THE BATMAN First Look Trailer (2021)

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  • First look teaser at the suit for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson

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  • Taurus Wiggins
    Taurus Wiggins 11 ore fa +1

    We can be heroes.

  • farrad edmund
    farrad edmund 18 ore fa

    this has no connection to Joker... and really wouldn’t work lol

  • Jar Jar Binks
    Jar Jar Binks 19 ore fa

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if we can link the this Batman to the joker?

    IXXXVIX 21 ora fa

    I'll give this a chance

  • darkop prodiggz
    darkop prodiggz Giorno fa +1

    that movie will suck , bad costume design , worst possible actor , alfred pennyworth in middle 40`s , penguin´s height 180 cm . it will be ultimate failure . not worthy for watching and spending money , not even worth for 1 bucks

    • darkop prodiggz
      darkop prodiggz 14 ore fa

      @farrad edmund he is most disliked and hated actor , he is "justin bieber " of hollywood. and he is bad actor.

    • farrad edmund
      farrad edmund 18 ore fa

      darkop prodiggz he’s a solid actor, only reason he got the job

  • Dimitris
    Dimitris Giorno fa

    Can someone explain to me why they arent making a solo batman movie with Ben Affleck?

  • Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca

    Cierto, la gente le pone artículo, puesto que es fruto del rumor, algo así como el Hombregallogato.

  • Ricardo Álvarez Fonseca

    Ojalá este trailer no anuncie un bodrio.

  • Campbell Spies
    Campbell Spies Giorno fa

    I swear to god in this reboot 3 villains the need to make to be the main are
    1:scarecrow he has always been a side he deserves more
    2:fire fly and mr freeze firefly has never been in a movie on a show and game and it be cool having the downfall be each other
    3:mad hatter teamed up with hush they are both so underrated yet it would be one trippy movie

    DJINN Giorno fa

    Joe Chill: kills martha and thomas wayne
    Us: (Shocked) You did it you, crazy son of a bitch, you did it! :o

  • Arish Zeeshan
    Arish Zeeshan Giorno fa

    Andy serkis as alfred pennysworth???wtf

    DJINN Giorno fa

    Bruce Wayne and parents: casually minding their own business..
    Fans, Warner Bros., DCEU, Joe Chill: **SON* *OF* *A* *BITCH,* *YOU´RE* *STILL* *ALIVE?!**

  • Taschip
    Taschip Giorno fa

    His outfit looks fucking stupid

  • eleven twelve
    eleven twelve Giorno fa

    ' The Dark Teaser '

  • Armando Jimenez
    Armando Jimenez Giorno fa

    They ruined Batman

  • Patrick Michaels
    Patrick Michaels 2 giorni fa

    Looks dumb

  • Salomon jhefone Neira velasquez


  • NOOK
    NOOK 2 giorni fa

    The helmet looks strange

  • Buğra Samet
    Buğra Samet 2 giorni fa

    Ben ıslandım

  • jose luis venegas
    jose luis venegas 2 giorni fa

    Vale callampa

  • Pramod Singh
    Pramod Singh 2 giorni fa

    I loved Christian bale as batman

  • Sean Connelly
    Sean Connelly 2 giorni fa

    Robert Pattinson is to small to be batman, Ben Affleck was to bulky Christian Bale was perfect but I hated that suit, can they just give us Bale in Affleck’s suit but with a smaller bat symbol, thats all i want, can they just give us what we fucking want for once

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs 2 giorni fa

    What I hate about the past Batman movies is the show him Fighting people for once I want to see a movie that shows him as a detective

  • Fight School
    Fight School 3 giorni fa

    This is the real batman

  • Coronavirus
    Coronavirus 3 giorni fa

    I come from bats too. Call me bat virus

  • Yinka Olatunji
    Yinka Olatunji 3 giorni fa

    Why am I watching a Batman trailer when there’s a Coronavirus that are from bats

  • michial harris
    michial harris 3 giorni fa

    The music

  • Stretch Smith
    Stretch Smith 3 giorni fa

    When your fully immune to covid 19

    CJ HUMALA 3 giorni fa

    Don't know why we're complaining about the suit. We're all still gonna watch the movie because well y'know...he's batman.

  • Naaji
    Naaji 3 giorni fa +1

    You might want to change the title to 2022

  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer 3 giorni fa +1

    I'm the only one who thinks this Batman has the perfect physique?
    - Prominent chin
    - Dark and dark look
    - Athletic
    - Whatever we want to say, charismatic
    - Sober
    To all those who disgust it because it is said to be too thin, you have a short memory ... Michael Keaton was not Schwarzy and yet many of us consider him a very good Batman ... If you are based on comic's or cartoons ah bah there necessarily! we can make the same reproach to all the actors who camped a superhero ... It will never be proportioned the same because it is humanly almost impossible, the superheroes having their own proportions: https: //
    Indeed, they are all based on an almost unattainable ideal, in graphic art, we call it "the 8 head cannon" we estimate a normal body with 7 heads while the superheroes being naturally disproportionate in size, in width d 'shoulder and muscle mass, we attribute this canon. Quote me a single actor having interpreted Batman or another superhero corresponding perfectly to this ideal?
    But I believe that the truth is elsewhere, Pattinson always played in shit films just good to tease the virgin ... And? Must that make him a bad actor? There obviously he will go out of his register which is very good and who knows, that will get him maybe the consecration!
    I was reluctant to the idea of ​​a reboot, but there, given the atmosphere that is presented to us, I totally agree

  • Doey453
    Doey453 3 giorni fa +4

    Thomas and Martha Wayne: “how many times do we have to die?”
    Directors: *yes*

  • g mac
    g mac 3 giorni fa +1

    Batman Hush is a love story (movie review)

  • Randall Silver
    Randall Silver 4 giorni fa

    This teaser and music are just as boring as the *ahem*... "actor."

  • mohamed marzouk
    mohamed marzouk 4 giorni fa

    Christian bale is the one and only !

  • James 117
    James 117 4 giorni fa

    Please just be delayed don’t DO this to us Warner Bros

  • w and h productions
    w and h productions 4 giorni fa

    Bring back affleck

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 5 giorni fa +2

    Batman is immune to Corona virus

  • John Jones
    John Jones 5 giorni fa

    Something is going to happen in Wonder Woman 1984 that alters the whole time line. Maybe only Martha dies and Thomas Wayne is a looming figure in the Batman movie. They need to do something to shake up the origin.

  • Efe Altunbayrak
    Efe Altunbayrak 5 giorni fa

    you must watch joker before this film because they are connected each other films

  • Human Being
    Human Being 5 giorni fa

    This bat suit is a heavy nod to the 60's blue batman suit.
    Not bad.😲👍
    What's Robert Pattinson doin in it?😫👎

  • Pranav More
    Pranav More 5 giorni fa

    As a man I'm flesh and blood and can be ignored. But as a symbol I'm incorruptible.
    - Bruce Wayne

  • Gaby Rods
    Gaby Rods 5 giorni fa

    Me da miedo escuchar la canción pero a la vez me gusta 🧐

  • bob saget
    bob saget 5 giorni fa

    Im very aware its the actor from twilight dress up as batman

  • kishore jb
    kishore jb 5 giorni fa

    Backscore is negative vibes ! And cool can’t get enough of it

  • Peppa Puff
    Peppa Puff 5 giorni fa

    i wonder who's gonna be the killer of his parents THIS time.

  • Tanya Baldonado
    Tanya Baldonado 5 giorni fa

    Theo James would’ve been so much better choice than Robert !

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 6 giorni fa

    Batman spread the corona virus, I will never look at him the same way again.

  • Rahul Bohara
    Rahul Bohara 6 giorni fa

    Hate the mask

  • Malik Reyes
    Malik Reyes 6 giorni fa

    This song i have it on a loop

  • Ethan Barnett
    Ethan Barnett 6 giorni fa +6

    Batman has been portrayed a number of ways so I'm totally on board with something new

    • Ethan Barnett
      Ethan Barnett 5 giorni fa

      @TheLuigifan8881 IMO there hasn't been a true permanent Batman. Robert Downey Jr. was the permanent Iron Man, Hugh Jackman was the permanent Wolverine, etc.
      Christian Bale was the only Batman to finish a trilogy. I wish Ben Affleck would've been the permenat Batman for the DCEU but alas they keep rebooting him

    • TheLuigifan8881
      TheLuigifan8881 5 giorni fa +2

      Positive. I like positive.

  • knotkool1
    knotkool1 6 giorni fa

    dc movies just suck. why do they now have such a hard time getting decent actors to play batman. bale was bad, a fleck was horrid, an wimpinson is just useless. they all make Michael Keaton look good

  • Craig The Llama
    Craig The Llama 6 giorni fa +3

    After watching the HISHE version of this all i hear is Beacuse im batman

  • Sheikh Shahrose Uddin Danish

    You still have a time to replace the Bruce Wayne

  • Anthony Gonzales
    Anthony Gonzales 7 giorni fa

    Batman looks like Robocop smh lol and hes wearing hocky pads? Wth is this???

  • InasneLIFEHACK
    InasneLIFEHACK 7 giorni fa

    Batman must be dead he have cornoavirus

  • Venom0us
    Venom0us 7 giorni fa

    What song is that its awesome

  • baba ganoush
    baba ganoush 7 giorni fa

    Batman will cure the corona virus

  • KrustyzKrab
    KrustyzKrab 7 giorni fa +1

    But how radical would it be if they were to use the Batman 1989 theme song for an opening. Just saying.

  • thrashntrash 1
    thrashntrash 1 8 giorni fa

    Does this remind anyone of daredevil, not the shitty ass movie but the TV show.

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan 8 giorni fa

    i have been watching fan mad of batman beyond live action movie trailer and now i want to see a live action batman beyond movie

  • Nightmarish
    Nightmarish 8 giorni fa

    This was the biggest spoiler in a trailer I've ever seen! 😭

  • BS Like Pro
    BS Like Pro 8 giorni fa +1


  • Frank castle WZ
    Frank castle WZ 8 giorni fa

    This guy is menacing full of decease dats way he would never cover his mouth............sound like coughing

  • KlueZ
    KlueZ 8 giorni fa

    who else thinks the suit could be better...

  • sils zimmer
    sils zimmer 8 giorni fa

    Oh yes finally we see the Batman story that has newer been told. Oh wait i forgot Batman Begins. Just stop DC.

  • gummi hauls
    gummi hauls 9 giorni fa

    Adam West Batman for sure

  • us real
    us real 9 giorni fa

    Batman : The Soup

  • Henry Villarreal
    Henry Villarreal 9 giorni fa

    Might As Well Just Play A Black Screen Video.
    Where Is Batman!?... I Don't See Him!!! Well They Call Him The Dark Knight For A Reason.

  • flin Rider
    flin Rider 9 giorni fa +9

    Bruce's parents walk in the alley
    Killer: (loads gun)ah shit,here we go again

  • Dismacle
    Dismacle 9 giorni fa +2

    You know Batman’s parents already died in the joker so be relieved about that

    • Four Horsemen Mechanix
      Four Horsemen Mechanix 9 giorni fa +1

      Are these movies going to be connected? Or are they completely separate?

  • Amaan Ali
    Amaan Ali 10 giorni fa +1

    Thomas and Martha: aw shit here we go again.

  • xristos Mirwnitis
    xristos Mirwnitis 10 giorni fa

    Buttman begins😂😂

  • Sichael Mcott
    Sichael Mcott 10 giorni fa

    Is that theme song out yet? I’m tryna feel like Batman when I work out dawg!!

  • Jagar Tharn
    Jagar Tharn 10 giorni fa

    You're all the fucking same lol
    This comment section is cancer.
    I hope you all get covid 19

  • Noviex_0
    Noviex_0 10 giorni fa +1

    I’m pretty sure this could be a part 2 to the joker movie bascially Batman getting his revenge 🤷‍♂️

  • Giovanny Marrero
    Giovanny Marrero 10 giorni fa

    Wow this trailer is so amazing!!!!

  • Garfieldchan41
    Garfieldchan41 10 giorni fa

    fuck batman

  • 4THEOS 4ever
    4THEOS 4ever 10 giorni fa +46

    Lewis G. Wilson: "I'm Batman."
    Robert Lowery: "I'm Batman."
    Adam West: "I'm Batman."
    Michael Keaton: "I'm Batman."
    Val Kilmer: "I'm Batman."
    George Clooney: "I'm Batman."
    Christian Bale: "I'm Batman."
    Will Arnett: "I'm Batman."
    Ben Affleck: ...

    And Pattinson's iconic Batman quote...?
    Robert Pattinson: "I'm THE Batman."

    • Hyungmin Seo
      Hyungmin Seo 8 ore fa

      Ryan Renolds: “I’m Batman.”

    • Александр Микилев
      Александр Микилев Giorno fa

      Christian Bale is the best batman

    • Gabe Selden
      Gabe Selden 2 giorni fa

      Actually Kilmer said, “You see I’m both Bruce Wayne and Batman, not because I have to be, now, because I choose to be” to Riddler

    • 4THEOS 4ever
      4THEOS 4ever 2 giorni fa

      @The Mad Titan Yep...

    • The Mad Titan
      The Mad Titan 2 giorni fa

      I just realized Ben Affleck never said "I'm Batman" throughout the 3 movies he's been in. It's a shame we will probably never get to her him say it with his voice modulator.

  • 4THEOS 4ever
    4THEOS 4ever 10 giorni fa +1

    This looks like the Batman: Arkham Knight suit!!!!