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  • Pubblicato il 13 feb 2020
  • A very romantic video. Send this to your crush, it works all the time. 420% success rate.
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  • Davie504
    Davie504  7 giorni fa +22696


  • Thanh Trịnh
    Thanh Trịnh 42 minuti fa

    Lol, alway love you Davie

  • Gabriel Rosales

    Ah yes I see ur a man of culture as well


    Quality content.........slap a huge like

  • Andrea Mezzanotte
    Andrea Mezzanotte 2 ore fa +1

    Avanti Savoia

  • Izik Garza
    Izik Garza 2 ore fa

    00:40 you’re welcome 😂

  • juan manuel Rubio

    Sent this to my crush.

    Now she's my girlfriend

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 3 ore fa

    I sent this to my crush and now we're dating '-'

  • Jose Daniel Barcelos

    thanks bro because of this song i got a girlfriend

  • Elemina
    Elemina 3 ore fa

    I wasn’t READY


    Da hell

  • 裴宇昂
    裴宇昂 4 ore fa +1

    I sent this vedio to my lover, she said you are cute......emm

  • Mixolydian
    Mixolydian 4 ore fa

    when will you send me a new bAss

    DEXTER DAYON 5 ore fa

    Nice hahahaha

  • ALE 24
    ALE 24 5 ore fa +1

    *girlfriend reveal at 6.9 million subs*

  • Eyeless Cat
    Eyeless Cat 5 ore fa

    This guy looks cute

  • Can't Say
    Can't Say 6 ore fa

    Sent this in my class chat, now I'm a hentai protagonist

  • Teresa Fuoco
    Teresa Fuoco 7 ore fa

    Minchia finalmente qualcuno per cui posso dire di essere fiera di essere italiana!!!!

  • •Såkûrä•
    •Såkûrä• 8 ore fa

    Davie504: my D is so long

  • Jaymark Cortez
    Jaymark Cortez 9 ore fa

    Very Impressive, but can you play Neon by John Mayer with a Neon Bass
    Bet you can't do it

  • your roommate
    your roommate 10 ore fa

    sapnu puas

  • Bardia Parand
    Bardia Parand 11 ore fa

    I hope he do personality reveal at 7 million subs

  • Isabella Heaps
    Isabella Heaps 11 ore fa

    my crush sent this to me

    • Eric
      Eric 7 ore fa


  • Leonardo Carrizales

    I love pepperoni with pineapple pizza

  • Adrian Samano
    Adrian Samano 12 ore fa

    *ssends nnudes*

    LUCAS PAT Way 12 ore fa

    I am sorry but I need to say it ggggggg

  • Creature NL
    Creature NL 12 ore fa

    Omg, it's getting square out here... I rather listen to the outhere brothers - i wanna faque in the s🙄😂

  • Snake Whitcher
    Snake Whitcher 14 ore fa

    That was about the funniest thing I've seen all day. I would have used pick on that, but I'm a guitarist first and a bassist 3rd

    • Snake Whitcher
      Snake Whitcher 14 ore fa

      Ima pick'n and a'grinin till the day I die. Ouija told me it won't be long

  • Fleebot
    Fleebot 15 ore fa

    "I am pro at fingering the g string"

    means g-spot ;3

  • Lorin Mueller
    Lorin Mueller 15 ore fa

    This was so much better than I expected.

  • Return3
    Return3 16 ore fa +1

    Subbed wamna see dem ears jkjk lol.

  • Return3
    Return3 16 ore fa +1

    good quality memes lol.

  • Fonix
    Fonix 17 ore fa

    Please put this on Spotify

  • Mister Neckbeard
    Mister Neckbeard 18 ore fa

    I’m sending this to someone I love. Hey look, I’ve just sent myself a link. I’ll look at it now.

  • ᎪєríαlᎪndrσs - Ꮆαmíng

    When I sent this to my crush...

    She's my gamer gf now, thank u. ;)

    Xx_FIRENERGY_xX 20 ore fa

    Amazing.... simply amazing

  • SuperPlushyWorld SPW

    0:10 when you are looking at your girlfriend wearing a bikini and a bra and now you have to deal with it.

  • soapy__memez on insta

    3/10 not enough S L A P P

  • Ивайло Маринов

    too gay

  • Nokia
    Nokia 22 ore fa

    No homo?

  • Rafael Catarino
    Rafael Catarino 22 ore fa

    You do show you ears in a ton of earlier videos, what's with the ear reveal? Or was that not supposed to be said? Slap like!

  • GyokuRaido
    GyokuRaido 23 ore fa

    This is the most disturbing video in this channel

  • Papu Franku
    Papu Franku 23 ore fa

    This Song Is a cover of the Song L.O.V.E from Frank Sinatra

  • Kattina Dahmen
    Kattina Dahmen 23 ore fa

    I absolutly prefer this version of L-O-V-E
    Davie504 the new Frank Sinatra

  • Catster The Gangster

    Lets have *BASS*

  • Catster The Gangster

    *Send BASS pics*

  • Emil
    Emil Giorno fa +1

    Ill send this video epico to my girlfriend. Whoever reads this don't forget to slap like now on this video do it now

  • Klprs/كلبرس
    Klprs/كلبرس Giorno fa

    Dive504 gay

  • Glitchy X364
    Glitchy X364 Giorno fa +1

    I send it to my crush...

    And now i still wonder why i'm in a cell🤔

  • _DomyX_
    _DomyX_ Giorno fa


  • DoorLord
    DoorLord Giorno fa


  • caballero manumba
    caballero manumba Giorno fa

    wow i like the beat what is the real title of the song?

  • san5ro07 eskere
    san5ro07 eskere Giorno fa


  • Nya Crea
    Nya Crea Giorno fa

    hahahahha omg haahhaha

  • Furkan Uygar
    Furkan Uygar Giorno fa +1

    Slap Davies b-ASS with sucscribing

  • D' 360
    D' 360 Giorno fa

    You blink 7 times Davie504,
    I watch the video again to count it,
    I got you, CHECKMATE !

  • Stop Motion Dude
    Stop Motion Dude Giorno fa +1

    0:27 ;)

  • Sighduf
    Sighduf Giorno fa

    I love pineapple pizza it's my favorite. I never order any other pizza only pineapple.

  • Ali Ahmet
    Ali Ahmet Giorno fa

    Use both hands. Choke it like rebel .

  • Imortal combal
    Imortal combal Giorno fa

    Im kid this is illegal

    • Eric
      Eric 7 ore fa