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  • Josh Hannington
    Josh Hannington 7 ore fa

    Pls make this happen

  • Sameer Ibrahimi
    Sameer Ibrahimi 7 ore fa

    I like how the bat symbol was made from joe chills gun

  • Altide
    Altide 7 ore fa

    I wonder how a batman movie will ever fit the new joker

  • T'ea Joy
    T'ea Joy 7 ore fa

    The speech in the back ground at 0:40 is from 17 again.

  • d2touge
    d2touge 8 ore fa

    Coronavirus Origin Story

    ESC DUKI 10 ore fa


  • bonnie aurelius
    bonnie aurelius 10 ore fa

    that 2001 a space oddysey reference tho

  • Amleto Perilli
    Amleto Perilli 11 ore fa

    Di sicuro sarà un altra boiata come i due precedenti

  • Thyny San
    Thyny San 11 ore fa

    Hold up. Wasn't that Idris Elba from the first Pacific Rim giving that speech at the end?

  • Bobo Angel
    Bobo Angel 11 ore fa

    Please make Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag movie and convince Chris. If you adapt the script in the game to the movie, this movie will be very nice

  • Jvon Bede
    Jvon Bede 12 ore fa

    They better not do king Kong dirty 🔥💯

    THUNDER BIRD 12 ore fa

    What if joaquin phoenix and robert pattinson collaborate for the dark knight movie 🔥🔥

  • Tristan Targaryen

    Trailer song pls

  • Moi Crux
    Moi Crux 13 ore fa

    Is this a joke right? Who's idea was it to put this clown as batman, we are back to when jorge clowny was batman from dark knight to failure

  • RandomKid 394
    RandomKid 394 13 ore fa

    Jurassic Universe: Indoraptyrannospinosauroparallophosaurus Rex

  • Ron Shihab
    Ron Shihab 13 ore fa

    anyone complaining about the insignia, look at Detective Comics issue #27, 1939

  • Ninja pancakes 664

    I saw the thumb the nail and I thought It was a daredevil season 4 and I realized it was the new Batman for the dceu I’ve never been more disappointed and excited at the same time, mostly disappointed

  • Ur mom Gai
    Ur mom Gai 13 ore fa

    Lol I don’t even feel like it’s an actual trailer it’s just his suit lol but ok

  • The Batman
    The Batman 13 ore fa

    Está más flaco que Bale :( vuelve Batfleck

  • Chernobile
    Chernobile 13 ore fa

    Godzilla use the Nuclear Blast, it was Ineffective! Kong Dodge the Nuclear Blast! Kong use the Power Punch! Godzilla was to slow to dodge it, it was very effective!

  • Tia Williams
    Tia Williams 13 ore fa

    Yall didnt think Joaquin could pull it off. Give him a chance. I am so excited for this!

  • Legendary Lion
    Legendary Lion 14 ore fa

    It’s a rex + indoraptor so indo rex or tyrannosaurus raptor

  • Seth Gauby
    Seth Gauby 14 ore fa

    He’s perfect for the role, just watch The Lighthouse

  • Bryan Trujillo
    Bryan Trujillo 14 ore fa

    For fucks sake just give us batman beyond and be done with these remakes. Joker didnt even feel like a dc movie n it still won.

  • God Broly
    God Broly 14 ore fa

    plot twist their gunna make it so a new monster approaches and make kong and godzilla work together

  • cmwile
    cmwile 14 ore fa

    The music sounds like a dollar store version of the Imperial March.

  • wildbill bill
    wildbill bill 15 ore fa

    Bring out the gimp!!!😂 I was really worried about this but if it’s played out like it’s Bruce’s first attempt at a home made suit and by the third act we have a much more advanced suit with loads of gadgets I’ll be happy. And if they can work in the old school comic book/60’s tv show blue and grey I’ll be fucking ecstatic.

  • Daniel Phil
    Daniel Phil 15 ore fa

    Took so long for this vampire to turn into a bat

    P. OVER POWER 15 ore fa

    Cheguei 🇧🇷

  • Cade Smith
    Cade Smith 16 ore fa

    The suit looks awesome, but the cowl looks stupid.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 16 ore fa

    Why can't we just get a Batman for more than 1 or 2 movies? I love Batman but there's just no consistency these days.

  • Evy Alley
    Evy Alley 17 ore fa

    Jen is so pretty!

  • Edgar Carrera
    Edgar Carrera 17 ore fa

    Tf you did WB? 🙆🏻‍♂️

  • Doge
    Doge 17 ore fa

    I think Godzilla is going to team up with kong bc Godzilla fans wont like the movie if he loses.

  • Ya like to See it

    So this is only a consent or is it real

    DJIP3SCLIPS 17 ore fa

    We need Christian Bale as Batman!

  • Dragons_edges Plays Roblox

    Roses are red violets are blue I love dinosaurs But not you

  • Pocket Bully Lifestyle

    Will it sparkle in the sun?

  • kamionkami1
    kamionkami1 17 ore fa

    Too skinny to be batman. I could see him being Robin or nightwing. Even Terry the batman beyond. But not Bruce Wayne

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus


  • Eisdraell
    Eisdraell 18 ore fa

    Skinny Batman.

  • Memecraft 11
    Memecraft 11 18 ore fa

    Michael c haul as hush would be badass

  • privado :3
    privado :3 18 ore fa

    No se ustedes pero se ve de puta madre ehh

  • Samuel Mulugeta
    Samuel Mulugeta 18 ore fa

    Me when I get a new batman t-shirt.

  • Russian Soldier
    Russian Soldier 19 ore fa

    Not bad, I mean Pattison show himself in the lighthouse))

  • DreamerGirl _12
    DreamerGirl _12 19 ore fa

    These are all clips from a show called cougar town, starring Courteney Cox, but they brought in other actors/actresses from friends. The clip of Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer meeting again and hugging I'm not sure what that's from, but unfortunately this is not true. POSSIBLY there will be an hour long interview with the cast in the Ellen show, but that's only a rumor.

  • Erik Balogh
    Erik Balogh 19 ore fa

    Olwman 🤫

  • Lillian
    Lillian 19 ore fa

    I like Godzilla I just don’t like apes sorry King Kong and my question is. Is this a real trailer?

  • John Daker
    John Daker 19 ore fa

    sorry i cant support a titan who hasnt even a penis, i vote for kong

  • John Daker
    John Daker 19 ore fa

    king k rool vs donkey kong

  • Eärendil
    Eärendil 19 ore fa

    Common people, let's give him a chance. Stop whinning about the shining vampire, the man has taken better roles over the years like in The Lighthouse. It can be a disaster or nice surprise but I'll wait to see the actual movie before jumping into conclusions .

  • Vali Vali
    Vali Vali 20 ore fa

    I like the soundtrack of this. It will be epic!

  • TikTok Bro
    TikTok Bro 20 ore fa

    really good

  • Leandro Gado
    Leandro Gado 20 ore fa

    Is an another universe, or is the new joker universe?

  • Buried Alien
    Buried Alien 20 ore fa

    King Kong would bow before Godzilla!

  • Edgar V
    Edgar V 20 ore fa

    It kind of reminds me of Snake from Metal Gear Solid

  • Fabian S
    Fabian S 20 ore fa

    more glitter on the black Suit pleas 😩☠️🔫 thanks for destroyed the legend

  • Enes Ayaz
    Enes Ayaz 20 ore fa

    In this video, batman looks like the bullseye character in the daredevil series

  • Pranoy
    Pranoy 20 ore fa

    ana de armas as dceu's poison ivy

  • Gustavo Gomes
    Gustavo Gomes 21 ora fa

    The song name?

  • Hawk7743
    Hawk7743 21 ora fa

    “DC Comics”

  • MrTrenttness
    MrTrenttness 21 ora fa


  • X S6UPED
    X S6UPED 22 ore fa


  • niklausnicolae
    niklausnicolae 22 ore fa

    this is the best one!

  • Mr. øwl bøy Plays

    We will miss t-rex

  • Philipp Styles 2
    Philipp Styles 2 22 ore fa

    Was für ein scheiß

  • Earthsgard81
    Earthsgard81 22 ore fa

    A shit trailer...

  • Kia K
    Kia K 22 ore fa

    King Kong

  • Anthony Munoz
    Anthony Munoz 22 ore fa

    Ben Affleck deserved one solo batman movie😭

  • Santiago Rodriguez Guillen you know, first Batman that felt like to hide from the camera.... embarrassing

  • MissCoolGirl
    MissCoolGirl 23 ore fa


  • Slyphean anims
    Slyphean anims 23 ore fa

    Are we gonna ignore the fact he said the f-word

  • Uschi Oenal
    Uschi Oenal 23 ore fa

    WooW...I can't wait to watch This 😲 The GAME is simply Amazing

  • Ochrodo Housemo
    Ochrodo Housemo 23 ore fa

    Sparkling vampire.. this can't be, this is not real

  • rizky ashidieqy
    rizky ashidieqy Giorno fa

    are you kidding me look at the display, this is a joke or display for Halloween day very stupid in choosing actors

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Giorno fa

    i can’t wait for the DareDevil movie coming out next year

  • julian akira
    julian akira Giorno fa

    looks good let's hope they don't make a mess instead of a blockbuster we can only pray

  • Dyg Kkçb
    Dyg Kkçb Giorno fa

    Good job Rob 👊🏻

  • YXN Nigward
    YXN Nigward Giorno fa

    prediction: the movie will start with king getting rid of the other monsters one by one and it’ll get to a point where kong and godzilla brawl for a bit but in the movie there’ll be another villain and they’ll team up so beat the ballsack out of it

  • Dariel Gutierrez
    Dariel Gutierrez Giorno fa

    Maybe they team up on a much stronger monster or Godzilla wins

  • DB
    DB Giorno fa

    *Was this filmed with a potato?*

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman Giorno fa

    *God v/s King* , *Day v/s night*

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman Giorno fa

    *God v/s King* , *Day v/s night*

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman Giorno fa

    Godzilla to Kong : tell me kong, do you bleed? Kong : save mothra! Godzilla: huh, why did say that name ?

  • Shivay
    Shivay Giorno fa

    Hate the concept of jane foster as thor 😡

  • N
    N Giorno fa

    the only thing i care is their size ,coming up of the all kong movies i can say k.kong much more smaller than the other creatures the godzilla faced , so i hope they are no gonna get k.kong bigger to balance size issues

  • L C
    L C Giorno fa

    Team Kong all the way. I just don't understand all you lizard-loving, Japan-is-better-than-God dweebs out there. It's a gigantic ape. He is closest to us in DNA. Get a grip and get off getting off on an ugly, green, small-mouthed scaly creature.

  • Triangles Technologies

    de vampiro gay a murcielago jaja ojala no brille si le pega el sol

  • Trevor Avery
    Trevor Avery Giorno fa

    I really wish it were true

  • The Humor Hole
    The Humor Hole Giorno fa 10 THings you missed in THE BATMAN TEASER

  • Caspus
    Caspus Giorno fa

    I want the cowl to cover more of his face, not a fan of leaving half his face uncovered, he wants to keep his identity secret not let his enemies to figure it out.

  • Schultzy1988
    Schultzy1988 Giorno fa

    I get the Arkham vibe from this look and music. Excited for this.

  • Moxinex •
    Moxinex • Giorno fa


  • Donagh The Irishman

    Anakin was a good person, what made him a monster was that he cared too much.

  • Seven Heaven
    Seven Heaven Giorno fa


  • Rodney James Diesta

    What if the version of batman here is the one who became the batman who laughs?! It would be awesome!!

  • Rodney James Diesta

    It will be great if the version of batman is the one who laughs

  • Koushik Bhattacharya

    Toni was back in mcu?

  • Isabel Ralph
    Isabel Ralph Giorno fa

    Chandler and Monica ARE NOT MARRIED