Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

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  • Pubblicato il 12 feb 2020
  • Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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  • Mark Rober
    Mark Rober  8 giorni fa +26498

    This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

  • Rayyan Hasnain
    Rayyan Hasnain 51 minuto fa

    Meat is meat

  • Outdoor Mayham

    Bill is not the riches man in the world it’s Jeff bezos don’t believe look it up

  • fisbuns
    fisbuns Ora fa

    but where can i get this stuff in estonia

  • Lil Tomboii123

    Bill Gates is cool 😎

  • Piano Roots Music

    1) Not all livestock feed was grown just to feed animals. A lot of it are byproducts from growing human food.
    2) The proteins you get from plants are way different from the proteins you get from meat. Yes, a peanut butter sandwich has the same amount of protein as a burger patty, but the patty has much higher quality protein
    3) Cholesterol found in meat is good for you
    4) Once again, the plant-based protein that they put in the impossible burger is not a substitute for the protein in a real burger patty

  • BananaTube
    BananaTube Ora fa

    Meat or plant “meat” isnt good for the world, your still killing something and animals could run out, and plants give us oxygen to breathe

  • Kappa cebulka
    Kappa cebulka Ora fa

    GameChanger Netflix film

  • Woofdeath13
    Woofdeath13 Ora fa

    I don't understand the need for burning down large areas of forest to make room for things. Like a building company in my area literally burned down probably 600 acres of trees just because they couldn't be asked to move them for a new development. I didn't consider that an option for what people do with scrap trees on that kind of scale.

  • Velouria Whitford

    I’m a vegetarian by choice because meat tastes really bad in my opinion, not saying that people are wrong about meat it’s just my opinion

  • Shut Mi
    Shut Mi Ora fa

    Bill gates is not The richest person in The world

  • Logan Williams

    Ok, but, meat isn’t primarily consumed for energy, protein is used for structure in addition to the vitamins that contribute to the immune system.

  • Bungaree Vigan

    Your explanation is more useful than my teacher. Thanks for your explanation🤯

  • LevanderDaBoss Gaming

    PLOT TWIST: Its an actual burger

  • Houston Welch
    Houston Welch Ora fa

    One problem is meat means more than just burgers. Personally, I don’t like burgers; when I eat them, I get fatigued. When I consume beef, it’s mostly steaks.
    I really enjoy Mark Rober’s videos, but this one is a little understudied.
    I don’t disagree that we should keep innovating and trying to make the impossible burger healthy (good is a relative term which can mean “edible,” “healthy,” or even “tasty” in terms of food, and the veggie burger, like beef burgers, aren’t healthy) and inventing new veggie alternatives to the meats we enjoy. But I can’t see us making a good alternative to steak. When they do, I’ll try it.

  • Michael Brass
    Michael Brass Ora fa

    HMU when you come to KC for some plant based BBQ!!!

  • Ashley Parr
    Ashley Parr Ora fa

    how much space will you need to grow the plants?

  • Jonathan Aitken
    Jonathan Aitken 2 ore fa +1

    I would’ve thought a bbq was bad for the environment

    KARTIK SHARMA 2 ore fa

    Finally I could taste meat

  • H Watusayin
    H Watusayin 2 ore fa +1

    Make a plant based steak, i can guarantee it would taste disgusting compared to a real one. Make a plant based chicken, i can guarantee it would taste disgusting compared to the real version. And also if people want to stop consuming meat why do they replicate it there is simply no need to unless they want to have the same feeling of eating meat, hence there is no point of not eating meat. Also animals such as cows actually help the environment aswell as they create healthier soils which take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere at a much larger rate than the cows farts/burps.

  • Noche_de_desmadre

    Why do u make 2 vids every month

  • Sina Sezawar
    Sina Sezawar 2 ore fa

    in inferno bill gates killed all d world and Robert Langdon warned us against d middle man

  • TacticalPotato
    TacticalPotato 2 ore fa

    I have tried one of these burgers and for me it doesn't taste meat at all. It's bland and the consistence of the burger is really weird and mushy. I am still not convinced that we should switch to a purely plant based diet. Humans are made to eat both and if we're made that way we should follow, one of the reasons to why human are such a dominant species is because we can live off both meat and vegetables but that doesn't mean that we should skip eating one of them. But I definitely agree that we should focus more on making a sustainable diet.

  • Famos Amos
    Famos Amos 2 ore fa +1

    can i get 20 likes on this comment plz

  • Joshua Manasye
    Joshua Manasye 2 ore fa +1

    *Imagine eating food*

    This comment was made by photosynthesis gang 🤙🤙

  • Nathan King
    Nathan King 2 ore fa

    Things that weren't considered in this video-
    Effect on cattle farmers and how reducing meat consumption effects the price of meat for poor families who can't afford meat alternatives.
    The benefits of dairy from cattle which is also a main reason cows are farmed.
    The monopoly of the meat alternative market with high barriers of entry compared to common farming.

  • Torpedo Hippo
    Torpedo Hippo 2 ore fa

    I'm not saying Impossible or Beyond Meat tastes like meat, but I tried a 50% plant beef paddy and it tasted so off and weird that I couldn't even finish it, also tried some 30% plant based chicken cold cuts, which was edible, but you could clearly taste it wasn't 100% chicken.

  • Stacey Medina
    Stacey Medina 2 ore fa +1

    Mark I am so glad I found your channel on ITstop, not only have you brought me enjoyment you have educated me in so many ways. I am going to start introducing the plant based meat in my my diet and work it into my families diet. Not just for climate change but also for a change in health! Thanks again for all that you do and for hours of fun!

  • tashi kun
    tashi kun 2 ore fa

    Dang this guy is feeding homeless bill how nice

  • katou! playz msp
    katou! playz msp 2 ore fa

    bill should donate to the most poorest country

  • Novik Tux
    Novik Tux 2 ore fa

    Beyond meats is wayyyyt better

  • Daily Dirt
    Daily Dirt 2 ore fa

    I love your videos but you realize the majority of green house gasses produced comes from China and India and America is actually one of the cleanest country’s in the world and also I really have a hard time believing that the ice caps are melting when it is -11 degrees Fahrenheit where I am sitting right now and I have a hard time believing in climate change A: because the earth is always changing and it always has since the beginning of time weather you believe science or the Bible
    And B: I really don’t see much change at all in weather from year to year

    • FluffyDude1000
      FluffyDude1000 2 ore fa

      Climate change wouldn't be noticable for you, because it only increases 6 degrees every 100 years. And that doesn't sound like a lot, but it's enough to melt ice caps during summer, over a very long period of time if nothing is done

  • The Lexinator
    The Lexinator 3 ore fa

    16:06 you got photo bombed

  • oleg grishchuk
    oleg grishchuk 3 ore fa

    A good alternative option and still have real meat is polyface farm, they are beyond organic, definitely regenerative, and all the other stuff on the agenda that people are pushing these days.

  • Fysi
    Fysi 3 ore fa +1


  • TheSerbianMapper
    TheSerbianMapper 3 ore fa

    In a 100 years beacause of this cows and chickens will be pets and be free like birds

  • Phantom 001
    Phantom 001 3 ore fa

    You may invade my restaurants... but you can never take away my crispy Bacon. Also Bill seems very down to earth.

  • AymenBoy
    AymenBoy 3 ore fa


  • Dellenoc Codellen

    I guess... no more meat?

  • Maximilian Sebastian

    By far the best video I've seen this year!

  • Terrence Harris
    Terrence Harris 3 ore fa

    But did anyone ask how the heme was grown/obtained? My bio chem professor said that they use e coli or some other microbe that is a GMO to grow the heme. I HAVE NOT FACT CHECKED THIS. But still not interested in substituting meat for an e coli product.

  • Sad Boy Random
    Sad Boy Random 4 ore fa

    What about Jack Fruit? Can it be a meat substitute?

  • Gabbi Reaga
    Gabbi Reaga 4 ore fa

    I look forward to plant based burgers being more available in the east coast, still very expensive where I live but I think they'd be better for me, I wonder if that works just as good in spaghetti?? Thanks for the vid!

  • scotty06
    scotty06 4 ore fa

    3:35 “throw this puppy on the grill”..... damn bro🦮🙄

  • Yusuf K
    Yusuf K 4 ore fa

    What’s the background music around 9:22

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma 4 ore fa

    How the nasa Rover with air bag is able to be in the right orientation at the time of landing after all that rolling and bouncing?

    • FluffyDude1000
      FluffyDude1000 2 ore fa

      it's called SAS, where a computer orientates the rover on a navball, keeping it straight.

  • nhite beats
    nhite beats 4 ore fa

    Ah, yes, BBQ. My favorite genre of food.

  • Aratsei
    Aratsei 4 ore fa

    I have to question the "half the cost" part of your claim, at least in my area Impossible Meat seems to be TWICE the price at the store

  • Salty Sailor
    Salty Sailor 4 ore fa

    Bill gates is not the richest man in the world and his views on population control are so bad. He wants to kill off people

  • Bhavi Rathore
    Bhavi Rathore 4 ore fa +1

    Massive respect for the scientists working on this. They will get a special place in heaven😀😀😀

  • tableditor
    tableditor 4 ore fa

    nice, but too expensive.

  • Neil B
    Neil B 4 ore fa +1

    A tru genius.......with bill

  • Logistical Solutions

    I'm a bit disappointed you didnt go into the hormone content of the plant based burgers.

  • noob of noobs
    noob of noobs 4 ore fa

    but i like to eat human meat

  • Herschel Clinger
    Herschel Clinger 4 ore fa

    Farmers arent oblivious dude. No matter how "small town" they are.

  • Andi 07
    Andi 07 5 ore fa

    You should make a video about the education system in the world and how we can improve it.

  • Kilian b.
    Kilian b. 5 ore fa

    If they cut down on cost I eat that Ipossible/beond meat stuff but right now it is 3 to 4 times the price of meat

  • Azzark
    Azzark 5 ore fa

    My dood really used my favourite song " All my n***** ballin like curry"

  • Me Big Brain
    Me Big Brain 5 ore fa

    Beef good but bad

  • Michael Sabedra
    Michael Sabedra 5 ore fa