Lazio 2-1 Inter | Lazio up to Second After Dramatic Comeback Win! | Serie A TIM

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  • Lazio came from a goal down to beat title rivals Inter Milan to move second and one point behind Juventus | Serie A TIM
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Commenti • 80

  • i.e.m.
    i.e.m. 13 giorni fa

    Immobile is just unbelievable. Best striker right now.


    *❤️❤️❤️ football ❤️❤️❤️❤*
    1:08 💛🎬
    👇 👇 👇 👇🔥

  • kaneki Peña
    kaneki Peña 21 giorno fa

    La Lazio prendió Italia 🤫

  • Chico Roca
    Chico Roca 24 giorni fa

    Hurts we lost but there’s still hope tomorrow we gotta beat Juventus


    *what if there were no football*
    0:59 💝💖

  • Muhammet Can Akçay

    Campion lazio

  • danicras 89
    danicras 89 Mese fa

    El calcio va mejorando año tras año. Pedazo liga este año.

  • DAda chanell oficiall


    DEE DUBZ Mese fa

    Lazio can do it

  • NuMPanG SaVe
    NuMPanG SaVe Mese fa

    3:07 Young should shoot the ball rather than pass it to Martinez

  • Dimitrios Triantopoulos

    Handanovic’s absence could turn out to cost Inter a possible title

  • Xiomi One
    Xiomi One Mese fa

    Inter Keo Lazio Oky yeesss

  • Natsu Kiiroi
    Natsu Kiiroi Mese fa

    Ii nuovo Antagonista Juve 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • laptop mk
    laptop mk Mese fa

    Gift penalty for Lazio at 1-1

  • Bipin Kumar
    Bipin Kumar Mese fa +1

    I love Inter. But that was an scintillating match.

  • SafwanNet
    SafwanNet Mese fa

    where are the 2 occasions where Inter should have had a penalty ?

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug Mese fa

    I would really love Lazio to win the league. That would remind me of 2000s when Calcio was competitive and not Juventus league.

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Seria A is on fire this year!

  • Edmund Boakye
    Edmund Boakye Mese fa

    The shooting abilities of serie A players is very amazing

  • SafwanNet
    SafwanNet Mese fa

    Inter again score an ofside goal vs Lazio too . Umlucky

  • mikin lirou
    mikin lirou Mese fa

    To imagine that Inter is so well equipped this year, from Conte to all those quality experienced players... Yet this no name humble Lazio team played them like no pressure at

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Mese fa

      In Serie A, you can win every match as much as you want. But in the end, FIGC FC or Referee FC will become the champion of Serie A. It's fact....

  • Disconnected Roamer

    Immobile 26 goals
    Ronaldo 20 goals

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre Mese fa +2

    Their was even More fans at this game than the Rome derby. What an Atmosphere at the Olympico today. Wow

  • soinhu foitu
    soinhu foitu Mese fa

    Finally serie A got some entertainment maybe Lazio can win serie a

  • Joko Ariyanto
    Joko Ariyanto Mese fa

    Forza lazio, jadilah juara liga italia

  • Anna Liss
    Anna Liss Mese fa

    • niduoe stre
      niduoe stre Mese fa

      i'm from indonesia lazio fans since i was 7 years

  • Mohammad P
    Mohammad P Mese fa

    Lukaku more worried about his image once again goes missing in a big game

  • Javier Avalos
    Javier Avalos Mese fa

    Y Alexis?

  • Silvio Souza
    Silvio Souza Mese fa


  • Benjamin Lindqvist

    3 Main incidences for Inter's loss: 1:59 Is that really a penalty? 2:42 Worst clearing ever. 3:05 Martinez is clearly offside, and just needs to back up 0.5 meters. Or Leave it to Lukaku.

  • Darnitskiy
    Darnitskiy Mese fa

    Forza Juve !!! Ювентус чемпион!!!

  • Joanna
    Joanna Mese fa

    2:42 That drag back by Savic was so nice

  • Anderson Luis
    Anderson Luis Mese fa


  • Felipe Silva
    Felipe Silva Mese fa

    I just want the champion to be anyone but Juve.

  • Ronnie van Haadrie

    In Serie A, you can win every match as much as you want. But in the end, FIGC FC or Referee FC will become the champion of Serie A. It's fact....

    • Joanna
      Joanna Mese fa

      When it was said in September that Inzaghi would be sacked Inzaghi: Look at us now!😎

  • Joffrey Cieslak
    Joffrey Cieslak Mese fa

    Bien joué

  • Joffrey Cieslak
    Joffrey Cieslak Mese fa

    Bien fait l inter

  • Joffrey Cieslak
    Joffrey Cieslak Mese fa


  • Joffrey Cieslak
    Joffrey Cieslak Mese fa

    L inter on eu de la chance

  • Joffrey Cieslak
    Joffrey Cieslak Mese fa

    Bien la barre

  • Brillio Yuliarta
    Brillio Yuliarta Mese fa +1

    i'm from indonesia lazio fans since i was 7 years

  • AdemBaba İsmayil
    AdemBaba İsmayil Mese fa +1

    Salam orda penal yox idi!.

  • Kkkkillskids
    Kkkkillskids Mese fa

    Immobile is underrated

  • Stef
    Stef Mese fa

    a de vrij....n'chai capito ncazzo !!!!

  • tapas legs
    tapas legs Mese fa

    Milinkovic Savic is World class!

  • Ibrahim Altndl
    Ibrahim Altndl Mese fa

    Penalità chance 🧐

  • Ucok Maraju
    Ucok Maraju Mese fa

    Sy yg Romanisti dukung lazio nih,musim ini sangat konsisten...
    Moga bisa menghancurkan dominasi nyoya tua..

  • Markitos Canovas Nuño

    Forza lazio

  • Marcin Ł.
    Marcin Ł. Mese fa

    hope Lazio will win scudetto 2019/20

  • Yeetverse
    Yeetverse Mese fa +3

    When it was said in September that Inzaghi would be sacked

    Inzaghi: Look at us now!😎

  • FZ11 .t
    FZ11 .t Mese fa

    Skriniar and Godin a complete joke

  • Salford Pride
    Salford Pride Mese fa

    Inter Milan OVER RATED 🤣🤣

  • Thana Segaran
    Thana Segaran Mese fa

    Serie A is back to the best

  • gladyator
    gladyator Mese fa

    Not iphone not samsung not xperia.. his name imMOBILE 😂

  • gladyator
    gladyator Mese fa

    If you do comeback..they are do comeback to you 😂

  • Gershom Tan
    Gershom Tan Mese fa

    Milinkovic Savic showing me why he’s rated so highly.

  • Rey Navarra
    Rey Navarra Mese fa

    Really hope lazio signs some striker in january,immobile gas will run out soon

  • Rean Kit រៀនគិត

    Cos of Sarry at Juventus, I bet on Lazio to win the Series A this season. You know how many titles he won? No 💡

  • saif khan
    saif khan Mese fa

    My right ear enjoyed the last 5seconds

  • Zoran Tesla
    Zoran Tesla Mese fa


  • Nero zonez
    Nero zonez Mese fa

    Milinkovic-savic is beautiful what a top talent

  • padam 29
    padam 29 Mese fa

    Lazio ngeerrii ngerrong

  • Faheem Mir
    Faheem Mir Mese fa

    Nice to see Lucas Leiva

  • Adaam Hidrey
    Adaam Hidrey Mese fa

    20 years since their last league title, the trophy should return to Rome. Forza Lazio!

  • Lel Lel
    Lel Lel Mese fa +1

    Please increase the volume of the game, I want to hear the fans

  • Ziggy wiggy
    Ziggy wiggy Mese fa +1

    I'm mostly delighted for the manager of Lazio. Imagine he has always played 2nd fiddle to his brother and in his shadow. Would love to see him progress and do well on their moderate budget.

  • Uzo Design
    Uzo Design Mese fa

    What happened to Handanovic? This Padelli guy hasn't exactly helped Inter's cause.

  • Mohammed A
    Mohammed A Mese fa

    Inter is missin Handanovic

  • Martin Donohue
    Martin Donohue Mese fa

    How bad is Serie A for Ashley Young to look half decent?!

    • agem1989
      agem1989 Mese fa

      How bad is Manchester United actually?

  • Chidiebele Mbanugo
    Chidiebele Mbanugo Mese fa +1

    This Lazio is another treat for both Juv & Inter

  • gado gado channel

    Vola Lazio Vola🔵🦅🦅🦅

  • Restu Bumi
    Restu Bumi Mese fa

    juve taek

  • Netizen indonesia

    u see immobile, they dont see him. bcs of ronaldo come to seria A!!!!

  • Zoyyy_32
    Zoyyy_32 Mese fa +1

    This is penalty?😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Young Afro
    Young Afro Mese fa

    The era of stealing game for Juventus by Italian referees is coming to an end. I'm Inter sympathiser but Lazio winning the league title in more comforting than seeing Juventus winning it.

  • Pin Cyril
    Pin Cyril Mese fa +1

    Lazio into delirium!

  • 『brightside』

    This is we call "quality football"

  • tony martin
    tony martin Mese fa +1

    Can Japan's Messi call Kubo return to Real Madrid's top team?

    HAIKO CADE KC Mese fa


  • Rakesh Jain
    Rakesh Jain Mese fa

    Lazio beats Inter.
    Lazio fans: "You should be afraid you'll lose to us in the next match".
    Juve fans: "Nope, YOU should be afraid you'll lose your manager to us next season". 😁

    • agem1989
      agem1989 Mese fa

      The trainer of Atalanta is actually in danger lol. But I hope juventus will get Guardiola