Chelsea v Tottenham (2-1) | Premier League highlights

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  • Goals from Olivier Giroud and Marcos Alonso help Chelsea beat Tottenham 2-1 at Stamford Bridge in a thrilling London derby.
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Commenti • 80

  • Clare Winter
    Clare Winter 7 giorni fa

    Wee hate Spurs

  • Davon Olegasegram
    Davon Olegasegram 8 giorni fa

    1:41 Reece James gets fouled

  • Swifty2Fifty
    Swifty2Fifty 25 giorni fa

    Still baffled how lo celso stayed on the pitch

  • BMT F4M
    BMT F4M Mese fa

    Mourinho is done out here he can't do it anymore my opinion he's lost it

  • Freddie MCCAFFERTY

    2:05 - RIP Abraham's balls

  • Adrian Fôrrest
    Adrian Fôrrest Mese fa

    Never a red card, accidentally, went to console and apologise immediately and looked genuine about it.

  • Qweyyy Back
    Qweyyy Back Mese fa

    Why’s this getting a lot of views ?

  • Marek Michalak
    Marek Michalak Mese fa


  • Fikri Ariansah
    Fikri Ariansah Mese fa

    this year : MU 3 - 0 Chelsea

  • Carlos Hernandez

    Giroud 😎

  • Charlie F
    Charlie F Mese fa

    Alonso has scored more PL goals than Lingard, let that one sink in

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    The special one has lost again 😂😂

  • Ghostdog
    Ghostdog Mese fa

    Wtf they need VAR if never use?

  • rendra hajard
    rendra hajard Mese fa +1

    Good jobs keep strong blues💙💙💯💯👍👍

  • Midas King
    Midas King Mese fa

    Without Sonny, nobody can score.

  • Carlos Velasquez

    VAR is a joke

  • Thuyen Vu Dinh Nguyen

    Frank Lampard knows Mourinho from the inside out.

  • Thuyen Vu Dinh Nguyen

    Tottenham players should make more shots from the outside of the box to look for opportunities to score.

  • DS Rai
    DS Rai Mese fa

    Lampard realising experience counts at this stage of the season. Giroud showing he’s still got it. LFC fan

  • Wong Pusing
    Wong Pusing Mese fa

    Ya alloh yang subscribe channel rezekinya nambah bnyak. Aminn

  • นพพล เอี่ยมสอาด


  • P Turnin
    P Turnin Mese fa


  • The Rape Face
    The Rape Face Mese fa

    This puts me a bit at ease against Bayern

  • Gugu Shabangu
    Gugu Shabangu Mese fa +1

    Mason mount😤😤🔥🔥👌

  • AWildHumanoid
    AWildHumanoid Mese fa

    VAR: “nah it’s not a red”
    Also VAR: “lol sorry it’s a red but it’s too late now whoopsie!”

  • Astana KOO
    Astana KOO Mese fa

    More of Giroud and Alonzo than the academy boys

  • Didi Erwinsyah
    Didi Erwinsyah Mese fa

    02:10 😂😂😂😅😆

  • PEDS
    PEDS Mese fa


  • Thiago Malta Magalhães

    1:25 wow, amazing!

  • lch2016
    lch2016 Mese fa +1

    Where is Son in tottenham?

  • Ayaan
    Ayaan Mese fa

    2:03 or 2:06 Ooooh that looked like that hurt on his D**k

  • mane galinha
    mane galinha Mese fa


  • Eri Nya
    Eri Nya Mese fa

    hey EA sports include that ding at 1:08 in the next fifa 2021 game release.

  • steve tarrant
    steve tarrant Mese fa

    spurs cheat, and STILL lose. just about sums up their history.

  • Seize Leonardo
    Seize Leonardo Mese fa

    Var hates chelsea 😂

  • ConnorVernon Vernon

    Just can’t what for ziech to join Chelsea

  • ConnorVernon Vernon

    Should have been 5-1 what a game that was


    I love chelsea

  • D 32
    D 32 Mese fa

    Why do soccer channels always put scores in their titles??? All i see on twitter,reddit,yt soccer pages are just spoilers of games I wanted to see but missed. ffs

  • Firdaus Maulana Abdillah

    Nomor 7 di Trending IDN!


    INDONESIA 🇮🇩 like 👍👍

  • Rafael
    Rafael Mese fa

    wait, the video its not blocked in my country

  • Luis Huerta
    Luis Huerta Mese fa

    Curioso que los jugadores que no contaba Frank lampard terminaron dándole el triunfo

  • Hobi Piknik
    Hobi Piknik Mese fa

    Wow chelsea

    HERYSONE 22 Mese fa

    Mourinho out

  • WND New
    WND New Mese fa


  • Tomas Sudaj
    Tomas Sudaj Mese fa

    Good on ya Arsenal old boy

  • Vanderlynden Jengold

    Just get rid of VAR or just use it to see if the ball went over a line. It's just far too long and still it can't get everything right. At least it was tried. It has failed.

  • Arrajani
    Arrajani Mese fa

    No son?

  • W. Kamara Njoku
    W. Kamara Njoku Mese fa +1

    Yoo when did BT sports start showing highlights?

  • Muhammad Yunus
    Muhammad Yunus Mese fa

    2:05 LOL >_

  • Szymon Szor
    Szymon Szor Mese fa

    Imagine if Lo Celso equalised and they went on to win? The most overpaid and overrated league with the level of refereeing on par with the Sunday league that your neighbour Steve plays in ffs

  • DMIV4N
    DMIV4N Mese fa

    Without Pochettino Tottenham is nothing

  • George ANO St. Pierre


  • Al sandye
    Al sandye Mese fa


  • Minh Anh
    Minh Anh Mese fa

    Nice video

  • Joanna
    Joanna Mese fa

    Wait they have admitted it should have been a red?! Game has gone mad...

  • Peter Shirley
    Peter Shirley Mese fa

    Mount to Barkley here comes Marcos Alonso , what a goal reminded me of Jarzinho to Pele here comes Carlos Alberto what a goal, shades of 1970 Brazil 😂

  • Serena Poketeen
    Serena Poketeen Mese fa

    Title should be Giroud and Marcos alonso,hated players,by clueless manager. Saved fraud lampard job.

    • Joanna
      Joanna Mese fa

      Yet again....VAR proving useless!! Every single game its a talking point

  • Nate Rock
    Nate Rock Mese fa

    VAR really don't like Chelsea do they! Jesus

  • Rubina Shaheen
    Rubina Shaheen Mese fa

    1:00 that was good from mount ❤️

  • Aavash Adhikari
    Aavash Adhikari Mese fa

    Giroud should. Always be in staring 11 for chelsea

  • Shankar Gurung
    Shankar Gurung Mese fa

    Mourinho tactics are going down and down more and more nothing is left now ...

  • Hanad yuusuf
    Hanad yuusuf Mese fa

    Chelsea played as their best in the history 👍

  • K
    K Mese fa

    Giroud looking at the linesman before celebrating 😂

  • Ibnu Fajar Nugroho

    VAR is bullshit

  • Nyoto Phenceng
    Nyoto Phenceng Mese fa

    mana bolanya

  • Dwitya Pradipta
    Dwitya Pradipta Mese fa

    Kok gw seneng ya ngeliat kalo giroud nge golin:( padahal gw fans arsenal


    Pecinta bola mana suaranya???

  • เบน เบน

    VAR 👎👎👎👎😒😒😒😒

  • Dash Cam
    Dash Cam Mese fa

    Sing with me ,,,, "it's happening again "

  • Alvin Hermawan
    Alvin Hermawan Mese fa +1

    I do hope that after this game Franky could open his eyes widely....Giroud,Alonso,Ross, is not deserved to be in the bench....


    Semangat Chelsea

  • Catalan Luke
    Catalan Luke Mese fa

    Yet again....VAR proving useless!! Every single game its a talking point

  • Josif Stalin
    Josif Stalin Mese fa

    Roy Keane would be proud of Lo Celso

  • DV Scorpio
    DV Scorpio Mese fa


  • Haikal Daffa
    Haikal Daffa Mese fa

    Anyone here not in UK but still can watch the video? That's odd bcs it's usually geo-blocked

  • Riduk XJapan
    Riduk XJapan Mese fa

    Marcos Alonso 🔥

  • Denzel Heden
    Denzel Heden Mese fa

    Chelsea outplayed Tottenham. ...I like the match. The only problem is that we lost so many points that I am upset with our players