BLACKPINK "How You Like That" (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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  • Pubblicato il 26 giu 2020
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    • Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
    • Song ♫: How You Like That
    • Album: ‘How You Like That’ Pre Release Single
    • Released: 2020.06.26
    • Members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa
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  • ceo of fake smiles

    can you do stay gold for bts?

  • Shaula Japarin
    Shaula Japarin 2 ore fa

    I’m sorry but this song got over 200M views? 🤯

  • Seferino Gomez
    Seferino Gomez 2 ore fa

    "Bring out your boss bish"
    Is Jennie.

  • Nurhaziqah Mohd Hafidz

    They voice are same!!... It is only me or they voice are same...?

  • Devil Elsa
    Devil Elsa 2 ore fa

    Even though I didn't like this song that much but still it stuck in my head and everyday I came here to listen

  • Zoya Muskaan
    Zoya Muskaan 3 ore fa

    I don't know why people like the song I don't notice anything wrong

  • Creativity Champ
    Creativity Champ 3 ore fa

    See aish also covered this go once and check

  • Anushka Chowdhury

    Badda bimbddaboom
    i don't understand

  • tan chong keong
    tan chong keong 4 ore fa


  • lueeg e
    lueeg e 5 ore fa

    I agree with people’s criticism that their music is getting fairly bland with how similar they are. I did like Lisas rap part with the hitting of the syllables in a sharp way, but Im biased so you probably shouldn’t listen to that lmao. You have to listen to it 3 times over to be like “yeah its a bop” which isn’t good. Like saying “it gets better after 200 episodes” in a show.

  • Lorenzo Mendiola
    Lorenzo Mendiola 5 ore fa


  • Momo Stan
    Momo Stan 5 ore fa

    3 mins is not enough for this song.

  • Lucas Woolfe
    Lucas Woolfe 5 ore fa

    Boss b**ch is Jennie not Lisa and ddu ddu ddu is Lisa

  • Sejal Khawas
    Sejal Khawas 6 ore fa

    I wish this song had more actual lyrics than the verbal sounds.🤷‍♀️

  • not jan
    not jan 6 ore fa

    i like the song but the chorus ruined it........ i only listened to the first 40 seconds and i skipped the song

  • Mithi Sinha
    Mithi Sinha 6 ore fa

    Although I agree that the lyrics aren't that serious, they are actually meaningful. The line 'It's a bird, it's a plane.' is a line from a Superman musical the whole line is - "Look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane... It's Superman!"

  • Brian LooC.K
    Brian LooC.K 6 ore fa

    What's that on Jennie's beautiful face??? 😱😱😱

  • 정혜영
    정혜영 7 ore fa


  • modi
    modi 7 ore fa

    yes i do

  • DaNcInG MoChInE MoMoRiNg

    I feel like jisoo is harmonizing In Jennie’s “You gon’like that that that that”

  • Roblox_Gamer
    Roblox_Gamer 8 ore fa

    Who else thinks that Jisoo should have got more parts in the song?

  • Kpop & Kdramas
    Kpop & Kdramas 9 ore fa

    The last color codes are a bit worng

  • Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso

    2:32, I didn’t know blackpink cussed, also that doesn’t sound like Lisa saying that, more like Jennie
    Wait a second, wow blackpink cusses a lot, just most is in Korean, well the more you know

  • 94luv sweet
    94luv sweet 10 ore fa

    Não é a lisa que fala "Bring aout your boss bitch"

  • Elena Rodriguez
    Elena Rodriguez 11 ore fa

    This song grew on me

  • luci Gacha qwq Army Forever

    hermosoooooo gracias la quería escuchar
    ahora la traducción en inglés
    beautifulooooo thanks I wanted to hear it
    like si tambien
    like yes too

  • Kyoto and Sun Chips

    This is my theme song! I love Blackpink!

  • L
    L 13 ore fa

    Anyone here stop listen to the song at 1:38 at the end of verse 2 like me? The verses are amazing but i lost interest when the chorus hit and I start the song over again. The bridge and the rest of the song is meh.

  • Anushka Muriyath
    Anushka Muriyath 13 ore fa

    2:32 is said by Jenni not Lisa

  • BTS Gucci
    BTS Gucci 13 ore fa

    This song is now stuck in my head I love it and plus I know the dance moves and all blackpink songs and dance moves I already know them

  • Billy Bouber
    Billy Bouber 13 ore fa +3

    KIM JISOO ♥️
    PARK ROSÉ ♥️

  • jinhit entertainment

    If two people performed this and one got Jennie and jisoo and somebody got Lisa and rose it would be pretty fair

  • Billy Bouber
    Billy Bouber 14 ore fa +1


  • Stephen Chapman
    Stephen Chapman 14 ore fa

    That that that that

  • Stephen Chapman
    Stephen Chapman 14 ore fa


  • kavya shree
    kavya shree 15 ore fa

    I like all the songs of blackpink but one thing I've noticed in all songs is that There are limited lyrics n than repeation of them by different members, otherwise I love them 🖤💗

  • Жылдыз Сыдыканова

    Rose's voice is so nice to listen🐝

    Every blackpink member has excellent voices💙

  • you only live ONCE
    you only live ONCE 15 ore fa

    I literally got a HYLT advert for this video😂


    que bonito de confundiste en la parte que dice saca a tu jefe p**** lo dice jennie no lisa

  • Vena_panda 301
    Vena_panda 301 15 ore fa +1

    I really like the song but I feel like Jisoo barely had a part in this (if you get what I mean)

  • Daisy Attempts
    Daisy Attempts 15 ore fa +1

    Am I the only one that listened to this song for the first time and didn’t really enjoy it but now is obsessed with it?

  • Stupid Girl
    Stupid Girl 16 ore fa

    *_Łisα♛_* 💙

    *_Jennie_* 💛

    *_Jisoo_* 💚

    *_Rosé_* ❤


  • Munir Ahmad
    Munir Ahmad 16 ore fa

    I love this song so much the beat is really amazing

  • Marcela Gobbo
    Marcela Gobbo 16 ore fa


  • Rashid Hassan
    Rashid Hassan 17 ore fa

    Lisa rap and lisa I love you

  • Thu Leba
    Thu Leba 17 ore fa

    It’s strangely sounds like all the eras together... only me?

  • L S
    L S 17 ore fa


  • Killer Boss
    Killer Boss 17 ore fa

    First time i saw bangla captions in utube.

  • princess dragon
    princess dragon 17 ore fa

    I mean I like the lyrics rap and vocals and the girls but when it comes to the beat...I don't like that~

  • Nishita
    Nishita 17 ore fa +1

    I love these girls since 2017 but idk why do I feel like this wasn't worth the wait... Like more than a year for what? I really wanted them to experiment more and try new concepts. Felt like the Lyrics were pretty plain and repetitive. "Plane Jane get hijacked" ???? Jennie the main rapper didn't even rap.This is not fair to us fans and the girls as well and overall was rushed. Ik they are working hard but tbh at this point they are just selling aesthetics and visuals. Ig imma stop spending 💰and time on them and find someone more versatile. Hope to see myself here again after YG improves and treat the girls and us better:)

  • Sara Ávila
    Sara Ávila 17 ore fa +1

    "look up in this sky, it's a bird, it's a plane" can someone please explain what connection this has with the rest of the song ?

  • Angela Elizabeth Pico Peña

    Could you just enjoy the song plz?

  • su latt phyo
    su latt phyo 18 ore fa

    Caption request:(Myanmar) Burmese pls💙

  • cesar cruz junior
    cesar cruz junior 18 ore fa +1

    ME T[O

  • happy 15
    happy 15 18 ore fa +1

    Jsut want to know what is this song actually about? I mean lyrically it isn't making sense to me. I'm not a hater just curious

  • EverLasting SEVENTEEN 2 Anime, this makes no sense

    Honestly except for lisa's rap, the whole lyric's basically how u like that..babaoomababam something?dundundun, like wth?
    Not the girls fault tho, just Really dissatisfied,like all the months we have waited just for THIs?

  • Jaehwan's vocals are my everything

    blackpink haters raise hand

  • Chaelisa Forever
    Chaelisa Forever 19 ore fa +3

    i love blackpink but i didnt wait more than a year just to get this :/ it just sounds like YG rushed it. im kinda worried for the rest of the album :c

  • md lotas
    md lotas 19 ore fa +1

    Bangla lyrisss??

  • Arvian Yohanes
    Arvian Yohanes 19 ore fa +1

    if you like this song. you can try my first filter From instagram. filter name HYLT by arvcjh. thanks

  • Luna Lime
    Luna Lime 19 ore fa


  • azmy mohammed
    azmy mohammed 19 ore fa +1

    Rose vocal is killing me
    Jennie beauty is killing me
    Jisoo visual is killing me
    Lisa everything is killing me😍😍😍lisa queen
    But I like everyone

  • Hiển Nguyễn
    Hiển Nguyễn 20 ore fa


  • Fina Shafina
    Fina Shafina 20 ore fa


  • Cherin Kang
    Cherin Kang 20 ore fa

    Why dont they have singing competition :(

  • Zeba Fariha
    Zeba Fariha 20 ore fa

    so bad song. I hate Blackpink.

  • Kim Hyoung'i
    Kim Hyoung'i 21 ora fa

    Black🖤pink👄 Hou you like that💜👯

  • Kim Hyoung'i
    Kim Hyoung'i 21 ora fa

    Black🖤pink👄 Hou you like that💜👯

  • Freya._ 17
    Freya._ 17 21 ora fa +1

    Someone said that the beats in the chorus remind them of farts and now I can't stop hearing it

  • Ano Nymous
    Ano Nymous 21 ora fa

    Setanism for sure !! use your dicernment !!

  • Marium yousuf
    Marium yousuf 22 ore fa

    ok so i dont like the song, but im still here dancing and listening to it. Send help.

  • Hope Phoria
    Hope Phoria 22 ore fa

    Ha? Hatdog

  • Farah Feels good
    Farah Feels good 22 ore fa +1

    Wow,I dance this song until the end of the song

  • Roga Cortez
    Roga Cortez 23 ore fa


  • Vusale Allahverdiyeva


  • Ka I
    Ka I Giorno fa

    Deep songs will be shallow to those with shallow reading comprehension. So I’m helping y’all by explaining the meaning. Y’all can stop barking after this.
    After analyzing the translation of how you like that, I’ve realized that it actually had really meaningful lyrics.
    The song is not talking about anything shallow like breakups, but rather, like Jisoo said, it’s about being hurt and affected by haters and all the negativity, but having the confidence and courage to stand back up.
    “While looking into your eyes, I'll kiss you goodbye”
    People think this is about actually kissing someone, but it isn’t. They’re saying they are letting go of all those toxic people and all those negativity without hesitation and with pleasure.
    “The day I fell without my wings
    Those dark days where I was trapped
    You should've ended me when you had the chance
    Look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane”
    There were times were they fell and lost their wings (probably pertaining to their confidence) and succumbed to the toxicity but they never got to the point where they gave up nor completely lost their wings, so they patched their wings up, rose up to the top, to the skies :)
    So there you have it, HYLT is a very meaningful song about not succumbing to haters and toxicity, rather, getting affected but having the bravery and strength to stand back up and prove to them that they’ll never lose their wings, that they’ll keep rising up so high that the haters have to look up, that no matter what challenge the world throws at them, they’ll always win :)
    Their ending pose too! There’s a world map in front of them and they’re looking back. They’re looking back at the toxicity and all the haters, as if they’re saying “look at us, the world is right in front of us” like giving their final look to all that negativity before finally “kissing them goodbye” and onwards to taking the world on.
    Even the “badabing bada boom” has a meaning. It’s an interjection that expresses something easily accomplished, or a direct consequence, kind of like karma. Blackpink is always hated on, but the karma they get is that Blackpink is unbothered, they are unfazed and are still the powerful girls we know, but better than ever.

  • Theresa Pham
    Theresa Pham Giorno fa

    My quarantine haircut be looking like Lisa’s but worse...

  • Ayesha Azhar
    Ayesha Azhar Giorno fa +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that the music behind Lisa's part is similar to Daechitwa by Suga?

  • Tina Sharp
    Tina Sharp Giorno fa

    Haters: I don't like BLACKPINK

  • ろたろう
    ろたろう Giorno fa +1


  • Vimala M
    Vimala M Giorno fa

    ngl, i was happy with the verse and then when the chorus started, i was like :] wtf HAHAHHA NO HATE MAN

  • Kyis Lee
    Kyis Lee Giorno fa +1

    외국 작사가도 좀 쓰지

  • Bang Si Hyuk
    Bang Si Hyuk Giorno fa +1

    im not understanding how the lyrics are confusing or don't make sense. they make perfect sense to me. can yall not comprehend it

  • conan nii
    conan nii Giorno fa +1

    I'm so sorry but 0:45 always makes me cringe but all in all it's okay

  • A-a-a-aishaa
    A-a-a-aishaa Giorno fa

    2:22- Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Van Den Nguyen
    Van Den Nguyen Giorno fa

    Pua xúc đọng

  • Kanishka Bhatt
    Kanishka Bhatt Giorno fa

    Lisa is looking like...
    Egypt queen

  • Jazzy_Jeida
    Jazzy_Jeida Giorno fa +3

    Is no one gonna talk about how Jisoo is SLAYING her edges... just me?

  • Anaya King
    Anaya King Giorno fa +2

    Me looking at the lyrics ... still speaking gibberish
    My sister:😑
    Me thinking about how she does the same thing

  • Fsya Frisha
    Fsya Frisha Giorno fa

    Just so let u know they didn't wrote the lyrics they not even allowed to

    BANGTANMAHLABSS Giorno fa +1

    Lyrics: i'll kiss you goodbye~
    Jennie: ill kiss you goodbye
    Meanwhile rosè

    Rosè:i kiss youuuuuu byee~

  • Min Lilia
    Min Lilia Giorno fa +6

    I didn't want to leave comment on their official MV first because some toxic blinks will attack me for sure second because I didn't want to leave a negative opinion in their comment section.
    So, first of all those are one of the dumbest lyrics i've ever read sorry to say it this way but seriously !!!! they are rediculous
    Second, their songs look kinda the same since 4D, they didn't use to be like that before, Bombabyah was different from Stay, Stay was different from Whistle, Whistle was different from Playing with fire, and now the songs became so generic especially KTL and HYT,
    Now well, I was kinda dissapointed too because Jennie didn't have a rap verse when she's supposed to be the main rapper, her rap verse in 4D was like the best part of the song

  • Kpop e Pop
    Kpop e Pop Giorno fa +1

    Br marquem presença

  • Daniel Blandford
    Daniel Blandford Giorno fa

    Is it true you stole millions of dollars off Koop celebrities?