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  • Mario S
    Mario S 3 ore fa

    I genuinely feel like no one would ever do this show without Sean. It's like the best interview in the industry, and that's the only reason why celebrities would endure the wings, and the dab. No way it's as successful if it were a shitty, boring interview.

  • Stewieternity
    Stewieternity 3 ore fa

    Because shaq is so big, he takes a bite of a chicken wing like squidward takes a bite of lettuce.

  • heather felix
    heather felix 3 ore fa

    Please get bo Burnham on the show!

  • Ennuibody
    Ennuibody 3 ore fa

    If you look up "NPC" in the dictionary you'd find a picture of this host. Love this show for the guests but damn this guy seems awkward, fake, and unqualified.

  • RiaBia121
    RiaBia121 3 ore fa

    Congrats on the show but please NEVER STOP the celeb interviews 🥰🤩🙌🏼🙏🏼

  • Marsili ILI
    Marsili ILI 3 ore fa

    " the snowflake generation" :D :D :D

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 ore fa

    Please get Ryan Reynolds on here!

  • Teenage Stepdad
    Teenage Stepdad 3 ore fa

    Larry David would be a hilarious guest

  • Rein Gold
    Rein Gold 3 ore fa

    She definitely eats more than an apple now

  • S叉V叉И xxvxx

    *doctor*: ok Mr Austin your mental health seems to be doing just fine Let's just check your physical state Physical state: *Texas*

  • Dogurasu
    Dogurasu 3 ore fa

    I've seen a few interviews on this channel but it was this interview that got me to subscribe.

  • jax Austin
    jax Austin 3 ore fa

    Da bomb is just a little hot it just makes u cry

  • Douglas Lamarr
    Douglas Lamarr 3 ore fa

    Why is the show starting to become boring for me?

  • Ennuibody
    Ennuibody 3 ore fa

    Julia chickened out lol.

  • David B
    David B 3 ore fa

    This guy is a dumb ass sad .

  • Ennuibody
    Ennuibody 3 ore fa

    Will Ferrell is genetically funny. I feel sorry for the haters.

  • Chris Stacks
    Chris Stacks 3 ore fa

    I hope they banged after this was over....... I mean, I'd be jealous asF if so........ but I still hope they did.......😂🤣😁

  • Slick Perspective

    Sean Evans never took his eyes of Stone Cold. I guess he's worried of getting a..*ehem*..a _STUNNER_ .

  • CrazyHenry
    CrazyHenry 3 ore fa

    I LOVE WILLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Weed
    Jay Weed 3 ore fa

    Dude looks just like Gator

  • ラヨラ
    ラヨラ 3 ore fa

    If i do nothing everyone will 👍 this

  • Chris Stacks
    Chris Stacks 3 ore fa

    Dude idk how Sean made it through this without popping a huge boner......... especially w her sexy, awkward advances...... I'd have thrown my wing down and said, "bitch, will you please marry me???"

  • arthur97ist
    arthur97ist 3 ore fa

    I favorite movie of Will Ferrell is Stranger then Fiction.

  • Bmore Breakers
    Bmore Breakers 3 ore fa

    I'm on wing #2... calling that Ferrell bails after Da Bomb if he gets there. Lets see how this ages.

  • Wes Betts
    Wes Betts 3 ore fa

    Rudd is a champ!

  • Gerson Vazquez
    Gerson Vazquez 3 ore fa

    Anchorman, even anchorman 2 is amazing

  • nomad on a train

    Please do this with Bernie Sanders maybe he'll finally leave the race

  • Ho0ol1gan
    Ho0ol1gan 3 ore fa

    Jim carrey please

  • I Own Me - You Own You

    9:29 Thank you. Social media is cancer for the mind. Don't worry about being shouted off twitter because nobody with a mind of any value uses twitter or instagram or whatever else there is these days. Discussion of any importance is abhorred by users of social media. All they care about is memes and crap that doesn't matter.

  • Joshua Benjamin
    Joshua Benjamin 3 ore fa

    Charge women as SERIAL KILLERS thru abortion since women want to play law.

  • Teenage Stepdad
    Teenage Stepdad 3 ore fa

    Will Ferrell is so great.

  • Dwaine Smith
    Dwaine Smith 3 ore fa

    Lmfao kevin funny guy

  • lol
    lol 3 ore fa

    RDJ should be interviewed lol

  • Brandon K. Ferguson

    People who have known Will Ferrel have gone on record saying that he is usually pretty quiet until the show starts and the lights c'mon. Then he lights up and becomes the Will we all know and love.

  • Ja boi Kanye Snyper

    I already know this man is not gonna make it 🤦‍♂️

  • K.I.D. Beats
    K.I.D. Beats 3 ore fa

    You didn't even mention that he is in the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

  • jaymie justice
    jaymie justice 3 ore fa


  • Stephanie Coulter


  • Asher Kelly
    Asher Kelly 3 ore fa

    I tried the "Da Bomb" hot sauce and it is painful.

  • wickedshaggy
    wickedshaggy 3 ore fa

    Yo fire whoever did the music on this interview. It constantly is mismatched with the content.

  • tracyabstract
    tracyabstract 3 ore fa

    Zoe is so beautiful and down to earth!!!!!!!definitely her moms child.......

  • Dylans Fresh memes and gaming

    What’s the best Will Ferrell movie of all time?

  • Spaghetti
    Spaghetti 3 ore fa

    i have da bomb.. it's not only hot.. it lasts forever

  • imageawesome
    imageawesome 3 ore fa


  • G C
    G C 3 ore fa

    Its strange how ITstop has normalized advertising into a phony 'show' complete with shill host. Wake up sheep.

  • Attila TheHUN
    Attila TheHUN 3 ore fa

    Will Ferrell out of his character...this is new for me.

  • Eater of Cereal
    Eater of Cereal 3 ore fa

    That’s hot but your cereal isn’t.

  • Berty
    Berty 3 ore fa


  • No one Ya know
    No one Ya know 3 ore fa

    Terry seems like an awesome dude! Im happy for all of his success. Well deserved!

  • Sif Phillis
    Sif Phillis 3 ore fa

    "Season 4 of The Eric Andre Show coming soon..." *breaks another glass cup with his head* Me: Yeah, I can see why your show's @ its 4th season. Wths in store for your 5th??

  • hound doggin
    hound doggin 3 ore fa

    Hot wings for black science man

  • Steve The Philosophist

    Julia can come another day as the wings, cause she ch ch ch cha chicken!!!!

  • MadManAz
    MadManAz 3 ore fa

    Will says the wings are dry. Did Gordon Ramsay not hook you up with his wing company?!

  • gary vang
    gary vang 3 ore fa

    Dishonor on how yall eat the chicken wings.... smh

  • Lee anderson
    Lee anderson 3 ore fa

    This interview is just awkward.

  • Des 17
    Des 17 3 ore fa

    I love all of his movies but step brothers just never gets old i love it

  • Archduke Xolotl
    Archduke Xolotl 3 ore fa

    This is basically revenge for all the cooks he has tormented.

  • Pestilence Page
    Pestilence Page 3 ore fa

    Aye! im from Aus yeah! "a dingo ate my baby" was in real life :P the headliner of the news from like 10 years ago!

  • Atif Ali
    Atif Ali 3 ore fa

  • b00kwyrm
    b00kwyrm 3 ore fa

    You really should drop "Da Bomb" from the lineup. Pure toxic waste with no flavor value. It's just mean.

  • amp
    amp 3 ore fa

    have willem dafoe on

  • ClawzYT
    ClawzYT 3 ore fa

    Damn he’s getting old 🥺

  • Lucas Hafford
    Lucas Hafford 3 ore fa

    I think you guys should get pat McAfee on here.

  • Nimrod the Wise
    Nimrod the Wise 3 ore fa

    She's so beautiful, kind of strange though..

  • tightr1
    tightr1 3 ore fa

    The bear grills comment was awesome !

  • Gavin Brown
    Gavin Brown 3 ore fa

    I'd be happy to receive a plate of hotwings on Christmas morning

  • JayJack 661
    JayJack 661 3 ore fa

    God I love this man!!!!

  • Cookie yo
    Cookie yo 3 ore fa

    Because he is a comedian, it's even funnier lol

  • This is how the truth dies

    For whatever reason, Ferrell definitely didn't bring his A game. Oh well, appreciate the video anyway. Hopefully on to bigger and better things.

  • Mephistoau
    Mephistoau 3 ore fa

    That was surprisingly boring :( Damnit

  • Vollification
    Vollification 3 ore fa

    Dude the fucking end! :D

  • highlanderc
    highlanderc 3 ore fa

    idocracy was great

  • Hillbilly Hung
    Hillbilly Hung 3 ore fa

    Will Ferrell is a rude bastard in public lol dont ever be fooled by him.

  • Scott Tracey
    Scott Tracey 4 ore fa

    Love Theo.😎😎😎

  • Liberty Bro
    Liberty Bro 4 ore fa

    Rocking that Catwoman haircut. Can’t wait

  • Clo
    Clo 4 ore fa

    Ppl complain about the spice, he complains about the wings

  • Sebastian Lundberg

    Wasn't very good, wasn't it? 21:35

  • Stephan Karolyi
    Stephan Karolyi 4 ore fa

    that was pathetic will. Have a decent bite cobba

  • Nick Blaze
    Nick Blaze 4 ore fa

    This performance is shit Will Ferrell. Two thumbs down up your ass.

  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal 4 ore fa


  • Logic porter
    Logic porter 4 ore fa

    Must have Vin Diesel!!!

  • The Cosmic Sound

    OK, hear me out. Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, how awesome would that be

  • E. Romero
    E. Romero 4 ore fa

    Fuckn love Will Ferrell

  • Vollification
    Vollification 4 ore fa

    Is sriracha even "that hot"? I use that shit on everything :D It's "hot" but I woudn't say "Hot Ones" hot.

  • Zedd8787
    Zedd8787 4 ore fa

    That looked like Gino's East not Lou Malnati's

  • Laura Somebody
    Laura Somebody 4 ore fa

    An hour with Ramsay but Ferrell only gets 20 mins? 😥

  • PhoFighter
    PhoFighter 4 ore fa

    Fuck yes commercial hurry tf up!

  • John Turnbull
    John Turnbull 4 ore fa

    ‘That is the craziest ass shit’ at the end 🤣😂

  • kênh sóc sóc miền tây.

    Thèm lắm anh ơi qua đây cũng muốn giao lưu anh qua kênh ITstop em nghe tất cả anh em trong lúc mỹ nhé

  • Carnificus
    Carnificus 4 ore fa

    Sean feels like he's talking around Will the whole interview. Just letting all of Will's jokes fall flat and then immediately skipping to the next question. Not sure if there was something else going on behind the scenes aside from Julia not showing.

  • Antonio Waters
    Antonio Waters 4 ore fa

  • sdfijon
    sdfijon 4 ore fa

    I've seen numerous shows now and a lot of celebs complain about the quality of the wing itself, being dry and over cooked. Gordon Ramsay was the best. If the whole show is based on wings..lets get some good wings and cook them well... C'mon mannn!

  • richard Lucero
    richard Lucero 4 ore fa

    R.I.P Pop Smoke🙏 1999-2020👀

  • DjSmileyofLasVegas

    He should have made stepbrothers 2.i still want to see the store scene cut from stepbrothers.his best movies are stepbrothers,the other guys and daddys home 1 and 2

    HVY HRT 4 ore fa

    Has anyone ever seen Will Ferrell's eyes?

  • HEX _EatBooty
    HEX _EatBooty 4 ore fa

    I want Trump on hot ones!!!!!!

  • PhilipJ. Fry
    PhilipJ. Fry 4 ore fa

    im sweating just from watching this lmao

  • Sep Sepulveda
    Sep Sepulveda 4 ore fa

    I think it’s from he movie A Cry in the Night