1
      Barcelona vs Napoli 1-1....

  • Camilo Gajardo Cortés

    Meret hubiese tapado ese corner

  • Have Trust Issue

    Fabian ruiz is in great form.

  • Alif Alif 3 jam
    Alif Alif 3 jam Mese fa

    Ac milan ayo smg

  • Mustafa Hussain
    Mustafa Hussain Mese fa

    Fabian Ruiz is such an elegant player, and he only scores beauties!

  • peterpan demolde
    peterpan demolde Mese fa +1

    Fabian ha patentado ya ese tiro del area, tremendo con que facilidad

  • DaDa1032
    DaDa1032 Mese fa +2

    Most wonderful is how he almost scored the same 2 minutes later

  • DaDa1032
    DaDa1032 Mese fa +6

    Ecco il primo rigore dato al Napoli della stagione in Serie A

  • New Millennial
    New Millennial Mese fa

    Unpopular opinion: Gattuso is world class.

  • Sane
    Sane Mese fa

    Ruiz goal is nice, but I still wonder why we see those kind of goals so rarely. They train so much so you would expect more. Just saying.

  • Pixl Dimentio
    Pixl Dimentio Mese fa


  • J RXX
    J RXX Mese fa

    Fabián Ruiz 💚🔥 made in REAL BETIS

  • Valmir Pereira
    Valmir Pereira Mese fa +1

    Mais um inscrito💥🐓⚪⚫

  • MH 17
    MH 17 Mese fa

    Mertens is not old mertens , he can score more of hamsik scored but can't be legend like Marek . Mertens only scored 120 goals against low of table teams but marek scored crucial games and Marek is midfielder

  • Raul Calvo
    Raul Calvo Mese fa +1

    Hala Madrid!!!!Forza Napoli!!!!!!

    • Toro Azzurro1926
      Toro Azzurro1926 Mese fa

      Raul Calvo Napoli - Barcelona 1-0 and Barcelona - Napoli 1-1

  • Nasrudin Ali
    Nasrudin Ali Mese fa


  • Herbert
    Herbert Mese fa +1

    Napoli badly need to factor in a tape measure quotient to their recruitment equation; they need three or four six-footers capable of repelling aerial attack.

  • louis vuitton
    louis vuitton Mese fa

    Napoli must win to prevent a crazy supporter invading their home.

  • Danny Esse
    Danny Esse Mese fa

    Cosa combini Brescia?

  • PES lovers
    PES lovers Mese fa +1

  • Kevin Thuku
    Kevin Thuku Mese fa +2

    Its likr the whole napoli team got the finesse skill
    Woderful curl

  • wahyu ilahi
    wahyu ilahi Mese fa

    Napoli angin angin-anginan

  • Brad Sav
    Brad Sav Mese fa +1

    Serie a been entertaining this year!

  • Fabio Parpanesi
    Fabio Parpanesi Mese fa

    Voglio,proprio vedere contro il Barcellona
    Preparati Napoli ad essere eliminato e il prossimo anno senza champions league e speriamo anche senza Europa league

  • ggg iss
    ggg iss Mese fa


  • luigi pezzullo
    luigi pezzullo Mese fa +1


  • TejaaBi
    TejaaBi Mese fa

    Waiting for Napoli Vs barça

  • Marek Hamsik
    Marek Hamsik Mese fa +3

    I love napoli in korea

  • Le Docteur
    Le Docteur Mese fa +1

    I hope Napoli will smash Barcelona , cuz FCB isn't in his best states

  • Tuan Krabs
    Tuan Krabs Mese fa

    Jancukk kpn menangnya ini brescia, kalah melulu

  • Jessie Pinkman
    Jessie Pinkman Mese fa

    I find Saul and Fabian’s style similiar.


    This is the first and definitely the last year for Mario in his city Brescia.

  • Mritunjay Shahi
    Mritunjay Shahi Mese fa +1

    Maintain this form you have to defeat someone In champions league pls

  • Emilio Csrlod
    Emilio Csrlod Mese fa +1

    Forza Napoli Sempre!!!!! Brasil...

  • Anish Jha
    Anish Jha Mese fa

    Barca fans it will be really hard out there...

  • ashish
    ashish Mese fa

    Manolas out not showing his roma form til now

  • Нұрғиса Оңғарбайұлы


  • Nhựt Trần
    Nhựt Trần Mese fa

    Balotelli, always jealous of Cristiano Ronaldo, is useless now

  • Subhadeep C
    Subhadeep C Mese fa +1

    Mertens should have taken the penalty .

  • marc saliba
    marc saliba Mese fa +18

    0:18 that pass 😳😂

  • AlexStudio8BK
    AlexStudio8BK Mese fa +1

    Now THIS is what you call commentary

  • John Afif
    John Afif Mese fa +5

    Forza Napoli il SEMPRE from INDONESIAN !

  • Ferly Official
    Ferly Official Mese fa

    Sans Kolibaly why?

    • Bruno
      Bruno Mese fa

      Napoli 2-3 Lecce

    NONPHIXION 47 Mese fa +3

    Barcelona WAKE UP ! Y'all ain't scary anymore ! It only took 4 years to become a joke club at the European level. Napoli has what it takes to get to the next round. They know how to defend unlike Barcelona

      NONPHIXION 47 Mese fa

      @SednaYT I'm a Barcelona fan, but we can't be delusional and believe we can win the CL this season. Napoli will be a challenge, I hope barcelonas mentality is on point cause it's been lacking the past 3

    • SednaYT
      SednaYT Mese fa +2

      This comment won't age well I guarantee it.

  • Grace King
    Grace King Mese fa +6

    Fabian Ruis is a top class player

  • antonio pellecchia

    Forza napoliiiiiiiiiiii sempre