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  • veo crepipasta
    veo crepipasta 6 ore fa


  • Mehdi Chakir
    Mehdi Chakir 6 ore fa

    I think they choose those caracters Heroes with absulute carefull and i've never been dispointed with any Batman actors or Marvel's and DC in general looking forward to it

  • Køpke Erik
    Køpke Erik 6 ore fa

    Jegvilg[email protected][email protected] icomringtimeghilsenerikkøpkemagneringmegerik

  • Ronan Venom
    Ronan Venom 6 ore fa

    0:45 Why was Eddie Chasing the Family from Sinister 2?

  • Superr Fancy
    Superr Fancy 6 ore fa

    I remember him as a CEDRICDIGGORY

  • Jorden Rens
    Jorden Rens 6 ore fa

    Bro Dat zijn gewoon stukjes van 1 andere film

  • keisariluka
    keisariluka 7 ore fa


  • Banker nongkhlaw

    Godzilla : alpha call were we u kong when i call all titan appear except u Kong : u r not the only king here

  • kayzer köze
    kayzer köze 7 ore fa

    Please put some size

  • John Mugisha
    John Mugisha 7 ore fa

    Venom is in the movie

  • Luuz Returnz
    Luuz Returnz 7 ore fa

    I‘m hyped

  • Matteo Casadei
    Matteo Casadei 7 ore fa

    Oohhhh my;))))the trailer is so mean, a few second just to feel all the Batman Born from the traumatic Anima persona of the incouscious personality of Bruce Wayne

  • max man vines
    max man vines 8 ore fa

    Next movie is spiderman homework😂😂

  • Zeynel Abidin KARADİŞ

    It is too clear he is not the Batman. They've used former footages no way they wouldn't do this if they changed it.

  • Le Goupil
    Le Goupil 8 ore fa

    watch this at 2x speed

  • Lorrie R
    Lorrie R 8 ore fa

    Bella: I know what you are. Edward: Say it... outloud. Bella: Batman.

  • Fikri Haikal
    Fikri Haikal 9 ore fa

    Harus nya spiderman WORK FOR HOME

  • Thaina Dias
    Thaina Dias 9 ore fa


  • truongmaugiao habau


  • ZEU9092
    ZEU9092 9 ore fa

    It's all about a JAW-KER

  • sansgamer super
    sansgamer super 9 ore fa

    No pasa nada con este Batman, está mejor Ben Affleck

  • Eduardo Prz
    Eduardo Prz 9 ore fa

    Dejo mi comentario por si buscabas uno en español ; )

  • Егор Люсин

    Автор думает:я всех наебал. Все:завтра мы его отпиздием!

  • I R
    I R 9 ore fa

    Wow’ Edward! You’ve really come a long way from diamond skin vamp to a hero in a bat suit🥳🤩 🍿

  • Dr Jacinth Hazarika

    Christopher Nolan : Aww that’s really cute

  • clickbait-
    clickbait- 10 ore fa

    i dig this so much-

  • Nica Blanco
    Nica Blanco 10 ore fa

    Omg why did i read the comments im still at season 4, and i kinda guess what will happen oh

  • P Sai Karthik
    P Sai Karthik 10 ore fa

    This is not real see 1:54 MARVEL is in blue colour and the real logo of marvel is red

  • Atom Lov Lov
    Atom Lov Lov 10 ore fa


  • Salma Firda
    Salma Firda 11 ore fa

    Wait whatbis that real or not😅

  • Aline Freitas
    Aline Freitas 11 ore fa

    Quando vai ser a estréia do filme High School musical 4?? Tô muito anciosa para ver novamente todos os atores juntos de novo😢😭😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗😘

  • Lisbeth und Listo

    The metro scene is the exact same as in "Remember Me" - thoughts?

  • Pagol Manus
    Pagol Manus 11 ore fa

    Mcu shouldn't have done that, They let lift mjounior to cap now jain... And strombreaker even thanos can lift it. They destroyed Thor's sperialty

  • Ezekiel curay
    Ezekiel curay 11 ore fa

    I hate the car

  • IbraheemMz
    IbraheemMz 12 ore fa

    Didn't most people get the injection which made them not vulnerable to the zombies. If not people they surely gave it to the Army soldiers, am i right?

  • Ein name haha
    Ein name haha 12 ore fa

    Is this real

  • Ειρήνη Ζιώγα

    I'm so so happy for this I can't stop crying...

  • U WOT M8
    U WOT M8 14 ore fa

    Pattinson looks like a younger and skinnier Ben Affleck anyway.

  • ashish Gupta
    ashish Gupta 14 ore fa

    Very nice

  • Robert Pattinson
    Robert Pattinson 14 ore fa

    Who doesn't like it?

  • The Oz Log
    The Oz Log 14 ore fa

    Awsome!!!! been following your channel since sony hack did you make the spiderman theme yourself at the end?

  • Shadow Prince
    Shadow Prince 15 ore fa

    this is not real there are trailers of different movies and showing us as spider man's trailer

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 15 ore fa

    We can’t even go to the movies :/

  • Itz Jacob
    Itz Jacob 16 ore fa

    Funny thing is I always thought of Chris when seeing Edward...I’m ready for this though..Man o war fights and more.

  • OG loc that’s the game and name

    I like Kong better

  • Gracie Oneill
    Gracie Oneill 17 ore fa

    HOW COME IM ONLY SEEING THIS NOW :ps: I've been waiting years for a avatar 2 and it looks like THIS

  • nature is beautiful, nature is life

    I know this is not real, but troy doesn't know how to live without Gabriella. Hes just so sad and lonely and depressed. Its almost like all his friends abandoned him but not eachother. And that makes me mad. But hes sad so I to.

  • Facundo Detanti
    Facundo Detanti 17 ore fa

    Que dia se estrena?

  • Jeaneffer Romulo
    Jeaneffer Romulo 17 ore fa


  • zul amy
    zul amy 18 ore fa

    How the hell kong became so big ..i mean same height to Godzilla..

  • Bryson H
    Bryson H 18 ore fa

    Would rather see the story that is played out or see him beat sidus and save padme?

  • Sapi Sapi
    Sapi Sapi 18 ore fa

    Yea joker 🃏

  • genoveva HD
    genoveva HD 18 ore fa

    Como que el 2021 por la ctm, ni siquiera sabemos si pasamos de este. F

    PHENOM GAMIN' 18 ore fa

    Nice theory with the DareDevil As Spidey gonna need a lawyer for his case of breaking the SOKOVIA ACCORDS

  • Muhammed Shazil
    Muhammed Shazil 18 ore fa

    nice editing

  • edmar lovino
    edmar lovino 18 ore fa

    Still waiting 😭 2020

  • edmar lovino
    edmar lovino 19 ore fa

    Still waiting 😭 2020

  • Alex
    Alex 19 ore fa

    TAKE MY MONEY!!! DO IT!!!!

  • Drew Aquino
    Drew Aquino 19 ore fa

    They should've brought back Jim Carrey as the riddler

  • Quyết Nguyễn Quý

    thoi lo dong phim di

  • Reichthoff
    Reichthoff 19 ore fa

    No one cares that he's Edward, I feel like he'll make a good Batman actually. He has done better films than "Twilight".

  • Mute T.V
    Mute T.V 19 ore fa

    Please make this

  • Reichthoff
    Reichthoff 19 ore fa

    Is no one gonna talk about how that clown part felt like a reference to Joker (2019)?

  • ᛋᛋ- The beast of Bunchenwald-ᛋᛋ

    Kong got no chance

  • Anya Klinklan
    Anya Klinklan 21 ora fa


  • Tess Niemy
    Tess Niemy 21 ora fa

    Know more snow white it has been done too many times. It's been getting dull. Same with Sleeping Beauty. It's been too many times that it has become boring. And nothing but repeats.

  • BurningAces 731
    BurningAces 731 21 ora fa

    Barny: Chapter 3 looks great!

  • Tess Niemy
    Tess Niemy 21 ora fa

    I seriously doubt they will make a real sequel.

  • Ngọc Trần
    Ngọc Trần 21 ora fa

    Robert vẫn trẻ như hồi xem chạng vạng

  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall 21 ora fa

    Bout time we got back to the basics. Rated R Batman.

  • monkeybananas 123

    I’m not saying I don’t like Jane’s character, I mean she’s okay, but Natalie Portman just gets on my nerves. She throws a fit about how much she dislikes being a part of marvel and then suddenly wants in again only when she’s guaranteed a lead role in a movie that will succeed. Like that’s not right: the role should be recasted to someone who actually cares and adores the mcu. Also I hope there will be a Valkyrie movie w Jane so that Odinson can redeem his role as Thor.

    SAMGAMERTY ALTY 21 ora fa

    Spoil men

  • Robert Adrian
    Robert Adrian 21 ora fa

    That woman speaking sounds a lot like Margot Robbie 🤔

  • Have a good day !

    What the..... So, there is only one hammer which only thor can pick up But at the same way..they allowes cap America, vision, hela, & this mighty girl thor. ....

  • Mordecai show
    Mordecai show 22 ore fa

    Aquela luta lendária, que nem existe Nossa infância voltando com novos olhos

  • Jack Boii
    Jack Boii 22 ore fa

    Wait is this serious

  • 愛と痛み
    愛と痛み 22 ore fa

    Plot twist: the squid from the King Kong movie survives and godzilla beats the shit out of it cuz it slapped Kong and he went to cry to mothra

  • Chigozi Ikeako
    Chigozi Ikeako 22 ore fa

    Robert Pattinson was the Wrong choice as Bat man. He didn't even look like he touched the gym for this role

  • Baby Girl
    Baby Girl 22 ore fa

    Ewwww why him???😭😭

  • Henzo Garone
    Henzo Garone 23 ore fa

    Batman com crossfiteiro uma merda

  • Todd Toure
    Todd Toure 23 ore fa

    Actually, Pattinson Fits. I can see the Concept. Ironically, he may probably be the Best Batman yet, bar Christian Bale.

  • Leonardo Morenni
    Leonardo Morenni 23 ore fa

    Robert Pattinson cara de Putito #BatGay

  • Janet Finlay
    Janet Finlay Giorno fa

    I mean we have guns raptors can't use them

  • Albin
    Albin Giorno fa

    Who realizes this is fammade (If u think im stoopid/retarded dont worry- i am._.

  • tubytubytuby812
    tubytubytuby812 Giorno fa

    em... just realise batman car also need taillights for public... lol

  • 9 years ago.                                     .
    9 years ago. . Giorno fa


  • Jonathan Craddock

    I wish this was an actual show or movie. I love the Teen Titans. Nightwing and Arsenal are my favorite members.

  • ida Bengtsson
    ida Bengtsson Giorno fa

    Anakin has the most saddest story of all films😭

  • Maria daRosa
    Maria daRosa Giorno fa

    I'll give it a try, can't be worse than Ben Affleck.

  • scalywing1
    scalywing1 Giorno fa

    He still kinda looks like a vampire. It is actually an interesting look for Bruce Wayne.

  • Madu Costa
    Madu Costa Giorno fa

    filme bom

  • Jarceria Hurtado
    Jarceria Hurtado Giorno fa

    Se ve muy real pero lo triste que no lo es

  • LG 15
    LG 15 Giorno fa


  • paul :v
    paul :v Giorno fa

    Lo q mas resalta de batman es su mascara con nariz punteaguda :v

  • Banpynbiang Riang

    No one can beat Ben Affleck as Batman

  • Keyper Forever
    Keyper Forever Giorno fa

    These comments make me feel bad for liking Jane's character 😳

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    just kill dinos with guns

  • b13musicpro
    b13musicpro Giorno fa

    Amın oğulları filmleri montajlamışlar

  • Bull To
    Bull To Giorno fa

    Bad Film ✌️😡

  • Ghulam Mohammad Halepoto

    Godzilla is so pearo