THE BATMAN 2021 Leaked Full Batsuit First Look

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    The Batman (2021) Robert Pattinson first look at the entire full Batsuit and Bat bike reaction. Leaked set images may also include Catwoman. Flick Pick Movie News hosted by John Flickinger.
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Commenti • 80

  • D00MTR33
    D00MTR33 3 giorni fa

    The eyes and bat ears look weird. The rest looks ok.

  • Robert Hutton
    Robert Hutton 25 giorni fa

    Again..put that T Shirt in your store!!!

  • Kevin Houston
    Kevin Houston 26 giorni fa

    I've noticed that it's been a while since we've actually seen a Batman movie where there was a Robin

  • Re Netimaras
    Re Netimaras 29 giorni fa

    If you like it...or...don't like it then why not just keep your opinion to yourself..or you can ask WB to replace you with the director so you can have your way with it..come on people..why not just shut the hell up...I don't see nothing wrong with the suit or bat ears...what you prefer?? Some devil horn?? Is that what ya'll people want

  • Adam Reaves
    Adam Reaves Mese fa +1

    Love your vids used to watch a lot more but you know life got in the way but thank you for just creating great content for us to enjoy!

  • Phamous Hip Hop
    Phamous Hip Hop Mese fa

    Check out song to new The Batman (2021) theme. 🔥

  • DragonJoe321
    DragonJoe321 Mese fa

    I didn't notice the mo-cap markers on the stunt-guy's face until watching this video. Thanks!

  • Suns Geek
    Suns Geek Mese fa

    I love the Flick Pick!!!!

  • DanTheMan Bardo
    DanTheMan Bardo Mese fa

    i actually like it for the most part. The ears is just too thin.

  • Ian Wyche
    Ian Wyche Mese fa

    It'll be cool if he upgrades his suit throughout the movie.

  • The James Bond Show

    More like Fatman

  • myplane150
    myplane150 Mese fa

    The ears kind of look like the original Batman from the 30/40s. Perhaps they are feeding off of the Year One graphic novel.

  • fredo7
    fredo7 Mese fa

    American dad on a batsuit and anorexic

  • Euadam
    Euadam Mese fa

    Didn't you make this same fuck up when you made the video on Daredevils costume making assumptions it was the final one instead of the origin costume because you didn't know what the hell you were talking about?

    ISA BELICH Mese fa


  • Dorito Chip Gamer

    My guy you need to collaborate with my other guy Sean Chandler

  • Raggedy Monkey
    Raggedy Monkey Mese fa

    the cowl and bike looks like shit

  • Гнилая псина

    Тупа кьюбайт

  • 81artmonk
    81artmonk Mese fa

    Costume looks horrible. Hope that's not the final take. He looks like some geek built it in his garage and is fighting crime in his home town of anywhere USA

    JERKMONGER Mese fa +1


  • Flame of the Blackdragon

    Hahaaa this suit looks like fake from china!

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter Mese fa

    I hope this is a first generation suit that gets destroyed quickly, because it sucks...

  • Clarence Harris
    Clarence Harris Mese fa

    I was thinking the same thing why didn't he just get the stunt man to play Batman whoever's under all that gear that Batman is persona set Batman

  • Arron Kennedy
    Arron Kennedy Mese fa

    What are they going for here it's like a post apocalyptic suit looking forward to see where they are going with this

  • RobertCop
    RobertCop Mese fa +1

    Looks like this was made in 2000, just needs more Monster Energy stickers slapped on it.

  • nheuk3
    nheuk3 Mese fa

    I wonder if they’ll finally tell us his origin story.

  • Kyle Ryan
    Kyle Ryan Mese fa

    I’m wondering what those things covering his eyes are....hopefully it makes his eyes white.


    Whatch this

  • Paul F
    Paul F Mese fa

    No batears

  • Atlas302
    Atlas302 Mese fa

    Cowl looks like poop...

  • terriberri87
    terriberri87 Mese fa

    3.15 made me think of Edna mode: NO CAPES!

  • Ian OTimelord
    Ian OTimelord Mese fa

    I like the ears, reminds me of the early Batman comic strips. Did you notice Batman has got goggles or something on. Wonder if they are going to do the white eyes look as seen for example in the animated series.

  • Logan Light
    Logan Light Mese fa

    The more I see the the new cowl and suit the more I like it

  • David E Capps aka the starving artist

    The ears on the cowl, look like the ears of a really cheap, badly made Chinese rip off Batman figure.

  • Xander PGK
    Xander PGK Mese fa

    I think this movie is gonna be awesome. I love how the plot is supposedly a mystery of some kind, kind of like a detective noir.

  • Jib Gib
    Jib Gib Mese fa

    It's not your shirt that is tight , its you who got buff bro.

  • Captain Solo
    Captain Solo Mese fa

    It’s hideous

  • Mirror Domains
    Mirror Domains Mese fa

    Cool man, cannot wait for the suit in action in a teaser!

  • MrRenevelez
    MrRenevelez Mese fa

    Still think they should have gone with Scott Adkins, a double for pattison that's how much effort their putting in to this production

  • Jay Marshall
    Jay Marshall Mese fa

    Like I said on another channel I think he Bruce will add or change his suit in the movie according to the mission at hand which I find to be brilliant.

  • guitarman0365
    guitarman0365 Mese fa

    only batman beyond can exist without a cape and it not look weird.

  • Ross Coe
    Ross Coe Mese fa

    It looks shit, the mask looks pathetic and will look even worse when that inbred looking pratterson c*** puts it on, the best we can hope for is if the inbred block head dies before filming is complete

  • David Bird
    David Bird Mese fa +1

    Don't like the suit lol

  • The Bat
    The Bat Mese fa +3

    The ears look like they are fashioned in the style of the 1940's serials. The face mask is pure Adam West.

  • Ashley Winter
    Ashley Winter Mese fa

    Fancy batsuit!

  • Unnat Jadav
    Unnat Jadav Mese fa

    Well no one is talking about why the batman is out on daytime

  • pranay kalgutkar

    Liked then disliked. It's basically negative reviews.

  • Oscar Tracey
    Oscar Tracey Mese fa

    i love the suit but really don't like the mask

  • Channel ZERO
    Channel ZERO Mese fa

    Looks like George Clooney

  • Knock /Da Deathstroke

    I dont like it at all and I still believe Robert doesn't look like Bruce one bit and won't deliver the kind of Batman we all love and respect. Im skipping it for sure

  • flash erol
    flash erol Mese fa

    It's probably Ben Affleck lol

  • Jeremy Henry
    Jeremy Henry Mese fa

    Since I've head that this is supposed to be a year one Batman, then this would make sense as he is building the suit. Overall, I'll make my final decision when it comes out.

  • Peter Nyström
    Peter Nyström Mese fa

    Where is the Nipples? This dont work at all without Nipples.

  • Jordan Dillon
    Jordan Dillon Mese fa

    Idk I love the suit

  • Venomxjjb
    Venomxjjb Mese fa

    Im reserving my judgement for the final product. Ive been wrong enough times when it comes to comic book movies to wait for the final movie.

  • Gavin Blain
    Gavin Blain Mese fa

    Don’t care what anyone says this suit looks pretty beast.

  • Nathan Gonzalez
    Nathan Gonzalez Mese fa

    Christopher Nolan's batman suit was, is and always will be the best batman suit ever!

  • JOHN Henry
    JOHN Henry Mese fa

    Bat suit looks cheesy, very disappointed

  • Deadpool Gamer86

    You want to know how thus movie is going to suck? Batman is a night crusader not morning.

  • theandroids
    theandroids Mese fa

    Trash cowl. He will definitely have an upgrade, no way they use this as his main suit. This is the worst suit since the Adam West suit. But even adam West Cowl was better than this.

  • pmo civilian police

    suit looks really stupid, it looks corny as hell

  • Vin Ellis
    Vin Ellis Mese fa +9

    I'm calling it now: Joaquin Pheonix's Joker is going to be in the movie, and it's going to be one of the craziest audience surprise appearances of all time.

    • L A
      L A Mese fa +1

      Vin Ellis seems it was created by someone called Ultraraw26.
      Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. It took me only a couple of minutes to find this info...

    • Vin Ellis
      Vin Ellis Mese fa

      @L A if it's fan art who made it?

    • Shane Fitzgerald
      Shane Fitzgerald Mese fa

      @Vin Ellis That's not concept art my dude

    • L A
      L A Mese fa +2

      @Vin Ellis yes because that is fan art.

    • Vin Ellis
      Vin Ellis Mese fa

      @L A Was that supposed to be sarcastic?

  • Tory Livingston
    Tory Livingston Mese fa

    So Batman is basically Cap without Mjolnir, a Vibranium Shield, or the super Soldier Serum? Got it.
    He needs the Batmobile because after all, hey! You can't run everywhere! Lol

  • GobDropper
    GobDropper Mese fa

    How would you know he looks like affleck when he has a mask on?

  • ICouldn'tThinkofaCreativeUsername

    Dude, the suit is badass.

  • Quiet Time Gaming

    Hey peeps... Remember, Stunt double's wear lower quality, toned down, functional versions of super suits, because they have to move, fall, and etc... So this isn't even how BM's suit will look on Robert Pattinson.
    Typically stunt suits are less detailed, but are designed to look the similar to the actual suit when in motion, just paired down a bit. So looking at a static shot of the stunt double suit isn't indicative of the quality and make of the actual suit. And it looks good... a little tactical, but very functional.
    Let's just wait and see before we pull out the pitchforks folks.
    Have a good one.

  • hunter birdyellowhead

    Not gonna lie, the suit is really starting to grow on me 😆

  • HELLASgate7
    HELLASgate7 Mese fa

    Looks like shit

  • HJL JR
    HJL JR Mese fa

    As long as the story, plot, the actors and actions are good I'm not too worry about the suit.

  • marco avila
    marco avila Mese fa

    Worst Batman suit it's like the Tom's Spiderman suit it was ugly

  • Mitchell Lawhorn

    Looks awful
    But I expect it to look different in the movie

  • Bren Nelson
    Bren Nelson Mese fa

    It looks horrible

  • stormhawk31
    stormhawk31 Mese fa

    No. Just...No. Warner Bros. has NO idea what to do with Batman or how to make a Batman movie.

  • Mike
    Mike Mese fa

    Go russ sub pls

  • Jacob Bastian
    Jacob Bastian Mese fa

    I have a feeling that this might be the alleged upgraded suit

  • rathemar
    rathemar Mese fa

    Nope! lets face it! This is crap! Someone in an art studio thought that this looked good! Keep in mind that several people had to approve this design. This is exactly why I dont agree with legalizing canabis for everyone. This is the worst batman suir since the TV series with Adam West

  • Bamboozled Great Crowd!

    A lot of these videos of first reactions, sounds like the youtubers are trying to convince themselves that Batmans suit is good. It's not.

  • harrisonrg777
    harrisonrg777 Mese fa

    looks like bruce wayne ordered his suit off wish and looks like shit. i don’t know how anyone can say this looks good

  • WhiteDragon
    WhiteDragon Mese fa

    the bike sucks' it has to bat ear spikes fitted facing towards the driver so if he crashes he will be impaled on them.... did children design it

  • Snooze00
    Snooze00 Mese fa

    Patterson would make a better Robin.