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One year of FAM | Ubisoft Canada
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Un an de FAM | Ubisoft Canada
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  • Art kay
    Art kay 12 minuti fa

    why are the people in official r6 videos always rly choppy and bad

  • Terroriser
    Terroriser 15 minuti fa

    ezio died year 1524 and you said in the beginning you said 16th century

    STALKER 16 minuti fa

    *Türk oparatörler gelmeli artık tek özelliği duvara elektrik vermek olan gereksiz davarlar bile var, ayrıca bizimkilerin sert eğitimlerinden iyi hikaye çıkar.*

  • Tay Ach
    Tay Ach 17 minuti fa

    So Mysterio and an actual hyper buff crackhead who was given a gun

  • smoked bacon
    smoked bacon 19 minuti fa

    Dang they really got the taken king off Saturn to fight seige operators

  • Léo Siry
    Léo Siry 24 minuti fa

    So they lost because thermite t-bagged on hibana and doc missed his stim. Lmao, hoes mad caveira

  • L.J. Kommer
    L.J. Kommer 31 minuto fa

    Jewish Laura Croft

  • Charles Conto
    Charles Conto 37 minuti fa

    Love that they used tame impala in this, hopefully Kevin Parker is a siege fan

  • Mr.Sucki
    Mr.Sucki 37 minuti fa

    Somehow mira didnt get banned

  • Sneakythenewguy
    Sneakythenewguy 39 minuti fa

    2:07 two kaids and at 3:15 two blitz oh the humanity

  • Wide cat Cool
    Wide cat Cool 39 minuti fa

    Why haven’t they made doki a overall skin

  • dha1223
    dha1223 42 minuti fa

    overhyped gamemode that litterally no one plays

  • PlayoffL36ron
    PlayoffL36ron 44 minuti fa

    Are the weapon animations still broken

  • Dofima Wynn
    Dofima Wynn 51 minuto fa

    So you are telling me that mister thue dahkness over here is a support class?

  • OfficialZzinad
    OfficialZzinad 56 minuti fa

    why arent thermite and thatcher in the game ?

  • Scripn
    Scripn 58 minuti fa


  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Ora fa

    Pulse was tanking shots tho bandit hooked him up

  • Ricky Elliott

    *and everyone liked that*

  • Sequoia Sampson

    Well Montagne is screwed this operation

  • Ravi Kurland
    Ravi Kurland Ora fa

    Next year should be the same thing but instead of pulse it's Tachanka and he activates his stand za warldo

  • The Hazelnut Channel

    Fk yea more Thor sister!

  • Muhd Haziq
    Muhd Haziq Ora fa

    This really reminds me of RE Operation Raccoon City Umbrella Secret Service for some reason.....

  • Mister_otter
    Mister_otter Ora fa

    Best operators this season

  • Tyler Bell
    Tyler Bell Ora fa

    My picks for next year Defenders: Cav Ela Castle Rook and maestro Attackers: Zofia Lion Fuze Gridlock and IQ At

  • Dusty Dust
    Dusty Dust Ora fa


  • Klapp Stuhl
    Klapp Stuhl Ora fa

    Next year: *Remember. No russian!*

  • BenjaminLRD
    BenjaminLRD Ora fa

    These two worked together well in the new cinematic trailer.

  • Zhyar Jalal
    Zhyar Jalal Ora fa

    Why does thermite look like Ewan McGregor

  • Abirone Dax
    Abirone Dax Ora fa

    0:15 Montage is like please don't.

  • Squidward Tentacles

    All my yr 1 ops are locked now

  • Zinther Gaming

    wow nobody cares about this game

  • Glue Food
    Glue Food Ora fa

    So it was the attackers aaaaay

  • Esat Karademir

    Lana is Thicc

  • All for One
    All for One Ora fa

    0:58 why u hitting yourself, why u hitting yourself

  • andy1181985
    andy1181985 Ora fa

    Perfect roll for Mac🤣😂

  • Le Génie 987


  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 2 ore fa

    I need the background theme...

  • Conor Bray
    Conor Bray 2 ore fa

    Yk what would be kinda cool, if they made a new operator and it was actually the old recruit who finally isnt a recruit anymore and bas their own thing. And then they make a new recruit character

  • Ian Alt
    Ian Alt 2 ore fa

    "There is no next time... SEU CORNO" Caveira is the best

  • johny 22443
    johny 22443 2 ore fa

    next year road to si:new operators new tachanka:😏😏

  • Scursh -
    Scursh - 2 ore fa

    this needs to be a show

  • CaptnBaggin
    CaptnBaggin 2 ore fa

    Anyone else lowkey wanna try bliss?

  • pley go
    pley go 2 ore fa

    Сделайте Фар край 5 на XBOX360!!!

  • CaptnBaggin
    CaptnBaggin 2 ore fa

    And all it took is one blissed out deputy...

  • Emperor Palpatine

    There's always a next year Next year: Jagër takes real bullet and shoot's his own team

  • Emperor Palpatine

    There's always a next year Next year: Jagër takes real bullet and shoot's his own team

  • さくらもち
    さくらもち 2 ore fa


  • crystal tube 85
    crystal tube 85 2 ore fa

    Watch dogs : "it's not the pizza guy" Watch dogs 2 : "you're not the pizza guy" Watch dogs leigon : "where is that pizza guy!?"

  • THE awesome gaming


  • AUG Stryder
    AUG Stryder 2 ore fa

    The situation pulse was in: been there done that

  • TheGamingWolf
    TheGamingWolf 3 ore fa

    43:28 Literally the only reason why we're here

  • doge Ren
    doge Ren 3 ore fa

    Why is time travel so fast, I can't believe this is already been a year now

  • PriestOfGaming
    PriestOfGaming 3 ore fa

    PLEASE let one of the knights say DEUS VULT PLEASE

  • Vipera217
    Vipera217 3 ore fa

    and you guys thought Sledge is the mascot of Siege? nah he just a box art

  • Noel Alcantara
    Noel Alcantara 3 ore fa

    I swear I'm not gay for Doc

  • RastislavGamer
    RastislavGamer 3 ore fa

    good day I wanted to ask if you would get started game the smurfs a co spellbound on facebook again I am big fan of your game thank you for your understanding😃

  • RastislavGamer
    RastislavGamer 3 ore fa

    good day I wanted to ask if you would get started game the smurfs a co spellbound on facebook again I am big fan of your game thank you for your understanding😃

  • Karolina Marciniak

    I've watched this like 7th time now and i am still mesmerized with that animation #-#

  • NovaAge
    NovaAge 4 ore fa

    It looks good and all, but I still rather a Rainbow Rix (the OG game) remastered instead of RaINbOW Six SiEGe or raInBOw SiX QuaRtEne, I never played it but some crappy videos recorded on an emulator cuz the game is inaccessible is still enough to show how much of a masterpiece it was (except the auto-aim and stuff, it was limited by the technology of its time).

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 4 ore fa

    Mate if this is how t hunt was id love it so much more

  • popesloth gaming

    Shanobi rework please hes dreadful now

  • NovaAge
    NovaAge 4 ore fa

    Caviera: tries to beat Tatcher in a punch fight instead of just shooting him Also Caviera: I aM aNgRY beCAuSe wE lOSt!!1!

  • CallOfRyland
    CallOfRyland 4 ore fa

    I like how cav is mad when pulse got shot by his own girl.

  • Chan Hawkin
    Chan Hawkin 4 ore fa

    I feel like hibana and pulse are having a relationship

  • Runoki Kioshi
    Runoki Kioshi 4 ore fa

    Raiders in for honor be like

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja 4 ore fa

    1:50 That thing lasted about 70 years of battle maybe more

  • RED and WHITE Fuzzball

    Road to SI 2021 plz. Also can u bring back showdown

  • Bossman
    Bossman 4 ore fa

    If they cancel this game in gonna shoot up ubisoft office I dont care I'm being serious people finna die

  • Brian Borgatti
    Brian Borgatti 4 ore fa

    When you struggle so much at making decent video games, you decide to make a television show. SAD

  • Mr. Seeks
    Mr. Seeks 5 ore fa

    I haven't got this on ps4 yet

    • Mr. Seeks
      Mr. Seeks 2 ore fa

      @Throwaway Account oh, I can't hear properly so i couldn't understand 100%... thanks

    • Throwaway Account
      Throwaway Account 2 ore fa

      Mr. Seeks this is a testing server but they said it’s coming soon but they don’t have and ETA on when

  • Strange Man
    Strange Man 5 ore fa

    an operator with a visor that can be lowered to make immune to flashbangs/blackbeard would be nice, and they have a secondary which is a sort of flashlight, which blinds people in the area for a half second and has a similar fire rate to the cooldown.

  • Dunny
    Dunny 5 ore fa

    "There is always next year" *Kali fires at an alibi hologram, going through 13 walls and killing 28 spectators*

  • Insane
    Insane 5 ore fa

    "There's always next year" Next year: Ash's hitbox decreases to the size of a coffee bean and she becomes unstoppable.

  • Remicks ♪
    Remicks ♪ 5 ore fa


  • Martin Nalugon
    Martin Nalugon 5 ore fa

    We got Hulk

  • Kai Kai
    Kai Kai 5 ore fa

    I'm not sure if anyone had said this but 3:41 there's actually a Pest there good lord

  • Insane
    Insane 5 ore fa

    "There's always next year" Next year: Oryx destroys the entire stadium and kills over 2000 spectators kool aid man style.

  • apache attack helicopter

    didn't know smoke was in this game

  • Yocoub H A
    Yocoub H A 5 ore fa

    You guys just never seize to amaze me

  • sem _sung
    sem _sung 5 ore fa

    Ubi plz give us a rainbow six siege movie

  • Harjeet Singh Bhati

    so it's yellow so according to Ubisoft increasing colour temperature to warm(yellowish) means remastering.....Bravo and I believe many assholes would have purchased it rather than changing their monitor and graphic card colour temperature.

  • Yocoub H A
    Yocoub H A 6 ore fa

    These siege videoe never get old

  • Ilyass EL ADLY
    Ilyass EL ADLY 6 ore fa

    Except Castle, only Caucasian, that's nice!

  • Modestas Stapulionis

    I miss the winter setting...

  • HexAs
    HexAs 6 ore fa

    The subtitles are making me lose braincells So many [INAUDIBLE]. I mean its easy to hear what they are saying

  • IceFox
    IceFox 6 ore fa

    Unrealistic. There's no spawnpeek

  • Theist
    Theist 6 ore fa

    Why does cav without makeup kinda look like xQc lol

  • ReZuTime ХЗ
    ReZuTime ХЗ 7 ore fa

    за защиту играли мои тимейты)

  • Hong Qianyi
    Hong Qianyi 7 ore fa

    blitz:0-0-1. 【All】Blitz:EEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ

  • TheReaperOCE
    TheReaperOCE 7 ore fa

    When does the new season come out for consoles?

  • Fatih Mehmet Dikici

    Will u marry me mira

  • Marcuster TM
    Marcuster TM 7 ore fa

    When are they gonna make a movie about bandit being undercover?

  • dope dealer
    dope dealer 7 ore fa

    so ultimate edition owners who payed 100 bucks for game and pre ordered it now they need to buy dlc witch costs 30 dollars? are u kidding me? wtf ubi

  • xlxcrossing
    xlxcrossing 8 ore fa

    Guy on the left : what the f*** have I gotten myself into... He looks handcuffed to the table

  • Kenny Chan
    Kenny Chan 8 ore fa

    THis song has been used ever since. It is present in every new games, up to Odessey! Yet, some variations have been made

  • Lokesh Kumar
    Lokesh Kumar 8 ore fa

    Ezio auditore da Firenze!!!

  • Viggo Verdanto
    Viggo Verdanto 8 ore fa

    Division 2: Fairytale of New York

  • Zearth
    Zearth 8 ore fa

    Now that I think about it, the magnet was powerful enough to capture a RPG but not bullets? _Ya, I probably shouldn't question it..._

  • divind
    divind 8 ore fa