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PES 2020 pinnacle free kick
visualizzazioni 1,2MMese fa
PES 2020 dribbling failed
visualizzazioni 41KMese fa
PES 2020 coordinate on the left
visualizzazioni 1,5MMese fa
PES 2020 Inaccurate finishing
visualizzazioni 1,8MMese fa
PES 2020 The ball is very skillful
visualizzazioni 179KMese fa
PES 2020 go to the upper ball
visualizzazioni 14KMese fa
PES 2020 poke slot very well
visualizzazioni 11KMese fa
PES 2020 CR7 kicks the pen into it
visualizzazioni 3,5KMese fa
Making a dog's face with white paper
visualizzazioni 1373 mesi fa
How to start folding The Airplane
visualizzazioni 1043 mesi fa
How to start folding The star
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os safados
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  • PC VideoS Live By Hamo

    Bigg likee

  • DimaSlime99Ua
    DimaSlime99Ua 16 giorni fa

    Video about PES 2020 on my channel <3

  • Jeff Adole
    Jeff Adole 24 giorni fa

    Channel for sale?

  • Antti
    Antti 28 giorni fa

    Woow thats some youtube tricks! Copyrights issues ha? :D

    DNNG BEATZ Mese fa

  • Games Sp360
    Games Sp360 Mese fa

    Sub me friends

  • Games Sp360
    Games Sp360 Mese fa

    I just started ITstop, who else Started ITstop 2020!!!

  • NUEL99 FC
    NUEL99 FC Mese fa

    Omg. This is ultra slow. PES please stand up to FIFA . gadamit.

  • Viral Trending

    Hahahhahah trending

  • En son haber reklam


  • Abwaan Timajilac

    Magic messi💪💪💪

  • REY Vlog
    REY Vlog Mese fa

    Messi amesing

  • cold blood
    cold blood Mese fa


  • Tom Foley
    Tom Foley Mese fa

    I didn't watch the game so I am not so sure but Eibar looked like they got mugged off with a goal or two but Barca also got some disallowed so not sure

  • rawirihemi27
    rawirihemi27 Mese fa

    Messi...God forbid us thinking it’s an ok day when he scores 4 goals, business as usual #BAU #alien

  • mmm1390
    mmm1390 Mese fa


  • ha vangiau
    ha vangiau Mese fa

    Messi wa xuất sắc ..

  • Dika Nasution
    Dika Nasution Mese fa

    King of footballmessi and cristiano

  • Tawaschai kantachai

    สุดยอดครับ. เมสซี่ของผมยิง4ลูก

  • Tom And jerry
    Tom And jerry Mese fa

    Messi is Goat

  • Randy Osad
    Randy Osad Mese fa

    There was an Era when the world had Pele & Maradona, I'm grateful to watch Messi play football in my lifetime. Respek

  • Sabra Hacro
    Sabra Hacro Mese fa


  • Thành Nhân Nguyễn

    Messi is GOAT.

  • D255 TV
    D255 TV Mese fa

    Hot Video New Funny Video Ep 28 👇👇👇👇

  • D255 TV
    D255 TV Mese fa

    Hot Video New Funny Video Ep 28 👇👇👇👇

  • Jon Sekander
    Jon Sekander Mese fa

    Griezmann needs a haircut or something to change his luck if not he will joins Coutinho ,Dembele long before you know it ,

  • Giong dang
    Giong dang Mese fa

    Thánh của tôi ơiiii 1 trận mà gi 4 bàn huuuu m10 siêu quá

  • Govind Dhami
    Govind Dhami Mese fa

    Real king messi

  • Pallo Enes
    Pallo Enes Mese fa

    The last Messi goal is best

  • Pallo Enes
    Pallo Enes Mese fa

    The last goal is best

  • Jithin Purushothaman

    Ready for champions league.. GOAT 🐐 😘

  • Francesco Waas

    man❕ I can watch Messi whole day🔟🤟

  • jolezya mulunda

    Fellow fans let us know how to pass comments . if messi does something good on that day stick to what messi has done than busy comparing him to other players. it was his day and we all know that he is a great player. one day the same players you are blasting they will do it.moreover he is being assisted by his fellow players for him to score.

  • kine lamine
    kine lamine Mese fa

    Messi is best in the world always anytime any minute any second

  • Ilham Rohmat
    Ilham Rohmat Mese fa

    Visca El barca

  • All Football Play

    Play football quiz and test your Football IQ

  • Charles Nti
    Charles Nti Mese fa

    Great performance from Messi. Sad for eibar especially their goalkeeper as he tried his best but couldn't contain the King. A dream debut for Braithwaite

  • KanG JEk
    KanG JEk Mese fa

    Old 7 better than this 7

  • Derrick Osei
    Derrick Osei Mese fa

    Ter Stergen is the best goal keeper evern.... Stergen is the GOAT

  • Cradlestone Telkom

    Nobody mentioned how bad Eiber defense is, saw it from the first whistle. Never the less Messi punished them and was great👏

  • Fernando Magallon Urquiz

    60 años de madridista y verguenza es lo que siento

  • Unruhestiffter

    Hazard must play Central behind the Striker and not on the left Wing!

  • Shamtona
    Shamtona Mese fa

    No CR7... no title

  • An Tài
    An Tài Mese fa

  • Haziq Zamry
    Haziq Zamry Mese fa

    Messi’s 4th goal invite the keeper to the dance floor😜

  • Sajith M
    Sajith M Mese fa

    King araived

  • Dũng Trần
    Dũng Trần Mese fa

    No messi no bar

  • Lê văn hải duyen 1266 vivo

    Không Làm nữa đưa máy câu máy úi vô phá hết lệnh ông

  • Amirfarhang Sadeghi

    Fooling people's minds wasn't good this time

  • ZR7 Dream
    ZR7 Dream Mese fa

    Help me get 25 subs

  • Dũng Trần
    Dũng Trần Mese fa

    Hala Madrid

  • Niksona7000
    Niksona7000 Mese fa subscribe this guy

  • Herman Gondrong

    Madrid keok wkwkwk...

  • mainuddin mia
    mainuddin mia Mese fa

    What a great

  • Takuan
    Takuan Mese fa

    Take a throat lollie, You sound like an old tyre peeling off the rim.

  • bouya sylla
    bouya sylla Mese fa

    Hazard gaining money for free more injuries bad performances

  • Pepy Apriyudin cek yg ini juga kak

  • Chunkz channel

    King Messi

  • Maxamed Khadar

    Force one European Barcelona

  • ndm nesto
    ndm nesto Mese fa

    Somebody plz tell messi to have some respect to our defenders....., like how the hell does he pass them with such ease

  • Salman Ishaq
    Salman Ishaq Mese fa

    Barca Barca Barca

  • koliikho ko
    koliikho ko Mese fa

    I can watch this highlights again and again 😱

  • fireball39279
    fireball39279 Mese fa

    Messi, the one and only!! The best of the best!!

  • Yakub Haria Praditya

    Fifa 20 moralles best cheap fut player

  • Makelele Kelly

    Messi the Messiah forever

  • Nazrul
    Nazrul Mese fa

    braithwate >>>> griezman who thinks he on same level with goat

  • Stephano Manega

    Mess is the only my best for the all time big up to you Lm

  • Alan henuk
    Alan henuk Mese fa

    Hahahahaha aduh kasian deh ...visca barca no messi no barca 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Nazrul
    Nazrul Mese fa

    too sick to watch all depend on messi too much 😭

  • Nazrul
    Nazrul Mese fa

    even griezman and sergio bsqet cant score open goal 🤭

  • Ali Asgari
    Ali Asgari Mese fa

    Just, Lionel messi is the best

  • Artan Gjeli
    Artan Gjeli Mese fa

    I dont really understand whats happening with Real Madrid team? They seem to be so tired, so humble playing a meaningless game without principles. Do they do any training at all before the match?

  • Digit Tamao
    Digit Tamao Mese fa

    hazard comeback then madrid lose..What a curse

  • Saleh Yassin
    Saleh Yassin Mese fa

    Whoever equates Messi to Ronaldo doesn't know football. Messi is far far above any footballer in the world.

    • Tibby
      Tibby Mese fa

      Saleh Yassin Ronaldos able to win penalties? How are you saying that like it’s a bad thing. If that was true. You would be saying neymar is pretty much just useless too since that’s all he does.

    • Saleh Yassin
      Saleh Yassin Mese fa

      @Tibby am not saying messi is the best to Ronaldo in everything. Ronaldo is far better than Messi in diving for penalties and scoring from those penalties and also in praising himself

    • Tibby
      Tibby Mese fa

      Saleh Yassin anyone can be good in a farmers league for their whole career. Real talent is being able to perform just as well in other competitions.

  • Asfaniza Suif
    Asfaniza Suif Mese fa

    Most greatest player ever ...MESIIIII

  • Agung Widhi
    Agung Widhi Mese fa

    Griezmann jual aja mas Setien, jelek banget main nya..

  • pasukan islam
    pasukan islam Mese fa

    Meesi gooooooooooooooooooool

  • Ramesh sada
    Ramesh sada Mese fa

    Best club in d world.. Messi the goat

  • Đông Vũ
    Đông Vũ Mese fa

    khi messi giải nghệ ai sẽ gánh tem đây

  • Renat Sambaev
    Renat Sambaev Mese fa

    Не королевскии ....

  • rbf rakib
    rbf rakib Mese fa

    9:45 Look At The Goalkeeper While Messi Scoring His 4th Goal 🤣😂

  • Fauzan Alcacer

    Udah kalah kegusur lagi haha 😂 salam pucuk uyy

    WOX CHANNEL Mese fa

    Messi 🙋‍♀️👍

  • Not my first Time

    So Barcelona won 1-0 and messi won 4-0 haha

    PES KING Mese fa

    Guys just don't fucking compare messi and hazard or any real Madrid players now

  • Just E
    Just E Mese fa

    I'm happy?

    PES KING Mese fa

    Fuck you real Madrid go fc Barcelona thanks levante

  • Gugu Shabangu
    Gugu Shabangu Mese fa

    Messi is looking for ballondor 2020

  • Shahrukh Amin
    Shahrukh Amin Mese fa

    Lionel Messi💕💕💕💕

  • Duong kuac
    Duong kuac Mese fa

    The 🐐

  • Tawyr Kasymov
    Tawyr Kasymov Mese fa

    Месси 4

  • Son nguyen
    Son nguyen Mese fa


  • TBS JR
    TBS JR Mese fa

    Let’s go we are back on top of the league!