Inter 1-0 Napoli | Martínez Sinks 10 Man Napoli With A Last Gasp Goal | Serie A

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  • Late drama at San Siro: Inter take all 3 points thanks to a superb goal by Martínez | Serie A
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Commenti • 80

  • Prestiż 100
    Prestiż 100 3 mesi fa

    One year ago

  • alex
    alex 10 mesi fa

    Inter defense is a playground 🙄🙄🙄

  • Adam Finnegan
    Adam Finnegan Anno fa

    As an Inter fan it's stupid and ridiculous that the Inter fans were abusing Koulibaly as Inter was formed for brothers of the world and to be a club for foreigners

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya Anno fa

    Where is Keita Balde!!

  • Albychan Muringayil

    Amala inter

  • Sourav Mitra
    Sourav Mitra Anno fa

    Though I support juventus and ac Milan but I still think Napoli deserve a serie a title to make serie a interesting.

  • Nasix
    Nasix Anno fa

    3:22 1-0

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Anno fa +1

    What the fuck is that? He clappped and the Ref sent him off?
    If that's the case,then Ramos would be sent off in the first minute of the every match.

  • Sandip Roy
    Sandip Roy Anno fa

    To start with the Inter Fans suck.
    And then the referee's wrong decision. It was not even a clear and even though there was a contact it wasn't even close to being a yellow.
    Then comes the red, my question is what do you expect when Racist Chants are thrown at you but the referee doesn't do anything except for few announcements and then a referee gives you a card without a proper reason.
    Koulibaly did Right. Rather He should have slapped Him. 😂🖕

  • Hicham Saaf Malih

    No to racism

  • lee hammzster
    lee hammzster Anno fa

    good for intermilano

  • Nedeycriz
    Nedeycriz Anno fa

    What red Card !?

  • Raging Gamer
    Raging Gamer Anno fa +1

    So many people accusing all Italians are racist, there not, some yes but that's in every single country there's at least some racist people, I been to Italy, the people are amazing there its just that one stupid group shows a bad image for the whole country

  • Christopher Allpress

    Absolutely ridiculous for them to leave out any context for the situation that dominated this match. Serie A clearly doesn't actually care about the issues of racism in their league.

  • Kingdom Deen
    Kingdom Deen Anno fa

    Referee sends off Koulibaly who was subject to racism the entire match. Meanwhile, Claudio Gavilluci is the only referee to have ever stopped an Italian match due to racism and hasn’t refereed a match since.

  • Francisco Garcia

    all respect for koulibaly’s actions

  • Ibad Ibat
    Ibad Ibat Anno fa

    Fuck you inter Milan fans

  • Musfiq Abdulov
    Musfiq Abdulov Anno fa

    Inter my love 👍👍👍👍👍🙏

  • 오오
    오오 Anno fa

    Halfline shoot

  • Motherfuckerz
    Motherfuckerz Anno fa

    I don’t care if inter won. Inters fans just made me a fan of they’re rivalries ac Milan because they’re fucking fans is racists I’m sitting at home watching this video and thinking what the hell is wrong with the fans they literally fucking disgust me. I should really not begin hating on inter because of they’re fans, but I literally can’t stop fucking hating on them. Fuck inter. And especially they’re fans.

  • Fnan Tsgan
    Fnan Tsgan Anno fa

    Italy rasis

  • Forever Forever
    Forever Forever Anno fa

    Fuck Inter that was not a red cart fuck u all maldito Racismo

  • deki -Ljig
    deki -Ljig Anno fa +1


  • Max Mayew
    Max Mayew Anno fa

    Ref is trash can

  • Fenasi Kerim
    Fenasi Kerim Anno fa


  • Denny A K
    Denny A K Anno fa

  • el Miguel
    el Miguel Anno fa

    Inter love ❤️

  • G-no J’ai rhum

    L'arbitre est le pire raciste de la partie

  • Dorjee Samten
    Dorjee Samten Anno fa

    Fucking brainless referee

  • Yusran Kompas
    Yusran Kompas Anno fa


  • Emanuele Ellul
    Emanuele Ellul Anno fa +1

    Seria a do something to juve they are cheating and buying the referee juve vs sampdoria, the penalty of juve was not hands so no penalty, the `ofside` goal (wich it was not) of sampdoria that was a good goal so sampdoria should have won fair juve 1-2 sampdoria so now do something to juve put them to the last leauge or at leat make them relagated to serie d or c or b. like if you agree

    • Da Nilo
      Da Nilo Anno fa

      Give me your mom nb,like if you agree...

  • William Rose
    William Rose Anno fa

    Of course the video just ignores the racist chants and everything that led up to the red card

  • Metehan Okay
    Metehan Okay Anno fa

    Who added the subtitle in this video?
    i fuck him mind. İgnorant.

  • P L A Z A 2 0 2 0

    Sono interista ma l'Inter è scarsa

  • Ross sadler
    Ross sadler Anno fa

    Spastic ref

  • milo miriam
    milo miriam Anno fa +4

    Racism does not belong in football smh disgusting... happy that so many stood up and showed that this is not what inter stand for

      KNOW TUBE Anno fa

      I love you ...I am big fan of you .....from India

  • bui toan
    bui toan Anno fa

    Color Football tactical analysis channel :

  • Smo ke
    Smo ke Anno fa

    FUCK U NAPOLI...!!
    U SHIT HOLE..!!!

  • nasir ali
    nasir ali Anno fa

    facist actions are typical inter.

  • Henri 21
    Henri 21 Anno fa

    Bad job by the Referee. After this Game he should be a suspended.

  • Dazh Hazbot
    Dazh Hazbot Anno fa

    fak u fans inter milan fakkk

  • Mohd Zulhilmi
    Mohd Zulhilmi Anno fa

    Italy football fans is racist?? I thought they are good people?? How shocked I am.

  • Lil Ralsei
    Lil Ralsei Anno fa

    Racism is bad

  • Sanju Chakma
    Sanju Chakma Anno fa

    Koulibaly should join man.utd. The best club in terms of anti-discrimination where he can get a warm welcome

  • N Q8
    N Q8 Anno fa

    Forza Napoli.

  • Akhil Varghese
    Akhil Varghese Anno fa

    Fuck Y'all racist motherfuckers....

  • Ncha Official
    Ncha Official Anno fa

    Inter you supporter is bad fuck

  • Muhammad Hilmi
    Muhammad Hilmi Anno fa

    I dont see any tackle bad tackle.. What i can see is.. NO Red card should be give

  • The kuptikle
    The kuptikle Anno fa

    Red card for clapping 👏 thats bullshit

  • T R A S H デ EDITS •


  • only the truth matters

    The only racist in this game is the referee

  • Fiorella Bizzi
    Fiorella Bizzi Anno fa

    forza inter.forever the best team

  • Makaya Matshaya
    Makaya Matshaya Anno fa

    Africans should stop playing in Italy period cause this will keep happening.

  • Yardi Devon
    Yardi Devon Anno fa

    like kolibali n seri a

  • Nithin Neyyan
    Nithin Neyyan Anno fa

    This referee is so bad at Sarcasm 😇😇😇

  • Manaarii BURNS
    Manaarii BURNS Anno fa

    Koulibaly the best defender

  • Michigmr 20
    Michigmr 20 Anno fa


  • Brazilianmonkey Monkey

    Koulibay is king 👑 uh uh ah ah

  • Skype boy
    Skype boy Anno fa +1

    Italian racist People and stupide 🤣🤣

    VICLANEL 1 Anno fa +2


  • Quentin Cappa
    Quentin Cappa Anno fa

    the FIGC should be ashamed of themselves. they’ll never be a top league at this rate. with this bullshit and corruption.

  • Mudig
    Mudig Anno fa +1

    So just because there were racist chants, that means he should be allowed to do whatever he wants? Hell no, red carded so GTFO

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Anno fa

    Refs a prick

  • Hunter man
    Hunter man Anno fa

    Say no to racism

  • Ringen ist der Vater von MMA

    Drecks Inter Hurensöhne

  • neam09
    neam09 Anno fa

    Koulibaly owned Politano in that run and gets a yellow!? That wasn't even a yellow to start with. A straight forward shoulder to shoulder tackle. What a joke.

  • Abdul Barada
    Abdul Barada Anno fa

    What a shit game.there were literally barely any good chances created by both teams

  • Abdul Razik
    Abdul Razik Anno fa


  • dudastt
    dudastt Anno fa

    So Inter fans bullied a black player with racist chants, yet the three point that they get was because of another black player (asamoah)

  • ami kazumi
    ami kazumi Anno fa

    Hurmmmm...solidarity for koulibally,inter and ac milan are direspectfull supporter in the world...fuck offf

    AMAR DZ Anno fa +1

    fuck inter fascistlan racist fan

  • Pty 82
    Pty 82 Anno fa

    So many crybabies ind the comments

    • YoungThreat
      YoungThreat Anno fa

      Pty 82 Learn to write before you comment

  • Montassar Chebil

    The Real Football

  • Gamer
    Gamer Anno fa

    ❎Non au racisme❎

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Anno fa

    And that clown referee

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud Anno fa

    You clowns should've stopped this match seriously WTF FIFA the Italian FA and everyone involved should stop excusing this and hand out punishment....bullshit

  • Manteri Kebahagiaan

    Inter, juve, lazio, atalanta...they should relegated to serie c, hateful idiots fans should pay for their racist action.

  • kevin boje
    kevin boje Anno fa

    Inter fans being racist forgetting the fact that great black players have played for their club
    Ronaldo and etoo to name a few

  • ForzaLife
    ForzaLife Anno fa +1

    Italy = the worst country in the world

  • Josh Jones
    Josh Jones Anno fa

    Racist and divers, glad they went out of the CL!